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Do not forget that Romney is loudly banging the drums of war!


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  1. At first blush this headline made me laugh out loud, then I realized how absolutely telling it is. If any organization knows how to slant the news for a desired advantage, it’s Faux ‘News.’


    Vatican turns to Fox News for media adviser

    VATICAN CITY — The Vatican has brought in the Fox News correspondent in Rome to help improve its communications strategy as it tries to cope with years of communications blunders and one of its most serious scandals in decades, officials said Saturday.

    Read more here:

    • There was quite a lively blogfest going on with this issue over on Huffington Post and I am happy to report – 99% of th bloggers were in agreement – the Catholic Church is the last place that has any credibility on any moral issue.

      I can certainly understand their desire to ‘shape’ message – but why don’t they just try telling the truth?

      The Church has had to pay out millions due to their coveri up. It was not hte fact there were child molesters in their midst – it was the fact the Church knowingly covered it up.

      It still amazes me as to how many people still do not blame the Church for their part in that child molestation scandal.

      One blogger even went so far as to say that we ‘liberals’ hate this ‘mostly’ good organization because we are people that do not care.

      I find that rather puzzling – if I found out that my senior Church leaders (not just some low-level leaders) were the ones that covered up child molesters – I would not support this ‘mostly’ good organization anymore.

      Especially when you consider that on Friday – the first senior Catholic Church official was found guilty of his part in that covering up of child molesters.

      How long has this scandal been made public? And this guy was the FIRST to be prosecuted?

      That factor alone should make everyone suspicious of anything this Catholic Church has to say.

      Besides – this church has ticked me off just because of the way they treated my friend when her ex-husband had that priest come to her house to harass her into filling out the paperwork to annul their 20+ years marriage that produced 5 kids just so that Sammy Boy could convert and his lovely trophy wife (already a Catholic) could become ‘good’ Catholics.

      Then this Church has the nerve to rant about family values, sancticty of life and morals?

      I call B.S. on that pile of crap….

      • P.S. – Sammy Boy and his trophy wife did not seem to care about being good Catholics during their courtship, elopement and adopted a kid from Guatamela – but NOW they care? This couple had been married for 7 years before this odd request came from Sammy and the Priest.

        And this Church still thinks if they just wipe out the first marraige that Sammy Boy is a ‘good’ CAtholic?

        Well, on second thought, this same Church did take in Newt Gignrich..

  2. Today will be a scorcher according to the weather forecasts. Stay safe, stay hydrated! At least this year isn’t as hot as last year was. Yet. 🙂

  3. So now Penn State wants to settle lawsuits quickly. Where was this desire to ‘make things right’ when Sandusky was in their midst?

    Seriously, there were more than a few men in that Penn State Athletics grup that knew what was going on. In fact, one man even testitifed that he showered with young boys all the time and saw nothing wrong with it.

    But, I wonder, would these Penn State men think the same thing if Michael Jackson had said the exact same coment?

    Think about that……….I would suspect all these pious and sanctimonius Penn men would be outraged at Michael Jackson saying that he saw nothing wrong with showering with little boys.

    And that’s it in a nutshell…….People choose to see what they want to see and to believe what they want to believe.

    I saw a comment on a blog yesterday that fit Sandusky perfectly:

    Sandusky was at Penn State – now he is at the State Pen
    (and deservedly so)

  4. R.D. Liebst

    Is it not amazing that those who would spair no expense to aviod a war are some of the first to want to rush others into one?

  5. With the news of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate winning the presidency in Egypt – we will undoubtedly hear the Republican NeoCons and Fundy Christians beat those war drums even louder.

    But now it will not just be for their much-desired war with Iran – these fools will watnt o go to war with Egyp[t.

    If they want their Holy War – then they can pay for the damn thing and leave my country akone.

  6. wicked

    Congrats to HBO on their new series THE NEWSROOM. It’s a must-watch.

    • HBO hasn’t earned a place in our budget, but you sure make it tempting. Juggle, juggle, choices, choices… Just can’t have everything I want! 😦