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  1. R.D. Liebst

    well my oldest is doing roofing work to make money while looking for another job. I hate the thought of it during this heat.

    • It can be dangerous. I hope he’s drinking lots of water! I’m back from the morning walk and the humidity is high, plus there is hardly any air moving, so it kinda ruins the lower temps. I think if you sit pretty still you can feel comfortable, but not if you move much.

      • R.D. Liebst

        Oh boy do I understand that, I while setting here feel pretty good so much so that I feel I need to do something. But once outside it is not long before I feel bad and end up back inside and thinking of all I need to do.

      • Tell your son to be careful on those roofs. That is hard work….

  2. I had a discussion with a co-worker the other day about the Affordable Care Act. He thinks that giving health care to all Americans is the way that America will fall and we will no longer have our freedoms.

    I just said…WTF….

    What is wrong is when there are people in Ameira that hasve to do fundriasers like bake sales, car washes, etc. just to raise enough money to get their kids’ cancer treatments or any other tratments.

    This co-workers prides himself on being such a good Christian – I also told him to not tell me that America is a Christian nation when we allow that type of SHIT to go on.

    Then on I went on and said that if these damn churches who are so worried about their religious freedom being trampled on would actually DO what Jesus taught through his own life’s work – feeding the hungry and HEALING the sick – Then and ONLY then will we have the right to say that our country is a Christian nation.

    UNTIL that day….STFU

    My co-worker was so stunned…. he just sat there and did not say one word back to me.

    I’ve had it with these Republicans and their smug arrogance – and coupled with their ignorance – if these folks ever get back into power – America will go down the tubes – AGAIN – but this time what GWB did not accomplish, Romney will.

    I am sick and tired of all their BullShit.

  3. The president is making a great deal of sense — do what everyone, republicans, democrats, independents, etc. — agree on! Don’t make any of those whose incomes are lower than $250,000 per year wait for the reassurance their taxes won’t increase on Jan. 1, 2013. Do that part NOW since everyone agrees on that part and continue the debate about the 2% of Americans who make more. Ninety eight percent of Americans shouldn’t be held hostage by congress critters who want to protect tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans who only make up 2% of the population they’re supposed to be representing!

    Today do the part everyone agrees on!

    • Don’t count on Republicans doing the right thing – remember the debt ceiling fiasco? That is also when the approval rating of Congress fell to the abysmal rate of 13% – and REPUBLICANS got the majority of that blame.

      And – rightfully so…

      • I’ve heard every republican who could get in front of a microphone say this isn’t the time to raise taxes on anyone. They’ve been very vocal ever since yesterday when Robert Gibbs spilled the beans. All of them! So how can they now say they won’t extend tax cuts for 98% of Americans while they continue the debate on the tiny parts they disagree on? Romney, Boehner, Cantor, McConnell… all have said they want to extend those tax cuts! They said it yesterday and again today! Do all republicans operate like an EtchASketch? It isn’t just Romney who will say whatever you want to hear?

      • These are the same Republicans that have no trouble letting the payroll tax cut expire. Of course, the payroll taxes are for those Americans who actually W-O-R-K for a living – so the Republicans must not care about those people.

        Remember the old Dobie Gillis t.v. show? Remember the beatnik character – Maynard G. Krebs when he would say – W-O-R-K…….

        That is how these Republicans view working Americans – like it is something so dreadful…..and to be avoided at all costs.

      • They’re real busy voting again to repeal Obamacare even tho they know the vote is futile. Well, except their easily fooled constituents are impressed. Everyone else (including independents) wonders why they won’t / can’t actually do something productive.

        It’s a good thing the republicans are too few in number to win at the national level!

  4. R.D. Liebst

    One thing about Romney, here he was the Govenor of the state which the health care is based around. AND now he said that he does not want it for the country and it would ruin the country. Well does that mean his intent when he was Governor was to ruin that state? Honestly… oh sorry honesty does not seem to have much of anything to do with what he thinks or believes.

    What does he believe? why just tell him what you believe and he will be right there to believe with you….. uh until someone else comes along to say what they believe.

    • I wonder what the original Beech Family thinks of this ? When I was on jury duty, the foreman was the owner of Hatman Jack’s in Delano.

      He kept us in stitches with tales about how the original aviation company guys got their start in business in Wichita.

      There was a story about one of them (I think Beech) accepted a dare from his friend that he could not fly a plane off the top of the old Broadmoor (?) Hotel downtown next to the river.

      This guy went on and on as to how they managed to get these plane parts past the desk clerks and they did – finally – get a plane to take off from the top of that Hotel.

      It sounded like such a wild time – and probably the best times in those aviation guys’ entire careers?

      And then it comes to this ?

      • I think it was the Broadview, indy.

        How it came to this: I don’t recall whether Beech Aircraft was publicly held at the time of Olive Ann’s death, but it matters little. Essentially (this is my hypothesis), as there were no children, it was necessary to sell Beech in order to pay taxes and to assure its continuation. Raytheon eventually becomes the owner, eventually spinning Beech off, etc. to the point at which we are now.

      • Thanks 6176 – it was Broadview. I knew it was Broad-something. Broadmoor is a nursing facility I used to do their medical records.

  5. This story breaks my heart. My grandson is 22 months old and is very healthy. I just saw this while surfing the Internet – I will hug my little guy much tighter tomorrow morning when he runs up the front door to spend the day with his grandma.

    Life is just not fair…….

