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  1. Maybe ole Mitten$ will retroactively cancel his trip to London?

    I read that a couple of his spokespersons say that Americans don’t read foreign press. 🙂

    I read — in the foreign press — that not only did McCain decide Palin was a superior candidate to Romney, now the English are saying Romney is worse than Palin.

    • So with a common enemy to complain about, no one in London cares about the traffic anymore… get a load of some of these headlines: “Mitt the Twit”, “Who invited the Party Pooper?”, and “Nowhere Man”

  2. This quote from Romney’s book is getting lots of attention!

    “England [sic] is just a small island. Its roads and houses are small. With few exceptions, it doesn’t make things that people in the rest of the world want to buy. And if it hadn’t been separated from the continent by water, it almost certainly would have been lost to Hitler’s ambitions. Yet only two lifetimes ago, Britain ruled the largest and wealthiest empire in the history of humankind. Britain controlled a quarter of the earth’s land and a quarter of the earth’s population.”

    Wonder what he thinks about the height of the trees?

  3. If this is what happens when a wealthy white man goes to Britain talking about that special Anglo-Saxon relationship – are we in trouble or what if this doofus gets into the White House?

    As for Romney’s defenders saying that people don’t read the foreign press – that is probably true for those in theGOP that are deadset for voting for anyone or anyhting just to see Obama get kicked out of office.

    If your goal is to jjust win – then I guess you have to go with what you’ve got…

    It sucks to be a Republican these days…….LMAO

    P.S. – My husband thinks that Romney honestly does not think he did anything wrong – that he is probably stumped by all this negative press.

    What do you think?

    I think Romney’s arrogance + ignorance = disaster

    My husband also thinks that Romney will drop out before the convention or the GOP will make him drop out and put in someone else.

    I don’t see that happening – because, by all rights, Romney did win the GOP primary. And I don’t see Romney’s ego letting him drop out of the race.

    What do you think?

    • prairie pond

      I don’t see Romney dropping out, precisely because he does not think he did anything wrong. It’s that mean ol’ librul media, ya know? He’s saying what he thinks, and he’s so freakin’ out of touch in his mansion(s) on the hill that the thinks everyone else thinks the same way.

      If his oligarchial ass gets in the White House, he will undo all the good Obama and Clinton have done in trying to repair image and relations with the rest of the world. And we’ll be at war before the end of his first year.

      War. Kill. American exceptionalism. It’s all Romney knows. They don’t call it VULTURE capitalism for nothing. I don’t think people realize how dangerous this guy is. I hope Team Obama puts it to him in the next few months. If not… I’m thinking I might learn to love Canada since Hawaii will still be the U.S.

    • I don’t think he’ll drop out. He’s been running for president for years and years, it’s his due. I agree with you again when you say that he won the nomination. Yep! He’s their guy! This time around they aren’t going to allow the lame-stream media or anyone else to choose for them! I’ve heard that overandover.

      • Romney isn’t the better candidate for VP in a race between him and Palin, but he is the best the republicans can do for their 2012 nominee for president.


      • Let’s not forget – the British think Romney is worse than Sarah Palin. NOW that took some doing….

    • R.D. Liebst

      I think that daily I keep being reminded of Abbott and Costello skit of (A) “How stupid can you be?” (C) “How stupid do you want me to be?”
      What is it about Politics that keeps bring that skit up It is such a one trick pony but so fitting!

  4. I just heard where our First Lady Michelle Obama is at the London Olympics for the Opening Ceremony. She was pictured playing tennis.

    We are so lucky to have such a great and fine example of what a woman should be – strong, independent, intelligent and beautiful.

    I also heard Ann Rolmney is with her dancing horse…..

  5. prairie pond

    Lovey Howell? Not who I want as our first lady.

