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  1. This is beginning to make more sense. It may be the only way to get the republicans attention, the only way to move forward.

    Head for the Cliff

    (from the link): In January, two fiscal time bombs planted by Congress are due to explode. On Jan. 1, all the Bush tax cuts expire, constituting a $400-billion-plus tax hike in 2013. The next day — unless Congress agrees on a major deficit-reduction plan — a fiscal discipline known as sequestration will slash about $100 billion a year from federal spending, divided between defense and nondefense.

    Blanket repeal of the tax cuts and across-the-board spending reductions are both pretty bad ideas. Taken together they are a kind of grotesque, automated austerity program. Lawmakers of both parties are desperately seeking ways to evade some of the consequences. Republicans are more focused on sparing the defense budget, and Democrats are pressing to preserve the middle-class tax cuts.

    For months now, Erskine Bowles, the former Clinton chief of staff and a co-chairman of the Simpson-Bowles commission, has been quietly proposing that Obama treat the January Armageddon as an opportunity. The president should head straight for the cliff and let Congress know he’s prepared to take us over the edge unless they build a bridge.

    • Let’s not forget – this time bomb was put into placed because the TEa Party Republicans would not allow their Speaker Johnny B. to ‘compromise’ with Obama on the better deal – remember?

      I agree with Erskine Bowles – we should go right over the cliff and give the RePUKES a big ol’ smile as we’re going.

      You know , as well as everyone else knows, these RePUKES will never allow their precious Bush tax cuts expire just because it is the moral and right thing to do…..these RePUKES will have to be forced into doing something.

      But, I’m sure their strategy is to get Romney in the White House and then they will keep their current Bush tax cuts and expand them to even greater heights.

  2. RealClearPolitics average of all the polls continues to give President Obama a narrow lead and, more importantly, leads in 10 of the 12 states they call battleground states. President Obama begins with a strong electoral lead and then carries most of the battleground states. It’ a steep uphill climb for Romney who must carry all of those states to have any chance of winning legally. Don’t let down your vigil! the republicans will try anything and everything, regardless of legality, to help their candidate.

    Meanwhile, here’s what we know about Romney:

    — The business experience he touts as his qualifications was gutting American jobs and sending American workers to unemployment lines so the jobs could be sent overseas in order to ensure profits for both himself and others who are wealthy.

    — We also know he pays a lower tax rate than we average Americans do, and if elected he would give himself and others who share the greatest wealth even greater tax advantages.

    — He is pro war and has told us he will wage war against Iran if elected.

    — He will privatize Medicare. Seniors will get a coupon, not health care. If you’re younger than 65, just die if you don’t have a bunch of money. After all, Romney thinks you’re worthless if you’re not rich.

    — Austerity, which has been proven to not work, will be his plan to make sure America can’t recover. Bush2 almost got the job done, but only took America to her knees, Romney will finish the job and make sure America only benefits the wealthy.

    — Just tell Romney what you want to hear and that will be his deeply-held conviction. Don’t worry if you and someone else disagree on what you want to hear — Romney can hold many differing deeply-held convictions at the same time!

  3. My voter registration card was in my mailbox yesterday – was yours?

    • Just a question – do they routinely send out a new card with every election? I dont’ seem to remember getting one after I changed my party affiliation and that was in 2010 – and there have been primary election since then.

      Just wondering…..

      • I received a new one yesterday too. I think it’s because of redistricting. Some people are in new districts and vote in a different place so they notified all registered voters.

      • To join in this discussion, mine arrived Thursday. As was reported in the media, these were generated due to redistricting. Otherwise, there would be little reason to send them. Interestingly, my precinct changed, but nothing else (my voting location changed several years ago, but no new registration “certificayion” was received then).

    • A picture worth a thousand words.

      Bush did Iraq, Romney promises to do Iran. A sure bet would be none of Romney’s sons will serve in the U. S. military. Romney will send other people’s sons and daughters.

    • And that’s why he doesn’t pay any; he understands taxes, the ins and outs of our far-too-complex Internal Revenue Code, and has the fiscal resources to take advantage. Almost forgot: he also has the resources to employ those who specialize in finding the prize at the bottom of the cereal box.