    • In all seriousness – it is something like this little boy’s troubles that shakes my faith in God. I don’t mean religion – I mean my faith in God.

      Why in the Hell do we have so many people who are hateful and mean and they live forever while some precious little boy has known nothing but hardships and then dies at this young age?

      Where the Hell is the justice???

      • Justice is a man-made concept, just as religion is created by man. As to your first statement about shaking your faith in God, I’ve decided that the same stands as is, no comment needed.

      • BTW – Proud new grandpa (for 2nd time) – how is the little cutie doing? Grandkids are such a blast…

      • prairie pond

        Indy, some of us live with no faith or belief in any god, and we do it every day. I’m not suggesting you should do that. I’m just sayin’…

        Sometimes, when there is no god, you have to trust Karma. And you know what Wicked always says. Karma’s a bitch. I just wish she wouldn’t always take so long to do her thing. And sometimes, I think the bitch is just out to lunch or drinking Cosmos at the nearest bar.

        I’m just sayin’…

      • indy, as far as I know, all is well. I may have an opportunity to personally visit in August, but all is up in the air.

    • PP – I know…..when I refer to God, I am talking about some energy force that is bigger than we mortal humans. I am not referring to some White Man in the Sky sitting on some Golden Throne with his master plan for each of us (which is, btw, the way what I was taught for many years).

      Whenever I see something like this little boy and his short-lived life and what he and his family went through, I just gotta say WTF…….

      I agree with your suspicion about Lady Karma – it takes her too damn long sometimes……

      But I have a theory as to why mean and nasty people live so longer – God and Satan are both fighting as to which one has to take them….so these nasty people are left here on Earth forever….

      When I was faced with my cancer scare – I knew there was something bigger than myself keeping me alive. Call it God – an energy source – or maybe it is just the luck of the draw?

      I don’t know – but when I look back over my life, there have been several times that I should have died and yet I am still here.

      Do you think I might be one of those folks that God and Satan are fighting over?


      • prairie pond

        HA! If Satan thinks he has a snowball’s chance of getting you, he’s on a fool’s errand.

      • My Grandpa used to tell me – if anybody ever kidnapped me, they would bring me back so fast and probably gladly lock themselves up in a cell with one condition – just tell her to shut up…..

        I have absolutely no problem expressing my opinions ……My grandpa taught me very well…….he was quite the same character

      • I can identify, Indy! I think I could make people send a plea to God even if they don’t believe in Him. đŸ™‚ If you have known me long enough, there WILL come a day where you just wished to GOD I would shut up.

      • Atheist’s Bible Commentary:

        Every act of goodness and kindness in this world is not the result of an omnipotent hand intervening in the affairs of mortals; it is the conscious decision of another person to empathize and care for a fellow human being.

        Good and evil are not mysterious forces that battle independent of our minds, they are the success or failure of each one of us to either make this world a better place, or darken it with ignorance and fear.

      • I truly believe that what energy people put out – positive or negative – is circling around our world and it does affect us all. And the more positive energy we can accumulate, we can overcome the negative energy.

        That’s why I hope all women are planning to come together as one very large voting block and show these Republicans they are NOT going to control women.

        I heard this morning that Iowa Democrats and Independents that vote for Obama in 2008 are disappointed in him and are now undecided.

        While Obama has not fulfilled every promise he made – what is our alternative? Romney…..

        Oh HELL NO…….

      • When this pundit was talking about Obama not doing as he promised as president – I have to shake my head and wonder……when has any one man, as president, gotten everything that he wanted?

        The President is just one person – there is a Congress that he/she has to deal with.

        Do voters not get that?

        I am disappointed in Obama because I feel he bent over backwards for the first two years and tried to play nice with the Republicans – only to get kicked in his teeth.

        Overall – Obama has done a good job – IMHO.

        And let’s not forget – Obama was handed a plate of GOP-flavored shit and was expected to make a gourmet meal out of it.

  6. For those not on Facebook as my “friend”:

    Nice to see Forbes is engaged in attempts to clear things up.

  7. It has been a while since I gave a tutoring update, so here ’tis. At 2/3 point, my ‘tutee’ has a low A. She’s taking her comps right now, giving me a chance to look at the next stuff over ologopolies. So, need to get reading and thinking how to help her with this ‘stuff’.

  8. prairie pond

    hi 617.

    I loves me some Rude Pundit. Now THIS is how ya do it. Indy, this one is for you regarding justice and a just god.

    “At what point in yesterday’s bacchanalia on the beach did Mitt Romney think things had might have gone too far? Held at the ocean-kissing home of billionaire David Koch, it was a $50,000 a head fundraiser for the ostensible Republican nominee for president. Really, one well-placed drone attack and the moral balance of the world would have instantly improved significantly.

    Romney had already been at fundraisers at the homes of Ron Perelman and Clifford Sobel. The Hamptons are lovely and filled with mega-rich people who a truly just God would drag under the sand and suffocate slowly. And yesterday was sunny, perfect for a day of multiple Mitt galas.

    At Koch’s joint, Romney’s lips were already chapped…”

    He goes on with too much rudeness even for our little blog, but you get the drift. I like the part “a truly just God would drag under the sand and suffocate slowly.”

    From the Rude One’s lips to god’s ears.

    • I liked one protester’s sign at the Hampton’s – it read $50,000 for your ticket = my retirement (or something like that) I’ll try to find a picture.

      That about sums up the Romney’s Fundraisers – doesn’t it?