  6. I’m excited about the Olympics and a couple weeks of television worth watching!

  7. Obama to Sign Israel Security Bill Just as Romney Arrives in Israel

    In the primaries, Romney had it easy with a bunch of opponents who were not ready for prime time. Now he is in the big leagues. Just as he is about to show up in Israel to attack President Obama for not helping Israel enough, Obama is going to sign a bill to strengthen U.S.-Israeli military cooperation. If you think the timing is a coincidence, you are very naive. This is why sitting Prresidents have won reelection 70% of the time since WWII: they have a lot of control over the agenda. So while Romney is in Israel attacking Obama for not doing more for Israel, Obama will be talking to reporters about how the bill he just signed gives Israel more military aid and access to missile defense and other advanced weapons.

    • But, But…..Romney is all about that special Anglo-Saxon relationship the US has with Britain.

      How will that play in Israel?

      Personally, I don’t think Israel gives a rat’s ass about anyone or anything as long as they can get the US to continue to be the pit bull – and ask no questions.

      I’ve said this before – we need allies in the Middle East and Israel is a valuable ally – but if Israel is in the wrong – then the US needs to be man-up and tell them they are wrong.

      I am not comfortable with this pit bull relationship where Israel tells us to go fight – and we go fight without any hesitation.

      And there are those Far Right Winger Fundy Christians who truly believes that GOD has ordained the US to be the pit bull for Israel.

      Sad to say – those same Fundies are pulling Romney’s puppet strings. And then factor in the NeoCons who want war just because they can. These are the folks that use war to dominate through military strength – they could care less about some God – but these NeoCons do use the Fundies to ‘sway’ the GOP to go to war at the drop of the hat.

  8. Here are the 12 states RealClearPolitics identifies as ‘battleground’ states and the average of all polls taken in each state. In parens is the number of electoral votes each state brings.

    Ohio (18) — Obama, +5

    Virginia (13) — Obama, +1.2

    Florida (29) — Obama, +1.1

    Iowa (6) — Obama, +1.3

    North Carolina (15) — Romney, +0.4

    Colorado (9) — Obama, +3

    Nevada (6) — Obama, +4.6

    Missouri (10) — Romney, +5

    Wisconsin (10) — Obama, +7

    Michigan (16) — Obama, +4.2

    Pennsylvania (20) — Obama, +5.8

    New Hampshire (4) — Obama, +3

    Their average of all polls nationwide has Obama needing only a few of the electoral votes from these states and Romney needing most all of them. Romney needs to get busy!

    • Pennsylvania is busy – trying to suppress those voters.

      And several other Republican-led states are doing the exact same thing.

      Hey – if you can’t win honestly – then cheat like Hell. That must be the GOP’s motto.

  9. I do believe voters of both parties are more motivated in those states that do make a difference. I can understand not being as excited to vote when your vote means nothing. I do live in Kansas, and I know fully well all six electoral votes from Kansas will go to Romney.

  10. Well – NOW the Olympic Games can go on…..Mitt the Twit is ‘convinced’….

    I got that Mitt the Twit from this article.. I like that nickname – don’t you?

    Of course, the lovely little Mrs. had to get her two cents in the conversation about her dancing horse. Isn’t it nice to know that she loves horses. Hell, I would too if I got a $70,000 tax deduction for the horse.


    I wonder if Ann or Mitt the Twit even realize that every time they talk about that damn horse – it makes the average working class American see for themselves that the Romneys are no where near the level of common people.

    What a difference from the GOP when George W. Bush’s best trait was that he was a man you could have a beer with….

    Remember those days??

    • Have you read about the horse the Romneys drugged in order to sell? The buyer filed a lawsuit over the deception.

      The lawsuit was settled out of court, after an expert witness testified, “In my 38 years of practice, I have never come across a drug screen such as this where the horse has been administered so many different medications at the same time.”

      And get this — they still use the exact same trainer who drugged that horse!

      • Is this a Mormon thing? Because – there is that story about Seamus the dog on top of that car on vacation.

        Did Mitt the Twit think that all this would not come out during his run-up to his coronation as Emperor of the USA?

