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Take a look at how the GOP (the minority in the Senate) has been obstructing progress.




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  1. In addition to being obstructionists the republican members of Congress who ran on jobs, jobs, jobs, continue looking and hoping for a scandal. Issa wants a scandal so badly he can taste it. Poor fellow, so desperate, so ineffective. I thought republicans wanted to arm everyone? Now they don’t? Can’t keep up with their Etch-A-Sketch nonsense!

    • The real scandal is the fact that Republicans continue to yammer on about jobs, jobs, jobs but these same delusional folks must think there are jobs in every woman’s vagina – because that is the only place these folks want to look.

  2. Here’s some good news!

    The 2012 election cycle is on track to break the record for the highest number of female candidates running for House seats in the general election, according to calculations by the 2012 Project, a campaign of the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University.

    With the primary voting season at the halfway mark, there are 97 women in 26 states who have won their party’s nomination and will be on the ballot in the November general elections.

    “If the same voting patterns continue in the remaining 24 states, where 115 women are slated to run, as many as 60 additional women would advance to the general election, putting the total well above the current record of 141 women candidates set in 2004,” according to the 2012 Project.

    Women currently hold 73 of the 435 seats in the House of Representatives. Four states — Delaware, Iowa, Mississippi and Vermont — have never had a woman serving in their congressional delegation.

    “Research shows that women leaders introduce more bills, bring more resources home to their districts and advocate for new issues on the legislative agenda,” said Mary Hughes, founder of the 2012 Project, in a statement.

    Already in this election cycle, 294 women have filed to run for House seats, with four more expected to do so, breaking the previous record set in 2010 of 262 women.

    There are also a record number of Democratic women running for Senate seats in the 2012 elections.

  3. The Purple Plans

    Dear Fellow Economists and Concerned Citizens,

    As you know, our country is at a critical juncture. Growth has slowed to a crawl. Fourteen million Americans are unemployed, and three million have stopped looking for work. We are saving nothing and investing next to nothing.

    Last year’s national saving rate was 0.1 percent, and our net domestic investment rate was 4.4 percent. Saving nothing means we have nothing to invest in our country. Those investing in our country are foreigners, which explains our huge current account deficit. It’s easy to blame foreigners for our problems, but without their investment, our net domestic investment rate would also be 0.1 percent.

    Most Americans have experienced no growth in their real take home pay in decades. Those who are doing well are doing better, with income and wealth growing more unequal over time. And our government is broke. Based on the Congressional Budget Office’s latest projections, the fiscal gap separating the present value of projected non-interest spending plus the official debt and the present value of projected taxes totals $211 trillion.

  4. Happy birthday Title IX

    It wasn’t so long ago that something like pursuing varsity sports was an unlikely dream for young women in America. Their teams often made do with second-rate facilities, hand-me-down uniforms, and next to no funding.

    What changed? Well, 40 years ago, committed women from around the country, driven by everyone who said they couldn’t do something, worked with Congress to ban gender discrimination in our public schools. Title IX was the result of their efforts, and this week, we celebrated its 40th anniversary—40 years of ensuring equal education, in and out of the classroom, regardless of gender.


    I read those words — committed women from around the country, driven by everyone who said they couldn’t do something — and know that we can do it! We can! We are 51% of the population and if we don’t get rid of republican old white men who are acting against our best interests we have no one to blame but ourselves!

    If Romney wonders whether he might have a problem with the Latino vote, we should make sure he knows the consequences of the female vote on November 6th!

  5. prairie pond

    …and while we’ve been cheering the Sandusky conviction, let’s not let the news overshaddow this good news.

    (Reuters) – A monsignor who oversaw hundreds of priests in the Philadelphia Archdiocese was found guilty on Friday of one count of endangering the welfare of a child, making him the first senior U.S. Roman Catholic Church official to be convicted for covering up child sex abuse.
    “This is a monumental victory for the named and un-named victims,” said Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams. “This was about evil men who did evil things to children.”

    But it’s not all good news.

    ” While the district attorney’s office argued that Lynn should immediately be jailed, the judge said she would consider house arrest if the defense asked for it.”

    Call the waaaaambulance.

    “He’s really upset,” said one of his attorneys, Jeff Lindy. “He’s upset, he’s crushed. He didn’t want anything other than to help kids, he’s crushed about this.”

    Barbara Dorris, outreach director for Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, said the verdict put the Church on notice that it can no longer “shield and protect” abusive priests and expect to get away with it.

    Dare we hope more convictions will follow?

    • We can hope. The money and power behind the covering up and protecting these monsters is vast. I think those doing the covering up are as guilty as the pedophiles and each of the victims who came after some adult already knew was abused because that adult allowed it to happen.

      • My devout Catholic friend termed it this way – my church has a ‘little’ problem.

        Little? I don’t mind telling you – I let her have it with both barrels.

      • btw, just because some of these altar boys were teenagers when they were abused doesn’t make this anything different than pedophilia! The priest was a man of authority who used his power to control these boys and whether they were 10 or 15, before or after puberty, makes no difference! Even if an adult sees a teenager attractive the normal ones don’t ever act on these unnatural feelings! Never! Anyone who says if the altar boy was past puberty when they were molested means this doesn’t fall under pedophilia is part of the problem and as guilty as these monster priests! They are part of the cover-up that allows them to continue!

      • Let’s hope before it’s said and done it hits them real hard in the pocketbook. That will make it a bigger problem for all those worshipping at the altar of money.

