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  1. And so women, gays, the poor, the working class, and minorities will get their freedom by fighting back and making absolutely sure republicans aren’t elected and can’t continue to assault and oppress us!

  2. The quote above confirms my assessment of the Republicans since Reagan’s time – there are people who are incapable of feeling shame or embarrassment.

    I just watched Speaker Boehner yammer on and on about how Obamacare needs to be repealed because it is the end of America, as we know it.

    Then he goes on to say that he did everything in hi sower to work with teh president during the debt ceiling debate.

    Oh really Johnny B? You did EVERYTHING you could to work with Obama while saying ‘yes massah’ to your Tea Party Mad Hatters and their corporate masters?

    Then he was joined by Sen Chuck Schumer and Sen Tom Coburn. I did agree with Coburn that ACA has not solved the problem of heatlh care – which is the high costs – but, again, Coburn went on to to say that Obamacare needs to be repealed.

    Coburn also stated that no insurance company or government should come between you and your doctor.

    OH REALLY…….sounds to me like Coburn wants to repeal all insurance companies. At least that would get rid of the profit factor in the helath care system.

    But all three of these men kept talking about how much money the government spends that we don’t have. Again – I agree with the statement.

    But if that is true – then let’s slash the Congress Critters’ pay in half, make them pay for their own health insurance and let’s stop giving them fat pension plans – I wonder if these Congress Critters will go for that? Somehow I doubt that – because that is one thing I have NEVER heard from any of these Congress Critters.

    Personally – I don’t think the ACA will fix the health care system – but at least it’s a start. And, it’s rather funny to watch these Republicans run their guy that was the guy that started the model for Obamacare now try to demonize the president for doing the exact same thing.

    Priceless……..these Foxxies in the Hen House (Republicans) have no clue as to how ridiculous they look to everyone.

    • P.S. – Boehner also stated that Republicans will not budge on their resolve to repeal Obamacare.

      So – I wonder how low the approval rating for Congress will go this time?

      Also – Boehner actually7 had the nerve to bring up the issue of Amiercans are wanting jobs to be created.

      Again – I have to ask – REALLY Johnny B? There have ben jobs bills – that transportation bill (which would have created jobs) and Republicans all voted against those things.

      But, I must confess, the word ‘vagina’ was not in those bills – so maybe the trick is for Democrats to find a clever way to insert the words ‘vagina’ into their bills – then ALL the Republicans will be happy to vote for anything that is going to legislate a woman’s vagina.

    • Did Boehner mention any plans, ideas or solutions the republicans might be FOR? Or was it, once again, just what they’re against? And when they repeal Obamacare does he think that’s enough? Just go back to needing to reform health care and suddenly everything is fine and dandy? That’s some real special kind of stupid!

  3. azzippy

    I think Ms. Shakuris partially correct., I think it’s more about appealing to the moral sense–and shame and embarrassment — of those who, deep down, know better, but stlll go along.

    A book I have read repeatedly, because the strategic message is deceptively simple yet complicated in practice:

    The Honor Code: How Moral Revolutions Happen

    Kwame Anthony Appiah points out that, years before abhorrent practices were disavowed, the rational arguments against them were quite available. What it took to end them was a cultural shift, making the proponents of the indefensible look at best silly, at worst outright wrong.

    Appiah did not address the Civil Rights movement in America, but he addressed a much early one in the UK.

    The bad news: sometimes it can take years, even decades, laying the groundwork, but when change happens it burns “like flashpaper”

    • prairie pond

      when change happens it burns “like flashpaper”

      I guess that’s what’s known as the tipping point? In 2005, I sure never thought same-sex marriage would be legal anywhere, and now it’s up to what, six states?

      That flashpaper can’t burn fast enough for me!

  4. I am told that today, six years after Romneycare became Massachusetts law, it is highly successful. I know some people who live there, work there, practice medicine there. They did have some difficult times in the beginning — wait times to see a doctor — because it went into effect immediately. Because ACA takes a few years years to build the infrastructure needed to add millions to the system of health care (vs. emergency care) we should have a smoother transition.

    Those states where the republican governors are refusing to set up their state’s exchange networks and processes themselves are instead abdicating that to the federal government. These are the same governors who usually favor state’s rights. Go figure.

  5. Republican memories have again proven to be very short and very selective. Now they’re saying voters will have the last say on health-care reform. Barack Obama ran on reforming health care (it seems like he campaigned for a couple of years) and was elected by an overwhelming majority of voters.

    What excuse will they use, what selective memories will they develop once the president is reelected this fall?

    • prairie pond

      Hey, at least the SCOTUS ruling takes some of the heat off the gays if he slips in the polls!

      I’d like to think the repukes have seriously miscalculated public opinion, but the stupidity and fickleness of the American voter never ceases to astound me. It’s a long way to November.

  6. Check out some of the electoral college predictions. Obama has stretched his lead in all of them! And RealClearPolitics is showing every single poll favors Obama.

    I think you’ll like reading this post at FiveThirtyEight:

    June 29: Obama Rises to 67.8 Percent