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  1. No matter how many times republicans scream, “Bush is back in Texas, Obama is president” we must remember Bush. We must remember Bush. And, we must remember Romney promises to be Bush on steroids!

  2. Another horrific shooting tragedy in Colorado.

    Does it make you feel safer to know Americans are armed to the gills, Americans love guns, and even those Americans who are bat-shit crazy can be heavily armed and show up at any time, any place… ??

  3. “We’ve given all you people need to know and understand about our financial situation and about how we live our life.”

    “You people” are awesome.

  4. prairie pond

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    And pastor sam thinks the kansas economy will grow so big his tax cuts won’t bankrupt us. How ya grow the kansas economy this way? This is why taxes need to be paid in good years so the bad years don’t kill us.

    Brownback economics = Bush economics. Except dumber.

  5. prairie pond

    Does anyone else think this poll is hysterical in a “if you don’t laugh you’ll cry” kind of way?

    Do you approve or disapprove of the job Barack Obama is doing as President?

    38% Approve
    56% Disapprove
    6% Not Sure

    Margin of Sampling Error for this question = ± 4.4%
    Asked of 515 Registered Voters

    Do you approve or disapprove of the job Sam Brownback is doing as Governor?

    36% Approve
    48% Disapprove
    16% Not Sure

    Margin of Sampling Error for this question = ± 4.4%
    Asked of 515 Registered Voters

    Do you approve or disapprove of the job Kris Kobach is doing as Secretary of State?

    35% Approve
    37% Disapprove

    So…. Obama has a higher approval rating in Kansas than either pastor sam or “kill ’em all” Kris? WTF? IN KANSAS?

    And as we discussed yesterday, wtf does that say about the KDP that they can’t get any credible candidates and beat these guys?

    Jesus wept.

    • Bob White

      I agree so much with the sentiment that is often expressed here, about the Ks Dem Party. And i will vote Dem. I served as a Dem precinct committeeman and got no help from the Dem party; state, nor county.
      Before retirement I was a union organizer. And I have communicated to the KS Dem Party my concerns for the astroturf (fake) organizing that is conducted by the KS Dems. No reply from them which is the same thing I get from their emails: “NOREPLY”. So, what do we all do? Any other ideas?

      • prairie pond

        Bob, I’m sorry for your experiences. I chaired the local Democratic Party when I was 23, and picked it back up when I was 46. I was also a state committee member and district member for several years. My county was the third highest vote getter by percentage for Sebelius’ first election.

        For my success (trouble?) I not only got no help from the party, but because I had the audacity to say “the emperor has no clothes” I got booted out and blackballed by the state party. I was told, literally, that if I didn’t watch my step, there might be “unintended consequences” for crossing the party.

        My recommendation? Vote how you want for the candidates you want and run like hell from the KDP. Folks here can tell you, I got those “unintended consequences” in spades. Like the sign over Dante’s Ninth Inferno, when it comes to the KDP, you should, “abandon hope all ye who enter here.”

  6. This morning, I woke up earlier than usual, so I turned on the t.v. to see what was going on.

    The channel was on MSNBC and Morning Joe came on and they were all sitting there yelling.

    Joe Scarborough made the argument that inddivudalism is what that made this country great.

    That blonde woman (Mika?) and the others said it was collectivism with the individualism that made our country great. Which is what I believe Obama was saying yesterday on some campaign stop?

    Anyway – Scarborough went on and on about how it is individualism that makes a person go out and build their own business and to be successful.

    Yeah – and it also takes taxpayer money to pay for those roads, law enforcement, fire protection and the loans, special tax cuts and/or subsidies to help that individual become successful.

    That got me to thinking – if these Republicans are hellbent on being ‘individualists’ – then the next time any one of these crappers ask for any taxpayer money in the way of funding, special tax cuts or abatements, then WE (the collectivists) can say – Oh HELL No……you think you’re doing it on your own – then go do it on your own.

    BTW – If it is now between Individualism and Collectivism – then how long do you think these companies would be able to survive? Not very damn long.

    I say – cut them off and burn them like leeches.

    • The next time Bill Warren comes to the City Council and wants any special deals concerning taxpayer money – what should we say to such a proud Republican that believes in ‘individualism’? – OH HELL NO……

      This should be the rallying cry for the Democrats this year – the taxpayers have had to foot the bill for these so-called individualists who think they have done it all on their own…….

      Where would these crappers be if there were no taxpayers?