  6. My sister was stranded by an airline in Chicago recently and we talked on the phone. I recalled a time nearly 40 years ago when I too was stranded overnight in Chicago. It was winter, the weather was atrocious. I stood at the hotel board and called them all to no avail — there was no room available anywhere. Bad weather, many cancelled flights, lots of conventions in that city…

    A young woman I had never seen before in my life came up and told me she couldn’t help but overhear my situation. She was waiting on the hotel shuttle to take her to her pre-booked room and since it had two beds I was welcome to share.

    I went with her. Early the next morning I was back at the airport continuing my travels and she was off to her meeting in town. It never entered our minds that there could have been danger. It was a time of innocence when one person could offer kindness to another.

    We know so much today that we didn’t know then. I don’t think a kind stranger would make that offer today and I don’t think I would accept such an offer either. We would both be too afraid of what might be…

    • I’ve been thinking more about that night.

      This was at a time when we dressed professionally to travel via airline. Airline travel was a luxury. So we were two young women in business suits, heels, nylons… Did that make a difference? Was it more than just a time of innocence? I don’t know.

      We hear about how one looks in ‘news’ stories — the color of their skin, they’re wearing a hoodie, their hair is long and unkept — and, this isn’t new, we’ve always made some judgments of who that person might be based solely on how they look. I think we are more aware of dangers today and are less likely to pick up a hitchhiker or interact with strangers with more than a nod or hello, but I still have to ask myself if outside appearance weighs too heavily on our actions and decisions about whether to offer kindness or not.

      • With the onslaught of media 24/7 and this insatiable appetite for sex and violence in our culture – I think our idea of what is normal – has been changed.

        If you want to find greed, lust, murder, child molesters – all one has to do is to look at these churches of today.

        For all the damn mega churches we have on every corner – the society’s behavior is getting worse.

        But – hey – when a Catholic Priest gets house arrest when he should be in prison like the average JOe Schmoe would get……..isn’t that a teachable moment?

        But not just that – this is the FIRST senior Catholic Church official to be charged with this crime…… WHY????

        In today’s world – we watch as so-called religious men lie, cheat, molest and steal and that is somehow not a big deal anymore. They get a slap on the wrist – and in some cases, they are paid off and sent on their merry way just to do the same thing over and over again.

        In the political world – we have politicians lying about votes (ie Boehner saying that Obama never brought the Dream Act to the Republicans) and NOBODY calls him out on that lie. So the other Foxxies follow in hot pursuit with even more lies.

        And yet NOBODY seems to care………

        Humans are quite capable of doing some nasty and horrible stuff – but when living in a society where there are no boundaries of right and wrong – these same humans will only get worse…..

        If you doubt that people are mean – just go driving up and down Rock Road on any given day in the rush hours— there are people who would hit you with their car just because you looked at them and smiled.

      • “In the political world – we have politicians lying about votes (ie Boehner saying that Obama never brought the Dream Act to the Republicans) and NOBODY calls him out on that lie.”

        Excellent point! Why isn’t he being called on the carpet for that lie?

      • prairie pond

        If all the repukes were called on the carpet for all their lies, well, there wouldn’t be enough carpet in the world…

  7. If the federal minimum wage had kept pace with the rising cost of living over the past 40 years, it would be $10.52 per hour today.

    Instead, the minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. That translates to $15,080 per year, below the poverty line for a family of three—if the work is full-time.

    Stunning as that is, it gets even worse when you realize that the majority of those paid the minimum wage are women: In 2011, more than 62 percent of minimum wage workers were women, compared with only 38 percent of male minimum wage workers, according to a new report by the Center for American Progress Action Fund.

    It’s especially bad that women make up the majority of minimum wage earners because women are paid 77 cents for every dollar a typical man earns. Women of color are far more likely to hold low-wage jobs than men, and two-thirds of mothers now are either the breadwinners or co-breadwinners for their families. Their lower wages mean they will receive less from Social Security, their primary source of retirement income.

    Slightly more than 2.5 million women earn the minimum wage or less, while about 1.5 million men do.

    The 1 percenters are some of those who block efforts at the local and national levels to raise the minimum wage. In fact, research has shown no job loss results from reasonable minimum wage increases, even when the economy is struggling.

    On the contrary, a minimum wage increase boosts consumer spending and can improve the nation’s weak economy by growing demand through increased purchasing power.

    • prairie pond

      And don’t forget, very few minimum wage jobs come with benefits like health insurance, paid sick leave, and retirement dollars. And social security benefits are lower than average after a lifetime of low wages.

      No wonder women get farther behind economically as they get older, and make up the bulk of the elderly below the poverty line. If health care and prescriptions don’t bankrupt us, the lack of retirement savings and benefits will!

  8. 🙂 Romney isn’t doing any better with women and other minority groups. The old white republicans are a dying breed, and they go out of their way to alienate anyone perceived as ‘different.’ Although I highly doubt their ancestors were American Indians exclusively. It’s probably a safe bet some of their ancestors came here without papers too!

    The fast-growing Latino community is a pivotal voting bloc in several battleground states, including Florida, Colorado, Nevada, Virginia, North Carolina and Arizona. Obama won two-thirds of the Latino vote in 2008 and is doing even better than that in some polls this year. Analysts estimate that Romney needs to win as much as 40 percent of the Latino vote to win the White House, a goal he is not reaching in several states and one made harder by the tough immigration rhetoric he and other Republican candidates employed during the primaries.

    Romney promised to veto The Dream Act!

    • And I loved the fact that President Obama told the people at that Latino conference that we should believe Romney when he said he would veto the Dream Act.

      Don’t you just love it when Obama plays chess with the Neanderthals playing checkers?

    • Oh my – if saying the anatomically correct word – vagina – is not to be said in mixed company (as one of those Michigan Republicans said last week) – what would they say about the word F-U-C-K?