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  1. President Obama speaks at the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials convention in Tampa, Florida today. Romney spoke to the convention attendees yesterday.

    It’s obvious to most that due to America’s changing demographics no one can win at the national level without support from nonwhite voters, Latinos specifically. Republicans weakness among minority voters is dire.

    Yesterday Romney continued to deflect and never addressed the question of whether he would allow President Obama’s policies to continue. He would say nothing further than he would work on a long-term solution which would replace Obama’s temporary one. How long would that legislation take to accomplish (it has to go through Congress)? What would it cover? No answers. Romney didn’t increase his chances with Latino voters yesterday.

    Meanwhile republicans lie and accuse President Obama of leaving them out of the process. We know their memories are poor and they make up their own facts as they go along but the rest of America remembers that The Dream Act passed the House and received 55 votes in the Senate only to be filibustered by republicans who doomed its passage. Latinos remember too!

    Republicans can continue to ignore facts but just as women remember that they aren’t supported by republicans, Latinos do too. Enough is enough. A vote for republicans is a vote against our own best interests!

    • President Obama gave a great speech! He reminded the conference attendees of what he has done, he talked about the economy and acknowledged the greater impact the downturn has had on Latinos, he reminded them of the republicans in Congress obstructionist tactics, and he reminded them that Romney promised to veto the Dream Act. He even reminded them that just yesterday when Romney spoke to them he said when he makes a promise he keeps it.

  2. Another issue under attack from republicans. Another issue vitally important to both women and minorities!

    How Much Does The Government Spend To Send A Kid To Public School?

  3. Government Spends More on Corporate Welfare Subsidies than Social Welfare Programs

    When one thinks about government welfare, the first thing that comes to mind is the proverbial welfare queen sitting atop her majestic throne of government cheese issuing a royal decree to her clamoring throngs of illegitimate babies that they may shut the hell up while she tries to watch Judge Judy. However, many politically well-connected corporations are also parasitically draining their share of fiscal blood from your paycheck before you ever see it. It’s called corporate welfare. The intent here is to figure out which presents the greater burden to our federal budget, corporate or social welfare programs.

    • R.D. Liebst

      This has been quite a concern for me since three of the four grandsons are A.D.D. and have to attend special class. Though two of the three are not sever so any class could be functional. The problem is that for the third he has to attend specially train class. Which has cause quite a bit of shuffling within now two school systems. For a while a couple of years ago he would have to be taken to a school in Wichita.

      But now that the home town has added a special class, he is able to attend the same school as his brothers.
      Though last year I lost track of how many times I would call to come pick him up because of his behavior.
      His mother works third shift to support them all so it was easier to get me then her in the day time.

      We as a sociality have to put forth the effort and endeavors to try to give such children a more hopeful future then the one that involves being locked up in some prison or hospital. Often they are not dumb or so mental incomplete that they can not function. Having no better future then they would as a prison convict.

      • It is so much cheaper, not to mention humane, to build up a child than it is to repair an adult.

        But we live in Kansas and we’re ‘governed’ by republicans who don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves and their corporate masters. People, most especially those without lots of money, can die for all they care. If they don’t die they can be locked up, abused, w h a t e v e r…

        I’ve heard that Kansas is the poster child for the Republican Party policies.

      • prairie pond

        Actually, Fnord, having them die is the preferred outcome. That way, ALL the money can be used by the wealthy, with none of it going to special needs children, the elderly, low income people, or folks with disabilities. You know, all the education money can go for vouchers to support christian madrassas, or better yet, kids that don’t die young can just go to work as janitors to support their families. The elderly can die or go be greeters at walmart or all the women can stay at home to take care of them because there will be no Medicaid support for nursing homes. The disabled, if they don’t die, can be cheap contract labor in sheltered workshops to help corporations fatten their bottoms. And the low income? They just need to get a McJob for the new lower minimum wage that won’t support a single person much less a family. But ya know, if they are homeless, they can still work their McJob if they live at one of the many charitable shelters that only require a religious conversion for a hot meal and a cot.

        It’s the new republican utopia. Get with the program, Fnord! This is Kansas Today. And tomorrow…

  4. R.D. Liebst

    Is mental illness a natural condition of the human experiences? I sometime wonder watching the Politics based news programs? It does not matter whether it is Liberal or Conservative leaning since both have their own lean toward a subject that often has its own need for a mental delusion to accept.

