Thursday, 7/05/12, Public Square


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  1. prairie pond

    That graphic is so true it makes me want to cry instead of laugh. Hell, we’re better at finding forever homes for rescued dogs than we are for taking care of children in need.

  2. I heard the difference between Quantrilll’s Raid and Sam Brownback is that Quantrill spared the women and children.

  3. R.D. Liebst

    Rodney Daingerfield summed up a lot of how my days go, “ Its daja vo all over again!”. I would swear that the exact same things keep happening that most times I honestly am not sure if it is just similar things are happening. Or that I am simply living the same days over and over again.

    The sewer is back up again and I went to rent a sewer snake only to find it really is not any cheaper then to call a plumber. Plus it will be later this afternoon before any of theirs will be due back, so the thing is both toilets are ah full! Yeah I seem to remember mention this same thing before and but was that last summer? Or just seems like it was more recent, normally it has been I call the plumber.

    Of course now the problem will be that they are so busy that it would be later today anyway before they would make it here anyway. LOL I have already decided I will not watch Fox news any today… I ready have enough crap flowing around in the house!

    • prairie pond

      Funny comment, R.D. I’m sorry you are having problems, though. I hate dealing with home repair, and when you deal with the same problem over and over, it’s just enough to make anyone want to scream. Trades people and mechanics are so hard to deal with. Divas, all of them.

      • R.D. Liebst

        LOL Yeah even the plumber comment late time he was wonder if he was having a repeat of the same day.

    • I don’t know if it is deja vu or that life is really just the same ol’ shit at times?

      Excuse my French….. but when dealing with backed up toilets – I think the appropriate term would be ‘shit days’…….

      At least one good thing R.D. – it’s not raining – that would make it even worse.

      Sorry to hear about the plumbing problems…….been there, done that…

  4. Is the cartoon above what the Bible meant when it says that a child shall lead them?

    IF only the ‘right’ people with the power and money could see our children in such need.

  5. Do all Conservatives talk about killing someone like this? Why must these people always use violence-inducing words when talking about THEIR opponents?

    But, as I remember, Mitt Romney blew through how many millions during the GOP pirmary to ‘kill’ his opponents? IIRC – Mtt spent 25 to 1 in some o those races and had the most negative attack ads ossible.

    And yet now his lovely wife is talking about Obama wanting to use th strategy of killing her lovely Mitt?

    Maybe this is just more red-meat throwing to their Rabid GOP base? After all, Mitt does not really have these Rabid Religious Right’s blessing – you know, that Mormon thing and all..

    • I suspect the Republicans are trying to use Ann Romney on the campaign more because she comes across as sofeter and more human?

      I strongly disagree with their assessment. Every time I see or hear this woman – I want to run in the opposite direction.

      Ann Romney reminds me of those smug, smarmy, snarky and gossipy old women at the church ladies group.

      Just a bunch of nasty and mean-spirited people who think it is their place to sit on God’s right hand on Judgement Day to supervise God in handing out those eternal damnations to Hell.

    • Ann Romney sounds very angry, which is her right since she isn’t Michelle Obama.

    • This man reminds me of Cruella DeVile in ‘The 101 Dalmatians’ movie. Can’t you just picture Mitt trying to buy 100 puppies for his wife’s newest fur coat?

      Well – we all know what the Romney’s did to their own dog and that family vacation trip…

  6. Interesting info and history of the third-floor private living quarters at The White House.