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  1. The Republican Plan to Tax the Poor

    How will Republicans pay for their proposal to extend Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthiest two percent of Americans? In part, by raising taxes on low- and moderate-income working families.

  2. Romney’s hollow campaign and retrograde party give Obama an edge

    (from the link): Ironically, though, it may be the folks who detest him and invest in him all their fears who actually are giving him even more of a boost. When middle-of-the-road voters hear the right-wing, paranoid talk about a president they have gotten to know as, if nothing else, a calm, decent family man, they may be inclined to put aside their disappointments with Obama’s first term and give him another four years rather than reward Romney who continues to cater to the crazies.

    Despite what swing voters might glean from the histrionics of Rick Santorum and the vicious mendacity of Rush Limbaugh, they know America will not become an oppressive socialist nanny state if Barack Obama wins reelection. The fact is, rather than being a radical, most of Obama’s policies are squarely in the Republican tradition of Eisenhower, Nixon and Ford. Obama is more Nelson Rockefeller than Nelson Mandela.,0,2131628.story

    • R.D. Liebst

      Though it is not always the case, in order to keep both the single minded rich donors and the garden verity GOP voters. The candidate has to often dance on the head of a pin. Promising often contradictory things and hoping that neither will suddenly announce out loud “THAT M.F.L.B. LIED TO ME!” It can help when the liberals are disjointed and start reaching for every other thing that sounds like something they want.

      The distraction caused by a overreaching from the Liberal side and a overwhelming desire to correct every wrong that has occurred since the first slave ship dropped it cargo on the new land. To the denial of rights from the attempt to stop the younger generation wanting every human rights in the sixties. Don’t get me wrong, I too see many things that need to be corrected and are so wrong on many levels.

      But there are times that when someone or some organization muddy the waters and cause what ever movement and conquest that is in a win category to be short lived and made to appear so little that it is often overlooked.

  3. South Dakota Moves To Legalize Killing Abortion Providers
    A bill under consideration in the Mount Rushmore State would make preventing harm to a fetus a “justifiable homicide” in many cases.

    • wicked

      If the Supreme Court ruled that abortions are legal, how can a state kill the providers of that legal procedure?

      Maybe I’m just confused. It’s definitely the state I live in. The State of Confusion.

      • I’ve been told they want to ensure ‘this’ goes to the Courts, most especially to SCOTUS where they think Roe v Wade will be overturned.

      • wicked

        I think they have another think coming. But, hey, I’ve been wrong before. Once.

  4. If being a “successful” Harvard MBA businessman is a why we need Romney as president, then WTF happened to the economy under President George W Bush — the very FIRST MBA “successful” businessman (Harvard) President ever?

  5. Yesterday, the CBO announced that Obamacare is expected to be $89 billion cheaper than previously thought (while also insuring 3 million fewer people).

    The CBO also announced that if the Republicans have their way, and the law is repealed, the debt would grow by an additional $109 billion over the next 10 years

    • wicked

      Oh, surely not! (eyeroll)

      • Another “surely not moment” is hearing the paperwork, all the records, of the Salt lake City Olympics have gone missing. I’m beginning to wonder how much money it takes to make records of a governorship, and an Olympics disappear? ** poof **

        This picture is making more and more sense. 🙂

  6. wicked

    A sincere happy birthday to George H.W. Bush. I guess I’m just not the hateful biotch many would like to think.

  7. Remember the Stonekettle Station blog post, ‘The Seven Stages of Gun Violence’ from last week? He has posted an update. Read the blog post if you haven’t previously, and if you’ve read it, scroll to the update.

    • And then what? If Roe v Wade is overturned, exactly how many babies will be ‘saved’?

      These Pro-Lifers are so obsessed with their mission from God that they have failed to think about what happened before Roe v Wade. There were abortions performed – and some in the hospital but under a different name – D&C.

      But I have yet to hear one Pro-Lifer advocate for taking these rapists and these men who think incest is okay and kill them for what they did to the women (sometimes very young girls) when they impregnated them.

      But yet these Pro-Lifers want to make it legal to kill the abortion doctor?

      Unfrickin -believable.

  8. Does anyone know who puts up “SCHOOL ZONE SPEED LIMIT” signs? Would it be the City of Wichita or USD259?

    A new one was installed at the nearby grade school. It’s backwards. As you approach the school property the sign reads “END SCHOOL ZONE.” As you leave the school property it reads “SCHOOL SPEED LIMIT 20.”