      • prairie pond

        No, I don’t think it’s a Mormon thing. I think it’s a rich, entitled, Anglo-Saxon American thing. Or maybe a Wales thingy.

        Seriously? They treat PEOPLE like shit as in “you people.” How can we expect they’d treat animals better? They think the little people are animals, so they treat us all alike.

        And, I’d rather be a dog than a Romney. Sad. Just damn sad.

        PS–Summer agrees. She’s thinking she’s royalty these days, too, what with the a/c, treats, good food, Kong balls for play and a Mama who jumps when she announces she wants any little thing. Royalty indeed, and who could argue with that? Diva. Pure diva.

      • prairie pond

        BTW, Schopenhauer is one of my favorite philosophers.

      • People like Romney use whatever they can for monetary gain. This dancing horse has already brought valuable tax deductions, what more monetary gain might there be?

        We’re all fodder for his monetary gain if he can pull off the upcoming election. He will stoop to any and all ways in his attempt at that too!

    • R.D. Liebst

      When I saw that tag I rushed to bring it up here and of course as usual someone was on the top of the game and it was already here…

  11. Did you hear this one? How would you feel if you were Romney and everyone knew about how you crated the dog on top of the family car? I would be embarrassed beyond all levels.

    But, I guess Romney is too blind to see why people question this behavior or is it arrogance o nhis part to think the ‘you people’ don’t have the right to question what he does.

    Is that the problem – arrogance?

    • R.D. Liebst

      I have actual notice that about mitt he does seem to bave a talent for not noticing when something is wrong or he said something that does not bring out intelligence out when it comes to his. Of course I have heard that the boss is not the most intelligent person in the company he was just smart enough to hire people that are smarter then they are.

      • prairie pond

        Entitlement mentality indeed. Alfred E. Romney. Instead of “what, me worry?” it should be “what, me wrong?”

        I wonder if he’ll leave the country if he’s defeated in a humiliating landslide.

      • Why would he leave the country? If we continue to give all those tax breaks and subsidies to the 1% – then they can keep on screwing the US taxpayers and keep hoarding their money offshore.

        Hey – what a sweet deal….Where do I sign up for this??

        But….I draw the line at getting a dancing horse. There is just something about that horse dancing that just does not look natural. Do you know what I mean:?

        If God wanted horses to dance – wouldn’t he have given them ballet shoes at birth?

      • wicked

        Yes, indy, and tutus. 😉

    • prairie pond

      Heh, Indy and Wicked. If they were Catholic dancing horses, would they have gotten gold slippers and fancy hats? Maybe dresses?

      Sorry. I just couldn’t resist. I do think there is an element of animal cruelty in forcing them to do steps that are unnatural and, in fact, look like they hurt.

      More evidence of dominionism. They not only want to have dominion over the animals, but us “little people” animals as well.

      Jesus wept.

    • wicked

      Considering how One Million Moms (actual # about 40,000 ) managed to get GCB pulled from ABC, we already have censorship. SaveGCB petition currently has 78,191 signatures to bring back the show. Are they being heard?

      These xtians also tell us what companies we can buy from. Or try to.

      • GCB? I am up to speed….help, please.

        Did you hear Mike Huckabee calling for an Appreciation Day on August 1st to support Chick-Fil-A and their president’s stance against gay marriage.

        I’ll try to find the link to this story..

      • wicked

        GCB* TV show on ABC was cancelled at end of first season, thanks to those moms who boohoo’d that it made fun of Christians. Well, yeah, it did make fun of Christians and Texans and all kinds of things. Starred by all-time fave Annie Potts, Kristin Chenowith, Leslie Bibb and others in the ensemble cast. Based on a book of the same name (GCB-Good Christian Bitches), it was fun and thoughtful, too. I read a blog post by a “street preacher” who at first bashed it before watching, then praised it after he saw the first season DVD. Strangely, that preacher’s church is in Park City.

        You can watch episodes of GCB at ABC.Go.

