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    • Back in the day when I was a Freshman i college, women had hours, men did not. This never made sense to me, nor to my wife. No matter how I examined this policy, I kept returning to the inescapable conclusion that the men were the ones who needed hours. The next year, the rules changed to say the Freshman women had hours (again, why not Freshman males?), then hours were abolished my Junior year, except that a certain living group could voluntarily adopt hours should the same be desired.

      • Boys will be boys is always the logic that I heard when I questioned things like this….

        In other words – the only thing girls are good for is when the boys wanted to play with them?

        That’s the message I got – loud and clear….

        I think these religioius ‘Rightees hate birth control so much – with the pill, women were no longer living under the threat of unwanted pregnancy.

        Hence – women could now do exactly as the boys will boys crowd was doing…..and the boys did not like it…

      • And GOD knows, we don’t need no women with an intelligent mind AND the independence to use it…

      • The strong, independent and intelligent women have always been the magnet to my iron filings. I lived in fear for 36 years that my wife would figure out just how much more intelligent she was than I, and as she was also strong and independent, would calmly move my stuff out to the porch where I could get it, or alternatively, leave me a note that basically said “I’m out of here, dummy”. . .

  1. I realize this is in Alabama (big eye roll) but – seriously – this kind of stuff is still going on?

    Notice how these folks try to invoke their religious freedom in condoning their acts.

    Religious freedom means that one person’s choice of religion stops where the other person’s choice of religion starts. Why is that so hard to understand?

    • R.D. Liebst

      When ever you hear about some church or other assorted group that wraps itself in the flag of Religion.
      Stating that in particular Blacks are not welcome I wonder one thing, what color do they think Christ was? Being from a region that is made up of people of color that is darker then White just what color do they assume their Lord and savior is? Oh now of course any pictures and/or depiction you found is of a White male with a full beard.

      Middle-eastern born and not from Sweden or Germany, What do they really think that when Jesus walked into the temple the people said “ Oh man that must truly be the Son of God look how pale and white he is!”. Yeah in case you have been watching Morning express that was one of the stories they are reporting on Some church is stating that people of color are not welcome.

      It is something that the church does not actually acknowledge, but the history and the reason why there is both Baptist and Southern Baptist is that the church split over the issue of slavery back before the Civil war. Only when I was younger did I ever actually witness some incident of racism within a church.
      It was at a summer retreat and the person giving a lecture started pointing to passages of the Bible that he said supported the separation of the races.

      Now to be fair that was over forty years ago and people and times do change certainly when my granddaughters have gone to church with us no one has acted offended or said anything.
      In case you are not aware they are twins my daughter-in-law gave birth to before she and my son met.
      And they are bi-racial and might I add the most beautiful and loving people that have ever lived.
      Yeah Pa-Pa an’t a bit proud and wrapped around their finger!

      • That Fundy Baptist College I graduated from in 1975 had students from North Carolina that actually tried to prove to me – with their selected Bible verses – that God was talkinga bout the blacks when he was talkign about the beasts in the fields.

        Yeah – that’s the kind of Fundyism I was surrounded with…….how did I ever manage to get through those dsys with my sanity intact?

        As for being a proud Pa-Pa……… that is awesome….

  2. Did you see the weather forecast? 🙂 I’m rooting for those forecasts! Even a few days reprieve will be welcome. If the temps get down into the 70s at night we should have some wonderful mornings next week.

  3. Is this a sign that Republicans are coming to their senses? Or is it that the voters are making their feelings known that any Congress Critter that signs any pledge to anyone (on either side) is not going to get the votes this time around?

    Let’s remember – the approval rating of Congress went down to a 13% after the Tea Party Republicans proudly boasted that they would never compromise and some even willing to let America default on it debt – if need be for their side to ‘win’.

  4. For generations, women have overcome obstacles, exceeded expectations and fought for equality. We fought discrimination in the health insurance market, where women have been considered a pre-existing condition and denied health coverage due to a previous Caesarean section or a history of domestic violence or rape. We fought to end the discriminatory practice of insurance companies charging women more than men for health coverage, simply because we are women. And we won: the health care law finally ends these odious practices.

  5. Rupert Murdock owned and operated Wall Street Journal is taken to task, proven to be wrong, proven to use other innocent people in their deception.

    Wall Street Journal Gets Spanked

    • Considering the fact that Rupert Murdock’s media empire has been under the microscope in Britain for phone hacking scandal – then perhaps the Murdock empire is not so great after all?

      And talk about using innocent people – IIRC – there was the scandal about that murdered girl’s phone being hacked – so her family had hopes she was still alive.

      How could anyone live with thisemves after doing that?

  6. If corporations are people why isn’t Romney in prison for killing some of them?

    • Ah, fnord, the beauty of a person for purposes of the Constitution vs. a natural person. Kind of like the Fertile Octogenerian Rule for purposes of the Rule Against Perpetuities, among others, in Property Law; perhaps a legal fiction, to be sure, but it’s there.


    I couldn’t recall whether anyone had shared this earlier. Dean Dickinson (he was dean when I was in Law School) hits the nail squarely on the head. If it makes anyone feel any better, think of the income being forgone by me due to disability. Of course, I could be sure it would not be subject to Kansas taxation. . . I’ll now wash my hands after typing that final bit.