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  1. The Brits making fun of Romney. 🙂

    Some good Anglo-Saxon values for Mitt Romney

  2. On this day in history … President Truman issues Executive Order No. 9981 Desegregating the Military on July 26, 1948:

    Throughout American history, African Americans and members of other minority groups fought in the nation’s wars with distinction. However, they did so generally in separate units that were segregated from all-white units.

    President Truman had been examining the issue of segregation in the armed forces since at least 1947, when he appointed the President’s Committee on Civil Rights. By January 1948, internal White House memos indicated that the President was determined to end military segregation by executive order. However, it was not until the delegates at the 1948 Democratic National Convention called for a liberal civil rights plank that included desegregation of the armed forces that Truman felt comfortable enough to issue Executive Order No. 9981 on July 26. The order stated that “It is hereby declared to be the policy of the President that there shall be equality of treatment and opportunity for all persons in the armed services without regard to race, color, religion, or national origin.” The order also established the President’s Committee on Equality of Treatment and opportunity in the Armed Services (Fahy Committee).

    Naturally, there was resistance to this order within the military. Staff officers from all branches protested anonymously and sometimes even openly to integration. The Fahy Committee worked with the different branches of the military to ensure that the armed forces instituted integration in their recruitment and unit composition practices. Full integration did not come until the Korean War however, when heavy casualties forced segregated units to merge for survival.

    In a sense, armed forces desegregation could be said to have launched the civil rights movement that dominated the 1950s and 1960s.

  3. Federal Subsidies, Sweetheart Deals, and Other Attractions at Romney’s Olympic Games

    The GOP candidate pried $1.5 billion out of the federal government to bankroll his Olympic turnaround. Millions went to questionable projects that benefited well-connected Utahns.

  4. fnord – you might know something about this…

    When doctors participate in clinical trials for cancer – when they say ‘grant funding is managed by Via Christi Hospitals’ – is that tax dollars?

    And where would I go to find out exactly which grant(s) a particular clijhical trial doctor is getting?

    Furthermore – who do I contact to at the federal lvel to tell them about my experience with the local clinical trial doctor?

    It seems that the letter I received last week requesting follow-up to my cancer diagnosis came from the local clinical trial program (of which that first oncologist is connected with).

    I sent an email to the person who sent that follow-up request (and I keep calling her the phone number she gave) but yet there is no response to my questions – which are:

    What group are they with and how did they get my name?

    What do they plan to do with this follow up information.

    Where do they get their funding?

    Well, I managed to find out – through the Internet – that the clinical trial program is based at Via Christi -which is where this Cancer Registry is also located.

    I am more than happy to tell them that I fired that first oncologist due to several reasons and that I found a wonderful doctor through the Yellow Pages. And this was the doctor that helped me win my battle over cancer.

    But I don’t want my story to fall on deaf ears at the local level (I’m sure my first oncologist would not like what I say about him and his staff) – so where do I go next to find out where this local group gets their grant funding? That is the place I want to send my follow-up information.

    Any suggestions as to where to look?

    • BTW – several months after I fired the first oncologist – a woman from this local clinical trial program called me and asked me why I have not been coming in for my appointments.

      I informed her that I had fired that doctor and I was with a new doctor – not connected with that particular group.

      This woman then said (rather rudely) – you never completed the proper paperwork to leave this clinical trial.

      And my response was – that is not my problem – check with the doctor’s office on that because what I did was to follow the agreement that I signed when I was first put on the clinical trial – I sent them a written letter requesting to be withdraw from that trial. And nobody from that doctor’s office ever called me back.

      Why is it up to me to do their work for your clinical trial?

      This woman was more upset because I did not complete some damn paperwork than the fact I fired the oncologist. I told her the reasons and all she said was….OH..

      I even told her that when I left that doctor – I did not even have another doctor lined up – All I knew was that I had to get away from that first oncologist because at that time – I preferred taking my chances with the cancer than to go back to that oncologist that was doing Jack-shit for me.

