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  1. No, Obamacare Isn’t the Biggest Tax Increase in History

    Republicans are now saying it’s the ‘biggest tax increase in history’ — either of America or the universe of whatever. But this is demonstrably false.

    The Congressional Budget Office says the mandate penalty will raise $27 billion between 2012 and 2021. $27 billion over a decade. Anybody who cares to can do the math. But if you want to call it a ‘tax increase’ — which is debatable — it’s clearly one of tiniest ones in history.

    Let’s be fair: When Republicans talk about ACA’s tax increases, most of them are talking about all the taxes in the bill, not just the penalty. But they’re still off base. There have been 15 tax increases of significant size since 1950, and Jerry Tempalski, a tax analyst in the Treasury Department, has estimated the size of all of them as a percentage of GDP. Tempalski hasn’t estimated the eventual size of ACA, but PolitiFact took a crack at it using the same methodology, and they figure that ACA amounts to a tax increase of 0.49% of GDP seven years from now. That places it tenth on the list.

    It’s fair for Republicans to complain that ACA includes a bunch of new taxes. It does. Most of them fall on high earners and corporations, not the middle class, but they’re still taxes. However, the “biggest tax increase in history” nonsense is crazy, and no news outlet interested in accuracy should let it pass without challenge.

  2. R.D. Liebst

    Whatr a difference a year makes, though to be honest it does still seem I am in one of those twilight zone episodes. Things are so simular that at times it is hard to tell if it is a new occurence or simply I am reliving something that has already happened. LOl this time around I seem to reminder past things such as the bus driver when I drop the boys off going ape because the oldest does not have his strap on before starting for the steps to get on the bus for camp. For people who’s job it is to handle and deal with A.D.D. children these people sometimes seem to be worse then the children!

    In a way I can understand since there are times I want to explode because of the boys not doing what they should or doing something they should know would get them in trouble. LOL I continue to make sure the mower is locked up where the oldest can not get to it and cut the pull cord again. Along with the yard tools are at the far end of the garage and they can not get that door open.

    With the “let them eat cake” opinion of the likes of Romney the future is such a worry for me about those boys. It would be such a trtfexa if he turns out to be Gay huh? well there is the moral mayjority that would stand up for him I guess? Though at times I think their favorite part of the Bible might be the scene where slaughter and sacrifice of small children is the order of the day. “what New testiment?” “That damn Jesus must be a commie!”.

    It still is a worry to me that with things getting so much worse that people will turn to those snake oil salesmen that promise the moon and pee on your leg to say look it must be raining!.

    • What saddens me – and angers me – are the folks who profess to be Jesus’ followers are the same ones who push that’let them eat cake’ mentality.

      I suspect – if all these mega churches would put their tax-free money where their mouths are – alot of hunger, poverty, homelessness and unemployment would be gone.

  3. Which Party Is Best at Managing the Economy?

    One of the key issues this election–unless health care manages to preempt it–is going to be the economy. Both parties are going to claim they are better at managing the economy. While economists like to look at all kinds of macroeconomic data such as GDP, for most people, the only metric they care about (assuming they care about metrics at all) is the unemployment number. So under which party does the unemployment number go up and under which does it go down? Or maybe it is random?

    Turns out there is a lot of data on unemployment rates at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, including monthly averages since 1948. A reader, Bob Palais, has kindly made a graph showing the data with the background indicating which party was in the White House. Here it is.

  4. 2012 Electoral College Predictions From Around the Web

    Over the past few days, a number of news outlets (including Governing) have updated their electoral college breakdown predictions. Here is a list of recent breakdowns, collected by political contributor Louis Jacobson:

    Governing’s Louis Jacobson: 247 leaning Obama, 191 leaning Romney, 100 tossup

    Associated Press: 242 leaning Obama, 191 leaning Romney, 105 tossup

    Chris Cillizza of Washington Post’s The Fix: 237 leaning Obama, 191 leaning Romney, 110 tossup

    Cook Political Report: 217 leaning Obama, 195 leaning Romney, 126 tossup

    NBC Political Unit: 227 leaning Obama, 197 leaning Romney, 114 tossup

    RealClearPolitics: 227 leaning Obama, 170 leaning Romney, 141 tossup

    Rothenberg Political Report: 237 leaning Obama, 206 leaning Romney, 95 tossup

    University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato: 247 leaning Obama, 206 leaning generic Republican, 85 tossup

  5. Have you heard the outright hate and utter disgust for Chief Justice Roberts from the CONS? Seriously, dude and dudettes, get a grip.

    I responded to a comment from a Proud Conservative that Roberts approved the the ACA and that will be the end of America as we know it.

    My response was: Now you know how Democrats felt in 2000 when the Court crowned the Little Cowboy President.

    I then suggested he/she was free to leave Amireca at any time – choose any desrt in Iraq or Egypt – I hear the real estate market is good right now.

    This particular Proud CON failed to see the humor..

    • When I hear the disgust for Justice Roberts I just see another example of them eating their own. Mean and despicable, they seem to care nothing about anyone but themselves. “I got mine and don’t care if anyone else gets anything” thinking is nothing I understand and I don’t want to ever sink to that level of not valuing the humanity of every person.

  6. My family doctor was with Wichita Clinic but Via Christi bought them – so now I am getting phone calls about this test and that screening that ‘my records show I need to have done’.

    I ‘ve also noticed that there are group of new employees in that office – about 3-4 women who sit in a row and they are on the phones. Okay – I can understand that if they were nurses – but they are not.

    And whever I call into the office, I get the automated operator message with the request to push the desired number for which department I wish to reach.

