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    • R.D. Liebst

      I guess it would all depend on how you took this, for me it is saying instead of fighting to ban same sex should we be fighting to stop the unthinking attempt to control nature? If as being said it is a choice, then the real question would be why would someone choose to be treated like they are not a real person?

    • prairie pond

      The joke is pretty funny, but the comments are downright scarey. I think we do need some chlorine in the shallow end of the gene pool.

    • Gay jokes, huh…


      Guy says that his lesbian neighbors asked what he wanted for his birthday. He was surprised when they gave him a Rolex. He figures they misunderstood when he said, “I wanna watch.”

      • I just heard a statistic the other day – guess which state as the most susscriptions to Internet Porn?

        One Hint: It’s the state where there are alot of Mormons. Yep – Mormons…

        IIRC – the Deep Southern Fundy Evangelical Christians came in a close second…..

        There was an old joke on my Fundy Baptist College Campus – there were three boys you NEVER date d- unless you had a penchant for certain things…

        1) Missionary’s kid
        2) Preachers’ kid
        3) Deacon’s kid

        There’s a reason why there is another old saying – if you want to find a real pervert – look in the church pews and there he is…..

  1. R.D. Liebst

    Sorry if sometimes I do not come across as thinking well I have not stop thinking it is just sometimes when it comes out the thought is cross wired.

    • prairie pond

      Oh, hell, Rick. I have the same problem. I think so hard I melt wires all time. And then my brain short circuits. I love your thinking no matter how many wires get crossed.

      Maybe if we all think really hard together, we’ll cause a power outage!


      • R.D. Liebst

        with this heat pond I am not too fawn of the idea of the power being out.
        It happen a couple of weeks ago and I would have sworn that it took five hours before the city go the power back on.

      • My kids live just outside of Augusta and they told me about that power outage. They kept thinking that any moment the power would come back on, but it didn’t. I think they finally ended up driving to ElDorado to the Walmart just to get cooled off.

  2. I remember a time when parents encouraged their kids to further their education. Not everyone was destined for a 4-year college – but we were all encouraged to go beyond high school. ie technical training, a 2-yr community college course or something.

    Maybe these REublocans know somethign that the rest of us dont?

    Like – why should the ‘little’ people bother to further their education when there will be nothing left but low-wage jobs after a ptoetnial Presdietn Romney and GOP Gang outsource all the living-wage jobs?

    Something does not pass the smell test here…….

  3. “You’re So Bain” 🙂

  4. This is for indy, in particular: while I continue to be dubious about third-parties (politically speaking), I tip my hat to Angus King, who is an independentcandidate for Senate in the great State of Maine (to replace Susan Collins, who is retiring). Mr. King was Governor of Maine as an independent as well.He supported GWB in 2000, John Kerry in 2004, President Obama in 2008, and supports the President’s relection. Pro-choice, environmentally concerned (opposes oil drilling in the Arctic Circle, e.g.), supports gay marriage (tok a quick look at his info on the interwebs), and seems to be a political moderate, all in all.

    Big lead in the polls. So, indy, there’s hope out there. BTW, hasn’t said with which party he would caucus.

    • I suspect there are alot of people like me – hoping against hope that a third party could mount a real threat to both the Democrats and Republicans.

      I have said this before – I am not exactly in love with the Democrat Party with all they’ve done (or not done) when they had all the power.

      But I KNOW I could never even like the Republican Party as long as they are being force-fed this narrow agenda the Teabaggers and Rabid Religious Right have them pushing .

      So – until there is a viable third party candidate that I feel COULD break that barrier – I’ll continue to vote for the Democrat.

      Besides – in Kansas – my Democratic vote is basically just symbolic – isn’t it?

      BTW – Do you think Gary Johnson has any real chance as an Independent?