      And then the first doctor’s staff never did call me by my correct name! They were calling me by a different last name. Strange thing – though – there was a patient in one of the long-term care faciltities with that very same name and she had breast cancer – and guess who her oncologist was – You guessed it – the same oncologist I had just fired a few months before.

      There is a world of difference between the cancer treatment of breast cancer and colon cancer. I never really knew what that doctor’s staff was giving me – because they would NEVER show it to me. My last treatment with them – I asked to see my name on the I.V. bag and the chemo drug name. The nurse huffed and puffed and said – don’t you trust me?

      My reply was – this office has not given me any reason to trust you.

      Adn that was when I decided to leave that first oncologist and take my chances with my cancer. Hell, I knew what the cancer wanted to do to me – I never really did know what that damn doctor’s staff was going to do

      Maybe this is why I survived my cancer – I am too damn stubborn to allow it to win? LMAO


    • Yes, on the tax money IF the grant money came from the government. NIH (National Institutes of Health) administers and funds medical research at the federal level.

      However, there are many privately funded clinical trials. Think of the money from Michael Fox, Christopher Reeve (Superman)… these people with money to give always find people willing to take it. Chad’s funding has come from multiple sources, including the NIH. But he’s been given money from pharmaceutical companies, the Stowers Institute…

      Writing grants is a highly sought skill set. Some people are experts at applying for money.

      The people administering the study should be able to tell you, whether they will and whether they are required to do so are different questions and I don’t have the answers. Since they’re not answering the questions you pose it seems reasonable to go up the ladder at least one step, if for no other reason than to protect your privacy, your medical information… But until you find the answer to the first questions — where did they get your name and their funding — how can you possibly know which ladder to go up? Is there someone at Via Christi who may be able to tell you more about the clinical trials the hospital funds?

      You’ve moved since you saw that first oncologist. Did the letter come to your current address?

      • Yes, it did come to my current address. That is why I wanted to know where they got my name.

        At first glance, it looks like it is just from Via Christi hospital – but she signed it as the Cancer Registry person.

        And this came from ST Francis hospital – not ST. Joe which is the one I was at for 29 days.

        If it is just about follow-up for the hospital information – then why not just tell me that it is the purpose?

        When dealing with Via Christi – there are so many damn levels – that it is hard to know where to even go to find out something.

        I guess I could try writing to the Via Christi head honcho – but if this is nothing else but for this doctor to get his bonus money on how many patients surived cancer – then I don’t want to give him that satisifaction.

        It is rather telling that it is the 5-year mark from my cancer diagnosis – and that is a milestone.

        I keep calling this woman at the number she gave – no response. And the email is going somewhere because they never come back as not sendable.

        I’ll keep trying and keep you posted if I hit the motherlode of information.

        And this health care system is what these REpublicans fight to keep???

    • He frequently needs to ‘walk back’ comments made by both himself and his spokesmen. No, he’s not ready for prime time.

      In the last 24 hours he told Brian Williams of NBC the suspected theater shooter got his guns illegally, his spokesman issued a racially motivated statement about President Obama not understanding ‘the Anglo Saxon relationship,’ and Romney himself insulted England’s handling of this year’s Olympics.

      Personally I think the best course of action if for him and his minions to continue to speak! Yes, speak out, Mitt! Yes, Mitt supporters, speak out for him! Media should have microphones always at the ready so all the words Romney says, and those said on his behalf, can be heard ’round the world. 🙂

      • This could be the reason we are now suddenly hearing about the ‘Anglo-Saxon’ relationship from the Romney group.

        Seems the Britsh have agreed that Kenyans were tortured.

        Also, let’s n ot forget durign the GOP pirmary – which was walking about how Obama was raised by a MauMau and has distorted version of history?

        I need to do some reseraching..


  5. It was Newt Gingrich that brought up the Mau Mau issue. This is all just a GOP orchestrated attempt to paint Obama as a black man, the son of a Kenyan, that hates the white people.