    Who is is responsible for this good work?

  9. I’ve been thinking about Sally Ride and how the public never knew she was gay. But, the public also did not know she was battling pancreatic cancer.

    And then the comment today about the Roe v Wade and that ridiculous attempt to make the killing of an abortion doctor legal.

    These two issues have got me tot hkjing.

    Do these Fundy Envbalies wantus to return to the days whewre there were gays and abortions or do they not want these two issues in their faces?

    Here’s my thinking….

    Before Roe v Wade – there were no stand-alone abortion clinics. Like I said upthread, alot of abortions were done in the hospital under a different name.

    But after Roe v Wade, that is when the public saw these free-standing clinics where women went to get abortions.

    Is that what triggered the insane Mission from God for these Pro-Lifers?

    And the same thing about gays. As we all know, there have been gays in our society for centuries but yet Sally Ride – in her lifetime – felt the need to keep it quiet. Some of that was due to her own way of living her life – because her sister said their entire family were very private people. But, in the field that Sally chose to follow – I’m sure that any whisper of a gay astronaut would have sent shockwaves through the place and her chances of getting to go on one of those space missions would have been eliminated – I’ m certain of that.

    So that brings me to my conclusion that I have reached – are these Fundy Evangies upset because there are gay people and abortions in our society – or are they just pissed off because gays are now making themselves known and are demanding their rights? And abortions are done in their own free-standing clinics?

    I ask this because – these same Fundy Evangies don’t seem to really care about the Catholic Church covering up child molesters for years and that Penn State group of grown men covering up for their fellow football coach who was molesting young boys through that damn club he formed.

    So – are these Fundy Evangies okay with anything that goes – as long as they don’t see it? As in the case of Penn State and Catholic Church – I think the folks don’t care about that because it would kill the Golden Goose if any bad publicity got out – but if it is well hidden, then everything is okay.

    Is that the deal???

    • They seem to have mastered the ability to see, hear and believe only what they choose. It might make it a bit more difficult to ignore reality when it’s openly acknowledged. Who knows? I would never want to understand their ?thinking? so won’t hazard a guess how they come to their bigotry. Maybe their ability to believe the Bible of today, written by men, translated multiple times, is the inerrant Word of God is an indication. Add to that their ability to pick and choose what part of the ‘inerrant Word of God’ they choose to follow and you’ve got some evidence about how they get to the point of their ‘beliefs.’

  10. I have to ask …..

    Has anyone else received an outrageous and ridiculous letter from some place called the United States Justice Foundation in Houston TX.

    In this letter – there is some guy named Gary Kreep who claims to be a lawery with ireefutable proof that President Obama is not a citizen of the US.

    There are 6 pages (double sided) tryign to say that since Obama’s adoptive fat
    her claimed Obama to be his son in Indonesia and Obama attended public school there, that by law in Indonesia, Obama lost his US citizenship at that time.

    But the entire letter is a rambling P.O.S. and uses very scary words and has alot of underlined phrases, emphasizing that Obama is a treachorous usurper, sho Preisdency is constitutionally illegal.

    It is a real piece of work – I’ve got to say.

    But, of course, sprinkled throughout this P.O.S. are requests to send money to help them fight the good fight.

    There is a petition for me to sign and to mail to my Secretary of State to DEMAND that this be investigated and to remove Obama’s name from the ballot.

    I told you – this is a real piece of work.

    There was even one paragraph in there that stated this man did not even have the money to send out all these letters to concerned Americans but he is hoping that his message gets through and that ‘real’ Americans will respond and help him with donations of money to fight Obama adn to keep him off the ballot.

    So – you know me – I plan to send this self-addressed envelope back to him – but it will be filled with very hard cardboard paper and anything else I can throw in there and then put one postage stamp on – to let it get started towards its destination. I figure this man can pay the postage due when he gets my little bundle of scrap paper. And I can stuff alot of weight into this one envelope.

    I am not sending back that petition – NO, I will just send scrap paper because that is what this man’s mission and goal means to be – scrap.

    But I would like to see this person’s face when they have to pay postage due and then look inside to find nothing but scrap paper.

    Maybe I’ll put in some old articles about how Romney is hiding his money in the Cayman Islands and Swiss banks. Or maybe how the approval rating of the Congresds plummeted to 13% after the Tea Party Republicans wanted to take us over the cliff and go bankrupt as a nation?

    OH well – I was just wondering if anyone got this P.O.S. mail…

    Or am I just the lucky one?

