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  2. If you’ve had the pleasure of listening to the Party of Projection insist Obama is an embarrassment to America even while seeing the nations breathe a sigh of relief and embrace him in the wake of Bush2…

    …then kick back and enjoy the show as the republican party out does itself yet again. The latest side splitter? Republican senators are insisting Americans don’t care about international news since their candidate has proven to be an international embarrassment.

    • prairie pond

      Oof. The artist of that picture needs to apologize to transsexuals everywhere. That could give those folks a bad name…

  3. Parties Face Dilemmas While Writing Platforms

    While not everyone knows it, each party has a written platform that states what the party wants to achieve. The platforms are formally ratified at the conventions, but the fights over what will be in them are in full swing now. Democrats are wrestling about what to say on the subjects of gay marriage and gun control while Republicans are sweating immigration and health care.

    The problems are caused by internal divisions within the parties or electoral concerns. Most Democrats support gay marriage and tougher gun laws but they fear that putting this down in writing will just generate attack ads from the Republicans. Republicans have a problem with immigration because a large part of the party wants tough measures to punish employers who hire illegal aliens, yet such measures are wildly unpopular with Latino citizens who fear employers will just shun all immigrants to avoid potential fines. On health care, Republicans are united on wanting to repeal Obamacare, but there is no consensus at all about what should replace it. After all, for 20 years, their plan was to make everyone buy insurance from a private company (i.e., Obamacare). There was never a plan B.

  4. prairie pond

    Happy Birthday 617. I’m so thankful we have you here. You and R.D. are our miracle men.

  5. Was anyone else offended last night when the announcer (it sounded like Bob Costas) stated that Mitt Romney came in and saved the Salt Lake City Olympics and then pointed out Mitt and Ann Romney in the crowd when the USA athletes enterted the Olympic Stadium?

    Hey – the US taxpayers paid out $1.3 billion in money…….that saved the games – Asshat…

    BTW – where are those financial records from those Olykpics? I’m afraid they are ‘sleeping with the fishes’…..if you know what I mean…

    • I heard it. I’m so used to hearing exaggerations and lies, sometimes I don’t even notice them any more.

      I loved the way they presented some of their history. The set change was amazing! I took pride in their celebration of their national health care. I’m sure the Brits must have been poppin’ their buttons as their chests swelled. 🙂

    • Romney’s primary competitors made it pretty difficult for him to run on his record as Governor of Massachusetts, his record at Bain Capital isn’t pretty and not one to be proud of, so all he has left is the Salt Lake City Olympics. And those records have gone missing! [eye roll] All we know for sure is that American taxpayers came to the rescue.

      Well, what does that leave him?

      Maybe he can run on his failed bid to be a Senator?

    • R.D. Liebst

      Send his mother fucking wife and daughter to damn Iraq then! I get tired of askinig my youngest son how he is doing in some God forsaken country where the number of people who would love to put a bullet in his head might outnumber those who are glad he is there. Sorry for the words I get so damn tired of useless cock sucker who are very free with my son’s life when they would not step across the street to defend their country.

      • No need for an apology. There is no excuse for Romney’s war mongering. He didn’t serve, none of his kids have served. It’s other people’s kids that he thinks are expendable.

  6. A referendum on Brownback

    By Edward Flentje
    Published: Friday, July 27, 2012 12:11 AM CDT

    Reporters from Reuters, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal descended on Kansas in the last few weeks to cover a political contest they view to be of national significance, that is, a battle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party in the reddest of red states.

    Never in state history has a sitting Kansas governor led a public campaign to oust legislators of his own party. In doing so, Gov. Sam Brownback is making the Republican primary on Aug. 7 a referendum on his governorship.

    Brownback is asking Republican primary voters in a number of legislative races across the state to side with a slate of candidates composed by him and his allies against incumbent legislators. These targeted legislators view themselves as “traditional” Republicans in the lineage of Kansas icons such as Alf Landon, Dwight Eisenhower and Bob Dole, and former Republican governors; and they believe government has a more affirmative role in assuring a high quality of life for Kansans.

    An understanding of what is at stake in the election requires a look at those who have energized Brownback’s rise to power and what they have in store for Kansas.

    continue reading —

  7. Karl Rove’s Catch-22

    Starting Saturday (that’s today!), Crossroads GPS and other politically active nonprofits face new pressure to reveal who bankrolls their ads. What’s a dark-money group to do?

    …the dark-money nonprofits face a dilemma. A high-profile court case known as Van Hollen v. FEC threatens to shine an unwelcome beam of sunlight on donors bankrolling these organizations. Nothing’s stopping Crossroads GPS or AFP from running more “issue” ads hitting Obama and other Democrats (that is, ads that don’t explicitly say “vote for” or “vote against”). Except now nonprofits will have to reveal who funded those spots.

    Dark-money nonprofits don’t want to name names. Their pitch to donors includes the promise of anonymity and a shield from public scrutiny. This means that Crossroads GPS and other politically active nonprofits—which aren’t supposed to make politicking their primary purpose—have to rethink their ad strategy, election experts say. Do they shift money to super-PACs? Go dark in the months before the election? Find another loophole to run ads and keep their donors secret?

  8. U.S. pipeline agency to probe Enbridge oil spill in Wisconsin

    (Reuters) – The U.S. pipeline safety agency said on Saturday it is investigating an oil spill in Wisconsin on Enbridge Inc’s network that forced the Canadian company to shut down part of the main pipeline system delivering Canadian crude to U.S. refiners.

  9. I was surprised, and pleased, to see this strong opinion piece at Fox.

    Obama’s right, Americans can’t succeed without government

  10. We’re living the conservative paradise …

    #1 – Government is shrinking
    #2 – Taxes are at the lowest they’ve been in over 60 years.
    #3 – Corporations are making ungodly amounts of money with low tax rates
    #4 – We have never had more free and unrestricted trade in the history of our country

  11. Help in the races for judges. There’s not much way to find out anything more than what they want you to know. I’ve never put much stock in what they want you to know since it’s little more than an advertisement. Most often I don’t even vote in those races. Unless I know about the candidate, I’m not going to guess on something as important as elections!

    Judging the Judges: Sedgwick County attorneys evaluate judicial candidates

    Read more here:

    • I happen to agree with the survey results, as reported. To Judge Journey: it isn’t ‘wining and dining’ that was responsible for the favorable results. THINK ABOUT IT, AND TRY TO GET TO YOUR CHAMBERS ON TIME.

      • What’s a voter to do when Journey and Kirby, both not deserving of anyone’s vote, are challengers to one another? We didn’t get lucky enough to have these two in different races with the possibility of sending BOTH OF THEM home.

      • I know. I think Phil will be reelected, in a practical demonstration of the principle of holding one’s nose and voting for the lesser bad alternative. This further demonstrates one of the perils in popular election of judges (Phil being established in the statewide GOP from his Legislature days).