      I am thinking this giving taxpayer money to businesses started with Reagan – am I wrong in this thinking? Or did Reagan put this ideology on steroids?

    • prairie pond

      “I say – cut them off and burn them like leeches.”

      HAHAHAHAHAH! I like you, Indy!

      Out here, that’s also what we do with the blood sucking ticks that attach themselves to our dogs and humans. Pull them out by the root and burn ’em.

      Wish we could spray for repukes like we do for other pests. Hey, there’s an idea for a business. Repukeicide.

      • Thanks for the laugh today….Prairie Pond.

        Now what an inventive ‘individualistic’ idea to come up with – Repukeicide.

        Is there some of that Agent Orange stuff left over from Vietnam days?

        That would be karma – huh? Spray them with the crap these same buffoons made a big profit from…

  7. You should see the Huffington Post blog today about the Colorado shooting.

    Several people have mentioned the Hate Talk Radio King Rushbo and the fact that he specifically named this Batman movie as a conspiracy against his Republican candidate.

    Of course, the GOP Trolsville Swesat Shop has hd to go into overdrive and bombard these web blogs with their GOP talking point #______ that this is just yet anoher distraction away from the economy.

    Do I smell another round of snide and snarky comments about Obama like he is a ‘foreigner’ and he is ‘not one of us’ Bullshit?

    I am so sick and tired of this Hate Talk Radio shit going on 24/7 and these over-rated, overpaid, bloviated buffoons are NEVER held accountable for the cancer they have spread.

    Every time I think these RePUKES have gone completely to the lowest level possible – they surprise me with another new level even lower.

    And these are the folks who are the moral and godly people?

    Oh, please, just give me a barf bag now…..

    • One thing we can all count on — there will be no meaningful discussion about the fact that any life can be cut short in an instant in any public place in America: a high school, a university campus, a shopping mall, a political rally, or even in a crowded theater by a deranged mind with an assault weapon. The gun nuts and the NRA are all too powerful and all too deluded and way too paranoid to stop, to listen, to discuss, or even to acknowledge this danger exists.

      I am, once again, thankful there was no one ‘carrying’ (concealed or otherwise) who added to this tragedy by involving themselves and their guns.

      • Oh, that was also GOP Talking Point #______. It goes like this – IF there had been people carrying their own guns, then this shooter would have not killed so many people.

        I was a child of the 50’s and my father had guns in the house. He was a hunter. But I don’t remember any of us kids running around bragging that we had guns in the house.

        I don’t remember my father out waving his gun around like some fool and wanting people to know he had guns. Hell, 3/4 of the town had guns.

        But what we did have back in the 50’s – that we do NOT have now – is a common decency and a respect for other people.

        We, of course, did not have all these damn corporate churches on every damn corner – either. Do you think there is a correlation between corporate churches and our sick society?

      • I don’t know what is behind the gun nuts paranoia. They have absolutely no reason to think the government is going to take their guns, yet they spend their lives being afraid of this baseless, totally made up fantasy. They too, and everyone they love, could be killed in any public place. Maybe all their guns are assault weapons too and I can just see it now — crowded public place (perhaps dark and full of smoke) with all the shooters of assualt weapons firing from all directions. I’m sure all those bullets will stop exactly the place those shooters want them to stop. And they’ve all got big clips so there’s no lack of bullets or need to stop even to reload.

        As far as the corporate churches, I have no idea. I haven’t been in one and have no clue what they say inside one. I do hear many people using gawd as their excuse for all kinds of hate and horror. I don’t know where they learned to do that.

      • I have been in those corporate churches – I am even a graduate of one of their finest Fundy Colleges.

        Believe me – hate is everywhere in that Fundy World. The more fundamental they profess to be – the more hatred and that Us against Them crap.

        There was one blog comment that blamed Hollywood for the shooting and that Liberal were behind Hollywood.

        Of course, you know me, I had to make my comment.

        I agreed that Hollywood is responsible for some evil – these were the same folks that gave us Ronald Reagan.

        I think I gained a few fans/followers with that comment… LMAO

      • The folks who are talking about “if there had been. . .” once again are blowing smoke out their ass. The alleged shooter was dressed in: a tactical helmet (bullet proof); tactical vest with tactical trousers; tactical shoes; throat and groin protection; tactical gloves. Now, I want to ask: just how the Hell anyone, in a darkened theater with people getting shot, diving for cover, etc., is going to be able to pull off a face shot (the only thing i can think of that might have stopped the carnage earlier. Given the shooter had a Glock, a 12 gauge, and an AR-15 with 100 round drum magazine, I suspect that he would have gotten a bit upset at being shot at, and just shot the person “carrying” a little quicker than he might otherwise have, and take out those around him/her for good measure. Ah, the “I wanna be a hero” illusion is hard to overcome.