    And the nurse phone calls are always returned to me after I leave a message – either with a live operator or the voice mail – so I know she is not one of those women on the new phone lines.

    And appointments are taken care of by the live operator – which I know their names – and they are not the women on those new phone lines.

    I suspect – these newfound employees – are those people who are going through everyone’s records to see what tests and/or screenings are deemed needed and these are the women sending out all those robo calls ?

    Sounds to me like they are just drumming up profits for themselvs – for needed tests? If these things are so needed – then why isn’t the doctor prescribing them when I just saw him 3 weeks ago?

    Yeah – right – health care is about profits NOW. Never mind the fact that these same Catholics who are yelling about their religious freedom is being violated by having to provide insurance coverage for birth control are the ones who are now harassing me and my entire family (we all go to the same doctor) about these numerous tests and/or screenings that we never knew we needed – even though we have all been to the family doctor in the past two months.

    Hmmm……did I mention that we all have health insurance coverage?

    Yeah….America’s health care is the best in the world – if you have insurance or cash.

    I resent having the Catholic Church profit from going through MY personal and confidential medical records .

    But, I have to wonder, how many people just go along with this money-making scheme? How many people just figure – it’s the insurance money – let them pay for it.

    And then we wonder why our health care costs are so damn high?

    • BTW – my family doctor knows that I also have an oncologist that is monitoring my labs, CT scans and PET scans – so I think that if there was any part of my body that is developing a problem – the various testing at my oncologists would have picked up on it.

      I resent being looked at like a goldmine or the Golden Goose filled iwth money for the profit makers.

      • Hubby and I both have had that experience with the place that did our colonoscopys. They called to tell us it was time to schedule another. I told them my doctor would tell me when I needed that test. So then I talked to the doctor and when it did come time I didn’t go back to that first place.

        The funniest call I’ve had recently was from our insurance company telling me of their new 24/7 help line. I could call them and ask health questions… This was a new and wonderful benefit they were providing according to them. I explained (very clearly!) the last place I would call with any health questions was an insurance company! I have a doctor, I don’t trust insurance companies, and I certainly didn’t want my health concerns noted in insurance files! I went into the fact that the insurance companies are in business to make money FIRST, that they had denied claims in the past, that what my doctor and I decided didn’t need any more input from them than signatures on checks!

      • Funny you should mention colonoscopy – the robo call for my husband was he was due for a colonscopy because his records showe he has never had one.

        Uh, no…… While it is true that my husband was going to a different family doctor in 2010 – when he transferred his care to the family doctor now – all those things were discussed in previous history and procedures. And, in fact, medical recors were requested to be sent to the fnew family doctor.

        I work in the health care field and I have worked in medical records for 35 years plus. If anyone wants to know anything about you – the medical records will tell ALL.

        This is why I suspesct that Via Christi must be purposely going these records to gleam out those profits.

        BTW – my husband’s colonscopy was fine – nothing wrong and there was the recommendation for a follow up colonoscopy in ten years.

        Excuse me – is is the year 2019??

        Damn – I am sick and tired of these health care providers gouging everybody. But what really twists my panties is that these are the Catholics who are profiting but yet these so-called Religoius Types are the irst ones to yell and rant about their freedom being trampled on.

        What about the patient’s freedom to be left alone???

        But, you know, the sad part is – in Wichita – if you don’t want to go to the CAtholics for health care – you pretty much out of luck. So muc for the free trade and competition in good ol’ America – huh?

      • I am so pissed about this crap that I cannot even add the number of years correctly.

        Is this the year 2020?

        I am serioius – I am very pissed that what was once a fine dotor’s office has now been turned into a bottomless pitt of money, money, and more money..

      • P.S. – This is something to think about – my oncologists are foreign doctors. One is even named Mohammed – so odds are he is a Muslim (what do you think?)

        I have not even asked because it does not matter to me – what does matter is that these two doctors have treated me with more respect, more dignity and more compassin than any white male Amiercian doctor.

  7. Some of you may recall a WEBlog blogger screen name 6046. I regret to inform you that he died today at approximately 1700 hours. No memorial service is planned, as his instructions were and have been there is to be a party in his memory. If anyone is interested, post here and I’ll let you know time and place.

    • That screen name was rm6046. He had been diagnosed with terminal esophageal cancer a bit over a year ago. Recently, he had suffered a stroke which affected his thought process and speech to a small degree.

    • I’m interested. I knew of his illness, but I had no idea of its severity.

    • He just had a birthday, what three or four days ago?

      • It would have been July 29, the day after mine.

      • prairie pond

        I also remember him, 617. I know you were good friends, and I am sorry for your loss. I wish him peace.

      • Thanks, PP; during my inpatient and outpatient therapy days, he came to my office daily, answered the phone, forwarded messages, checked the mail until I was released to work. He kept doing that whenever I asked, and I think he sort of enjoyed it. While I am going to miss him, neither of us had any illusions about the final act of the play. He managed to outlive the initial prognosis by six months, and we had a good time during the extra months.

      • Sorry to hear of your friend’s death – he sounds like he was a true friend.


    This is interesting to me on several levels. The ‘smarmiest’ level is the identity of the president of Barclay’s, who is an alumnus of Colby College, a Trustee of the college, and a major donor to the college. He was the chosen speaker at the younger’s commencement in 2008. BTW, Tony Blair was the speaker this year, which interestingly enough was the ceremony where his son graduated. . .


    Most interesting. Someone in the Romney campaign actually read and understands Chief Justice Roberts’ opinion, and what he means.

  10. Is anyone surptised by this? I concur in the final sentence as well.