    Sometimes that it would be that accepting the presented primus is not that much farther then to accept that it is the space aliens that are behind it all.

    • I will always support helping people. It’s how I want my tax money spent. Republicans want to spend tax monies on waging war, attacking those they’ve decided are unworthy like women and minorities and the poor, plus, of course, supporting corporations.

      btw, corporations are not people no matter what the republicans say!

  5. Kansas taxpayers will pay any costs associated with the state’s republicans fight among themselves. I told you they would begin eating one another.

    Kansas could face big costs in redistricting lawsuit

    The Kansas Legislature’s failure to redraw political boundaries this year could stick the state with hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal bills from parties involved in the resulting federal lawsuit, court records showed Thursday.

    The additional plaintiffs in the lawsuit included key figures in the Legislature’s stalemate over redistricting, arising from ongoing conflicts between Republican moderates and Gov. Sam Brownback’s conservative GOP allies.

    Read more here:

    • prairie pond

      Add to all those bills the money spent to defend patently unconstitutional abortion laws, and you have a nice, tidy little cottage industry there for crony lawyers. And with new tax laws come the windfalls for accountants and lawyers.

      Nice little place they’re building here. Be a shame if something happened to it…heheh. Tony Soprano would be right at home.

  6. This money comes from the insurance companies who didn’t comply with the requirement of The Affordable Health Care Act to spend a minimum of 80% of the premiums collected on providing health care. Some executives might not get their huge bonuses. Oh, boo hoo.

  7. I am seriously concerned and worried about my country. If profits come before people – then we can all just leave now.

    But it’s not just the wealthy profit-makers that are at the root of this probelm – it’s these Religioius Right Republicans who are right there giving their blessing on those who put profits before people.

    Oh Hell – look at these mega churches – THESE people are the ones who LOVE those profits before people – especially that tax free money.

    It’s time to tax these damn churches……..

    • prairie pond

      Two words. Prosperity Gospel. If you aint rich, it’s because you don’t love Jesus.

      Blessed are the rich…
      NRV (new republican version)

      • You’re correct. As I’ve shared before, I force myself to watch Pat Robertson on The 700 Club (just to keep up with the next crazy thing ol’ Pat is up to).

        It is routinely stated on this Beg-A-Thon television show that if you give your money to God, then will turnaround and make you rich. I’ve listened to countless people who have ‘tesstified’ that they were unemployed, about to be evicted from their home but yet they saw an episode of the The 700 Club and God spoke to their heart. Amazingly, God told this unemployed person to send the last of their money to good ol’ Pat and what do you think happened next?

        You guessed it – GOD gave this unemployed person a fantastic job, a more beautiful house and a loving wife and kids that adored him. So this person INCREASED his donations to good ol’ Pat . Now, cue the music please…..

        But then my thoughts go to the part of the Bible where it says that believers should not worry about tomorrow because as God takes care of the sparrow – God will take care of his believers.

        So, I guess I have to ask a question – how many sparrows have you seen that have a golden-encased house? Or do the sparrows still have to look for food and be able to survive?

        These Fundies are somthing else…..aren’t they? What a sweet deal (or is it a CON game?) – they can do all these things and not bat an eye. They can sit and spew all this hatred of everyone that is not just like them and still get people to send them their money.

        I wonder, if there is a true God, is she pissed?

    • Republican politicians signed the Norquist pledge not to raise taxes, and then piss away what national wealth is left on war and corporate welfare. All the republican talk of ‘paying for it upfront’ should mean any war they want to wage must be paid for in advance. If there’s not the money to pay for a war, and the country doesn’t want to pony up the money to pay for it, there’s less likelihood of there being one.

      I would love to see it as difficult to fund war as they say it is to fund food stamps, education, unemployment, Medicaid, Medicare…

      President Obama’s Jobs bill improves America’s infrastructure while employing Americans. It adds teachers, policemen, firemen… Americans working, paying taxes, making money that they put back into the American economy. Imagine that.

      • Put all those soldiers who are rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan to work rebuilding America!