      • prairie pond

        Amen, 617. Colorado has pretty generous concealed carry laws. And no one in the theater was carrying, or at least didn’t let anyone know or use their weapon.

        People who have never been in a live shooting situation have no idea what it’s like. How fast it happens, how paralyzing it is, and how little time there is to effect any change. When your flight instinct takes over, the fight instinct doesn’t have time to react.

        Thank goodness, as you said, no concealed carry nut made matters even worse.

  8. Speaking of the GOP talking point about this shooting being a distraction – couldn’t the same be said about the Romney campaign behind this shooting?

    Serioiusly, who has been on the ropes for the past two weeks about his tax returns and then his lovely little Mrs. gets on national t.v. yesterday and says her ‘you people’ comment.

    Hey – if we’re into conspiracy theories – this is just as good as the one about Obama behidn theis hshottong.

    • behind this shooting…

      Damn – I am mad as hell today (can you tell?)

      I am very sick and tired of this B.S.

      I’ve got a question -did anyone get the same over-sized mailer (they called it a postcard) about some Prophecy Seminar to be held in Park City in September?

      You should see this B.S. It has ten points as to how God and SAtan are fighting each other. And then at the very end – it goes into something about voting for president (WTF).

      But then, there is only an email address to get more information (because there were room constraints on this over-sized mailer and their 10 answers were concise?) Hate to break it to these folks – that is NOT postcard size. The size reminded me of the old Look Magazines – remember those?

      Anyway – there was a phone number. So, I’ve been calling this number and all I ever get is an answering machine and it is a Community Health and Education Center?

      WTF…….is that ???

      And the kicker to this story is – there is ANOTHER ‘postcard’ coming my way in a couple of weeks with more exciting news about this prophecy seminar.

      I have this suspicion this is nothing more than a political stunt – with that talk about voting for president and we need to carefully select….

      This was not sent to our house by our name – it was a general mailing. So there are no mailing lists involved – or there would have been our names on there.

      I cannot figure this out but it has p.o.’d me to to no end. And you don’t want to see me when I am this p.o.’d…

      Plus – with that mailer I received yesterday, I got another piece of B.S. mail but I will have to tell you about that in the next episode of

      Indy is thorougly p.o.’d today and is Mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore mood.

      Oh, oh……..LMAO

  9. I need to get off blogging for awhile…….and drink a cupt of hot tea.

    And then decide what to do about that other piece of mail I received yesterday. This one is more personal………it’s about my cancer journey.

    Someone wants to do follow up on me and I do not know this group, I was never i nthere hospital, what will they do with information and who is funding this?

    These are the questions I have sent in an email to this person.

    As of yet, no response.

    If it is from that first oncologist that I had – BOY, would I love to tell him about what has happened to me in the last 5 years. And that it took a ‘foreign’ – Sudan , black doctor to help me win the biggest battle of my life.

    In fact, this doctor was the one that told me one of my chemo drugs came in pill form that cost $3,000 a month as compared to the $10,000 I.V. bag the white Christian doctor was giving me. BTW – that White Christian doctor never told me it came in pill form. That was one choice that could have been given to me during a time in my life where I had lost all control over my life.

    Any time a choice can be given to a patient – they should be given that choice.

    But, if we did that, then we could not bill for $10,000 for the I.V. bag – huh?

    Yeah, the US health care system is the finest in the world – if you have the money or very good health insurance.

    • Hugs, Indy! Sending you thoughts of calm and love and encouragement. You’re such a great person!

    • prairie pond

      HA, Indy. Your last statement about finest health care if you have money or insurance reminded me of something I read today about the shooting. Someone wondered how the hell he got all that weaponry, ammo and explosive stuff. Here was the reply:

      “You can procure almost anything these days without too much hassle, except health care and cold medicine.”

  10. prairie pond

    Everyone needs to watch “Bowling for Columbine” again. Great Michael Moore movie about our American obsession with guns. Really, it’s worth the time to watch it again.

    • prairie pond

      Something for the Sovereign Citizens to ponder. But then, they don’t even recognize the authority of the U.S. government.