    I do have to say …..I never got this kind of shit from the Democrats. It was when I registered as a Republican – the nuts from the nut tree seems to fall down big time….

    And they ALWAYS want money… how interesting…

    • Didn’t get that mailing, but I did read this morning about the microchip implant all Americans will receive in 2013. Has to do with Obamacare.

      Go take a look at this! Be sure you notice the 6 6 6 …

      • The far-right-wing nutjobs are still being catered to by Romney. He doesn’t even attempt to refute the craziest among them. There’s no integrity even attempted. He is a puppet candidate.

        Independent voters know President Obama and many of them probably looked for a better candidate to vote for this time around. The republicans didn’t put one on the ballot. They know that too. All it does when Romney caters to the crazies is reinforce that knowledge.

      • R.D. Liebst

        I already have mine, once every other week the phone rings and I am told to put the receiver up to my shoulder above where the pace-maker is. And the other person sends a signal and once the tone is over the pace maker sends a report. I am not the six million dollar man more the buck ninty five man!

  11. I believe in freedom of religion – but this is just NUTS. I did notice a few comments said the same thing as I think – but did you notice the others were all buying this load of B.S.?

    I wonder if it ever occurrred to this writer and his gullibers that those implantable devices that are mentioned in the health care bill refers to tall those wonderful medeical devicies that are being implanted en paitents all across America.

    And the tracking of the outcome has to do with the efficacy of those devices – NOT just ‘mark of the beast’ crappola

    But – I did notice that this guy must love Ronald Reagan because Reagan refused to sign this in law. HUH????

    But he did go after these Fundy Evangelicals – didn’t he? I’m confused – I consider him and his Gullibers to be the Fundies.

    Do you mean there is now a sub-category of more Fundies than the Fundies I went to school with?

    Just how many levels does this sewer of Fundyism have?

    Are we not to the bottom yet???

  12. But, you know, like I said before – I never got this kind of crappola before registering as a Republican.

    These people are N-U-T-S…..

    • I will second that! What I get in my mail daily is amazing, disturbing sometimes, and proof to me how far off the edge of sanity the Kansas republicans have gone.

      • How to avoid (most of) that crap. Return one of the GOP surveys, answering truthfully, and not enclosing any money. After doing this twice, I get no more of this stuff from ‘national’ orgs. Now I get the ‘ballot’ from Kansas Right to Life, material from the various campaigns, and that’s it (for the past two elections and so far in 2012).

  13. Geraldine Hoff Doyle, was a 17 years old (in 1942) while she was working at the American Broach & Machine Co. when a photographer snapped a pic of her on the job.

    That image used by J. Howard Miller for the “We Can Do It!” poster, released during World War II.

  14. A blog post you’ll enjoy reading. 🙂

    (from the link): “It was easy to give up Domino’s as a political boycott, because Domino’s is shitty cardboard discs laden with a greasy cheese-like substance and dubious meat products; it was easy to give up Coors products because their flagship beer is pisswater and even the halfway-decent Killian’s Red they bottle and distro in the States is easily substituted by better beer.

    Point is, anyway, that Chick-fil-A might be one of the best fast food joints you could pull up to while on a road trip or after an overworked day when you just need something fast and affordable, but they’re supporting bigotry. It would be convenient if they were bigots like Domino’s–bigots who make a product you’d rather avoid anyway even if not on principle. But they’re not. Mike Huckabee seems like he might be a great guy to have living next door, but it doesn’t change the fact he’s a bigot when it comes to gay marriage.

    And if you don’t want to be called a bigot, stop acting like one. I’m not about to hold back just because you say it’s your religion. And nobody ought to.”

  15. So, we have two candidates for POTUS. They don’t have a lot in common, but they both passed a very similar health care plan for their constituents. One candidate is running on his accomplishment, the other is running away from it. The guy in the photo below is grateful for both bills. Too bad only one of the candidates still believes in helping people like him.

  16. Most women are ‘troubled’ by Romney’s interference in our health care decisions! WE VOTE! We’re NOT voting for Romney!

  17. The former Massachusetts governor claimed the alleged gunman in the Aurora, Colorado massacre, James Holmes, illegally obtained his weapons, when in fact Holmes legally purchased the firearms through various national gun chains.

    He doesn’t multi-task well! Guess getting ready to leave for the Olympics occupied him totally.

  18. EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN in the Senate voted against extending tax cuts for the middle class today. Every. Single. One.