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    • She’s probably ready to show proof she isn’t ‘on’ what Rush is. 🙂

      Republican women is an oxymoron as far as I’m concerned. Definitely contradictory to their own best interests unless they approve of being controlled and manipulated.

  1. When speaking of two candidates for president of the U. S. — Obama and Romney — and their views on gun rights, remember only one of them signed an assault weapons ban into law.

    • No matter what Romney does or doesn’t do, no matter what he flips or flops on, all six electoral votes from the state of Kansas will go to him!

  2. Five of 10 women who accused a Lackland Air Force Base instructor of sexual assault are testifying at his sentencing in Texas.

    Staff Sgt. Luis Walker faces up to life in prison after a military jury convicted him of crimes including rape, aggravated sexual contact and multiple counts of aggravated sexual assault.

    He should rot in prison! Maybe he will be lucky enough to be locked up with other rapists and maybe even get a dose of his own medicine. karma.

  3. MAP: 26 Mass Murders Across America in 30 Years
    The horrific slaughter at a movie theater in Colorado is the latest in an epidemic of gun violence.

  4. More Women Running for the House Than Ever Before

    A total of 296 women have filed to run for seats in the House of Representatives this year, breaking the previous record of 262. Currently 75 women are serving in the House. The record is 76, and with so many female candidates, that record could fall in November. Currently 17 of the 100 senators are women.

    One hundred and thirteen women have already won their primaries, at a time when over half of the states have had primaries. The previous record, in 2004, was 141.

    There remains a large disparity in the political make-up of those running, however. Democrats have filed in much greater numbers – 185 compared to 110 Republican women – and have also won their nominations at a higher rate, 85 Democrats to 28 Republicans.

    It will happen. Maybe not in my lifetime, but women will be fairly represented — it will happen

  5. Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum says:

    Today we celebrate Wichita’s birthday! J.R. Mead came to Kansas Territory if 1859 and established himself as a buffalo hunter and fur trader. In 1868 he met with a group of men to organize a town company for the site at the junction of the Arkansas River and the Little Arkansas River. Wichita was incorporated as a city of the third class on July 21, 1870.

  6. Totally different subject, but how great is this?

    I think I need to study computational biology for my next career. 🙂