Thursday, 7/12/12, Public Square

By holding a pointless vote to repeal ACA, House Republicans are doing their part to sabotage the economic recovery so they can regain the White House.



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  1. R.D. Liebst

    Now that is so true it is so mindless that with the economy either totally real or nothing but the sky is falling fears. That these Pols are playing Politics as usual in order to win the next election.
    Of course Fox is the worst and at least once a day there is still the playing on the President is either a foreign national or a space alien with the intent to destroy the country.

  2. Senator Charles E. Grassley, a Republican from Iowa: “The only real difference that I hear between investing in Cayman Islands or investing in the United States, or the only way that the Cayman Island investments are superior, is the possibility of avoiding U.S. tax,” the senator says.

    • Some enterprising journalist should be investigating this Mr. Grassley’s investment portfolio.

      There is one big difference that Charlie Boy missed – if your money is in the Cayman Islands – then how is America being helped?

      But these same asswipes still expect America to give them their speical tax cuts and subsidies – don’t they?

  3. Hi comma I’m Mitt Romney comma and I apostrophe em running for president period

    President Obama is an idiot for using a teleprompter exclamation point laughter exclamation point am I right question mark


    • R.D. Liebst

      I never have like the idea of quotas, it is not a solution it only make the problem even more pronounced and adds to the problem. The thought is like when your mother would say “just try it you might like it!” to get you to eat something you turned your nose up at. Yes sometimes you would find that it was not as bad or even something you came to like. But being forced to eat it can make the resentment even worst and give a real story to back up the reasoning you would give for not liking it in the first place.

      Another thought is that with filling a quota then everyone can puff out their chest and announce that the problem is solved and we can move on to something else? But it that really solving the problem? Or simply getting the pressure off.

      • I agree with your assessment about quotas – I worked for a natural gas pipeline and used to keep the personnel files.

        Since we did alot of government work – we had to track the ethnicity of every employee. We had an Eskimo woman that gave her 2-weeks notice. The CEO of hte company, personaly, asked this woman to not leave. And in return for her not leaving, she was given the job of painting the pipeline – nothing else – just painting it.

        So, while the same crew she was with before had to continue to do the hard manual labor of putting the pipeline together – she was jut assigned to paint the pipeline. And she got a bonus raise to boot.

        Talk about being unfair…

        When I asked why the company would do that ……I was told because it is not every day you have a two-fer : Eskimo and a woman. That was like extra points.

        And this was in 1978……..

        But when Republicans talk about getting rid of the Affirmative Action – I wonder how many of these folks stop to think that the very program they want to abolish was the same program that helped alot of White women become business owners?

        You know – those small businesses that Republicans profess to love so much and want to defend against that evil black man in the White House?

      • P.S. – But without quotas, would there have been the change we did see in our hiring practicers?

        After all – the Civil Rights Act was not exactly welcomed with open arms.

        In fact, President Johnson lost alot of Southern Democrats by signing the Civil Right Acts. And those Southern Democrats turned into Southern Republicans and then the GOP Southern Strategy was born.

        The KKK is alive and well… just goes by a different name……Rabid Religious Right …

  4. In keeping with the cartoon above – I saw a poster on another blog yesterday actually trying to spin the story that Republicans are doing the will of the people by voting to repeal Obamacare.

    I can understand this person’s desire to make some sense of what his political party leaders are doing – but seriously…….33 times?

    If you have tried 33 times and it still has not gotten through – then perhaps it is not the Will of the People? Perhaps – just perhaps – it is jotthing more than partisan politicals?

  5. Everytime I hear or see anything like this article – I just want to scream.

    Exactly what part of a grown man dycking little boys would anybody think is something that should be covered up – or to treat the child abuser so humanely that the victims are treated like trash?

    I will NEVER understand this thinking…

    But, yet, it goes on and I just have to wonder – how many other cases of this type are we NOT hearing about?

    May there be a special HELL for these abusers and their enablers…

    • It is time to make these things public — very public! Protecting a person who abuses children for the sake of a football program… Keeping quiet for any reason makes that person complicit in the abuse!

      • I wonder – does this sort of scandal happen when there are women in charge? Would women tolerate such things ?

        Or am I being too emotional and letting my maternal instincts rule my thinking? Which is considered to be a bad thing when it comes to voting – IIRC – isn’t that Rush and his male caller expressed that day which is why voting has become so bad since the women got the vote?