      • By law, the politicians should be forced to spend exactly the same amount of money on OUR infrastructure as they have spent on foreign countries and their infrastructures. This includes the bribe money that one has to pay in order to be a ‘friend’ to these foreigners who will STILL stab us in the back.

        Yeah, that’s good foreign policy……Big eye roll//

  8. I heard some author on CBS Early Show talking about Romney and his Mormonism. This guy was stating that Romney SHOULD talk about his religion because it will make him a president who is faithful to this wife for eternity, he is a family man and he is less apt to tell lies.

    That’s when I my coffee spewed forth from my mouth….

    • If Mormonism makes you not able to tell lies ….then maybe someone should tell Romney he is in the wrong party?

      I’ve said this before – I think Romney would have less problems now if he would have just told the Far Right Wingers to STFU from the first day of the primary campaign.

      But, as we all know, the Far Right Wingers are calling the shots in the GOP – and Romney did not care tell these Fundies the truth…..

      Now Romney is stuck with his FAr Right positions – of course, he will try the Etch-a-Sketch tricks to erase what he said – but there is enough videotape to remind Romney and everyone else of what exactly was said.

      You know, I am no Romney fan, but if he would have at least had the cajones to tell these Fundies where to shove it – I would at least have some respect for the guy.

      As it is …..I don’t believe one word the man says.

    • President Obama accomplishes being faithful and a family man without demeaning minorities or women or the poor. Sounds more admirable to me.

      • I told a Republican friend of mine that it must really hurt to know that the one true Family Values politician is the black man in the White House that is Enemy #1 to the Republicans.

        He failed to see the humor in this comment…

  9. This is a quick read, one short page, worth the time spent!

    What Really Happens If the Supreme Court Strikes Down the Mandate?

  10. While you’ve got MotherJones open, here’s another one worth reading (it’s only two short pages).

    A Case of Romnesia
    Mitt Romney’s long history of misremembering his past.

    • I still remember John McCain yammering about how the US should follow Ireland’s example in the 2008 presidential campaign – can you?

      Of course, Johnny also said he had to not go to the David Letterman show that night because he has to rush down to Washington DC to help fix the budget. But what did we see? McCain did take time to speak with Katie Couric on the national news that night (even spent the night in New York) and IIRC – Johnny made an appearance a that Clinton event before rushing down to Washington DC to help fix the budget.

      And what person do you think was in that same meeting when Johnny walked in? One guess – it was the guy that beat Johnnie by a landslide.


      • Of course, I also remember Johnny stating publicly (late in that 2008 campaign) that he had surefire plan to capture or kill Bin Laden.

        Did Johnny ever bother to tell someone else about his surefire plan – or was he just blowing GOP smoke up our butts – again?

    • I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear it… 🙂

      Plus, weren’t they graceful? A joy to behold.

    • prairie pond

      Wow, that is just fabulous. There was some real work putting that video together. I’m amazed. I don’t watch movies very often, and Fnord, you are correct. Their grace and rhythm is breathtaking.

      Thanks, 617!

  11. Jerry Sandusky convicted on 45 counts. Justice seems to have prevailed in this case.

    • One fewer dangerous person walking about among us. I hope the victims can find peace, and will be surrounded by love and kindness.

      • prairie pond

        Agreed, Fnord. And I hope the adults who could have stopped him sooner live in regret hell for the rest of their sorry lives. They share responsibility for the victims that were harmed after they had a chance to stop this monster.

        Some humans just aint human.

      • Sad to say, it is not just the people that knew about Sandusky and did nothing….. It seems this is child molestation is a big problem in our country – and yet so many people refuse to believe it? Or do they just not want to ‘rock the boat’?

        I heard where Sandusky’s wife called these kids that were molested – clingy and conniving.


        So, I guess if the wife labels them as ‘deserving of what they got’ – it was okay?

        There is no Hell hot enough for some folks…

      • BTW – I wonder how Sandusky’s wife is going to treat that adopted son that reached out to the prosecution in the last week or so – because he was willing to testify if Sandusky took the stand – because it seems this young man is claiming to have been molested by Sandusky.

        I wonder if his adopted mother will label him as clingy and conniving?

        There seems to be justice in the case of SAndusky and those boys from that football program – but just look at the after effects of what this Sandusky chose to do – and I do believe that being a child molester is a choice….