  12. Here is how a wise and strong leader delivers a speech. Of course, this is also the speech where Romney and Republicans yammer on and on about how Obama goes around the world apologizing.

    You know – it’s that Anglo-Saxon thing – that Obama does not understand. Wink-wink-…you betcha

    • Notice in the speech – Obama talks about the past history of politial and religious tension between Islams and Christians.

      And at the end of the day – wouldn’t it better to learn how to live together than to continue these damn Holy Wars?

      Sad to say, alot of Republicans are Christians that want the Holy War – they just don’t want to send their own loved ones to do the actual fighting.

  13. I just found this while surfing the Internet. Has anyone heard about this flag dipping controversy?

    What are your thoughts? After Mitt Romney’s disastrous introduction to the British people yesterday – maybe we should also carry a flag saying that Mitt the Twit is aptly named?

    • Of course, the people who want us to disrespect the Queen are also those who yammer on and on about how exceptional America is – but is this what exceptionalism is all about?

      Our arrogance and lack of respect for anyone or anything else?

  14. The sign of pathological liar is they lie about the small things just as forcefully as they do the big things.

    The Creepy Small Lies of the Romney Campaign

  15. Just saw on HuffingtonPost that Ed Schultz’ wife Wendy was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She had surgery yesterday. I know Ed has not doing his t.v. show on MSNBC – but did not know the reason.

    DAMN all cancer!!!!!

  16. wicked

    Speaking of churches…

    With my morning headlines from the local rag, I discovered an ad that took me back a few years. You all remember Pastor Terry Fox. Apparently he and his new church are testing the limits. I tried to add a link to the photo, but it isn’t working for me, so here’s the text of the ad. (Believe me, not having his photo to look at is a plus. 😉 )

    Come and Hear
    Pastor Terry Fox
    Preach About

    How the Obama Administration and its Socialistic Agenda is Making Way for the Anti-Christ to Take Over the World.

    10:50 this Sunday
    Summit Church 10225 E Kellogg

    • I wonder if this will include that Affordable Care Act mandate of having everyone get a microchip in their right hand ?

      That was posted here yesterday or the day before?

      Seriously – Terry Fox????

      Who believes this guy? His church is appropriately located behidn all those car dealerships.

  17. While running an errand around 4:30 pm – I heard on the NPR station that Chick-Fil-A is rethinking their puttting their company into the political arean.

    It’s been reported that several protests arounds the county have obviously been effective.

    Well – you know – at the end ot th day – it’s aboutthe money.

  18. Next stop on the traveling Romney gaffe circus

    He still has Poland and Israel left on the itinerary. At the rate things are going, here is what that will sound like.


    – “Look out, I’m invading! Heh heh, I bet you get that all the time.”

    – “Hey, I’ve got a joke for you! Why did they tear down the stadium in Warsaw? Huh? Because no matter where you sat, you were behind a pole! Hoo boy, that kills me. Poles obstruct your view.”

    – “Been a while since you heard any good Polish jokes, come to think of it.”


    – “Bibi, I brought you a delicious cured ham, garnished with shellfish!”

    – “Where do you keep the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?”

    – “I don’t see why everyone’s so upset. I mean, it’s just land, right? Am I missing something?”

    – “I mean, it’s a wall. What’s to wail about?”

  19. Well… they could have found many other things to highlight on the “how does your state not excel” map. Interesting!

    MAPS: What Your State Is Good At, And What It’s Lame At

  20. My contribution:

    Simplistic and ignores effects of stimulus? Uh, yes, but what can be expected when the target audience lacks the capability to think critically?

  21. Romney staff spent nearly $100,000 to hide records

    (Reuters) – Mitt Romney spent nearly $100,000 in state funds to replace computers in his office at the end of his term as governor of Massachusetts in 2007 as part of an unprecedented effort to keep his records secret, Reuters has learned.

    • wicked

      One more reason I wouldn’t want to be filthy rich. Most have to creep around, then worry about someone finding out how they’d made their money, not only by hook, but by crook–in the true meaning of the word.