      • indy, given that there has been no woman coach (except for Pat Summit, perhaps) who has been able to build such an empire and become the true power holder of her university (w/out regard to the organizational chart), I doubt it. There have been some nasty rumors about Deb Patterson (women’s basketball coach at KSU) in the past covering up questionable conduct on the part of some of her assistants, but nothing to this extent.

        There were very serious allegations about a University of Missouri male basketball player, at the time Mizzou had a female Chancellor, but these also involved the President of the Columbia campus (along with his wife) protecting the player which had to do with trying to keep the basketball player from the student disciplinary system. It must be acknowledged these actions had a very strong racial component. The Chancellor was almost removed by the Board of Curators, but they settledfor firing the coach.


      Sally Jenkins’ reaction to the Freeh report. Ms Jenkins was the person to whom Joe Paterno gave his final interview.

  6. Keeping quiet for any reason makes that person complicit in the abuse!

    • I had cut and pasted this from fnord’s comment above – and was going to make a comment – and then the batteries in my keyless keyboard went completely out of gas….


      And, of course, there was not one single AAA battery in the house – so a trip to the store was in order….


      Did you ever have just one of those days????


      And – now I don’t even remember what my comment was going to be when I borrowed fnord’s comment…..

      Another Grrrrr…

      I am getting old AND without batteries????


  7. G-STIR

    I would like to see a study that tracked the incoming Sens and Rep wealth and the acceleration of that wealth over time compared to the genereal public’s.

    • That should be the question everyone asks Romney every single day.

      It’s not like Romney does not have the capability of getting those 23 years worth of tax returns – because he certainly gave them to McCain without any grief…

      But, to be fair, if you had given 23 years of your tax returns for a chance at the VP spot and then the old geezer picks Sarah Palin – wouldn’t you be just p.o.’d??

      • Republicans picked Sarah Palin for VP because they thought American women would vote for Palin simply because she is a woman.

        And, of course, because Hillary Clinton was not going to be the Democratic candidate for president.

        Republicans did not know women in 2008 and these fools still do not know women in 2012…..

        These old geezers deserve everything they get ….

        What did Richard Nixon say on the “Laugh In” show – Sock it to me….

        Women everywhere – sock it to them…

      • You are 100% correct! They have learned absolutely nothing!

        We are woman! Hear us roar, and watch us vote!

  8. Have you heard this one yet? Seems the American Olympic Teams we are sending to the games this year will be dressed in clothes Made in China.

    Uh, you might want to check out the article to the part where it says that American manufacturers could have made these uniforms for a cheaper price.

    So why go with the Made in /China label???

    Hmmm….interesting question…

    Who need foreign terrorists when we have our own greedy little bastards within our own midst?

    • Yes, I know……these Olympic funds are donations…..but shouldn’t there be some stipulations that our teams be dressed in clothing made in the country they are representing?

      AT least give us that much dignity and pride….

      But I just thought – were the donations made with the stipulation that uniformes be bought from a certain manufacturer? Perhaps some American capitalist who uses China factories to make cheaper clothes but they carry a higher price tag?

      And what connection does the manufacturer of these clothes have with anyone on the Olympic Board and/or its donors?

      Maybe there was a no-bid contract for this clothing? Well – then – that settles it. Hey – that’s the way the USA rolls when it comes to our wars for profit.

      • Given that the uniforms, etc., are most likely Addidas or Nike, which are Made in China (and a few other Asian countries), and given that to my knowledge there are no comparable manufacturers in the USA, this stands to reason. Globalization, amyone?

  9. Romney’s been telling voters for a decade that he stopped running Bain in Feb. 1999 — before the worst of their vulture tactics. But the SEC filings say he was running it until 2002.

    The Boston Globe reported on Thursday that SEC documents showed that Romney continued to serve as Bain’s “sole stockholder, chairman of the board, chief executive officer, and president” until 2002.

    Romney would be guilty of a federal felony by certifying on federal financial disclosure forms that he left active management of Bain Capital in February 1999.

    Will this crook even make it to the Republican Convention in late August? Remember he is still the ‘presumptive’ nominee. Here I thought the dust-up at that convention would be due to Paulbots.

    After he addresses this controversy I hear there’s another one in the form of what state did he reside in and was that also the state he voted in? Republicans may have found their voter fraud!

    Pass the popcorn!