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  1. I read something somewhere that said republicans think the parts of Obamacare that have already benefitted millions of Americans — caps on annual and lifetime benefits, kids on parents policies to age 26, donut hole fixed for Seniors, amount of money insurance co. must spend on actual health care, pre-existing conditions covered… — will continue at least to the end of the contractural year. I say not necessarily and if insurance companies do give that wiggle room before all hell breaks loose I’ll always wonder who paid them and how much. I know they can’t be trusted to do anything for the good of the people and will always be motivated by profits. I expect no insurance company to follow anything in a contract if it causes their profits to be less.

    I also wonder if it will ever be possible for Americans to actually learn the facts of Obamacare. Will there ever be a time when the loud lying opponents are drowned out and real conversations take place about the health-care system and what would benefit Americans? Maybe thats too much to ask.

    • prairie pond

      It’s already possible for Americans to actually learn the facts of Obamacare.

      They just choose not to look at them. They don’t WANT to know them. Otherwise? They would.

      What’s the old saying? “Vote Republican because it’s easier than thinking.” Too damn true. And watch Fox, because it’s easier than trying to find the facts.

      Fair and balanced my fat white ass!

      • R.D. Liebst

        I only watch Fox news when I so miss Abott and Costello, the interaction and the replies. I will not repeat the ole saying because I seem to come back to it time and time again after watching Fox. Oh heck, ” How stupid can you be? ” reply, “How stupid do you want me to be?”.

        The realility of the situation seems to demand in some people that make up a reality that suits their own concept of it.

  2. This is a simple but interesting graphic.

    What’s Next For Obamacare: A Step-By-Step Guide

    The Supreme Court could rule to uphold, strike down, or kill part of President Obama’s landmark 2010 health care overhaul as soon as Monday morning. That will only be the beginning.

  3. (from the link): …the aftermath of the 2012 election will be unlike any other transition in memory. Election Day is November 6th. Fifty-five days later, on New Year’s Eve, the size and the scope of the federal government are scheduled to be radically altered. Federal tax rates for every income group will shoot up to levels not seen since 2001. Payroll taxes for employees will jump by two percentage points. Unemployment benefits for some three million Americans will be cut off. The Pentagon will start the new year with a fifty-five-billion-dollar budget cut. The budget allocated to everything from the F.B.I. to the Park Service to meat inspections will be slashed by the same amount. Soon after, federal payments to doctors who treat patients using Medicare, the federal health program for the elderly, will be slashed by about a third.

    The huge increase in taxes and the precipitate drop in government spending would equal an economic contraction of more than five hundred billion dollars, more than three per cent of G.D.P. The impact could send a fragile economy back into a recession. “It’s two to three times bigger in negative terms than even the biggest year of the stimulus was in positive terms,” Austan Goolsbee, Obama’s former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, said. It is this frightening confluence of fiscal time bombs, starting on December 31, 2012, that has earned the name Taxmageddon.

    What’s more, sometime in mid-February the government will reach the limit of its authority to borrow money. If Congress doesn’t raise the debt ceiling, the United States will default on its loans and will no longer be able to pay all its bills—to doctors, defense contractors, Social Security pensioners, Chinese bondholders, and almost anyone else who receives funds from the federal government.

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    • Another ‘snip’ from The New Yorker piece linked above, titled, “THE SECOND TERM.”

      (from the link): There are hints that the Supreme Court could simply strike down the Affordable Care Act. It also might strike down the health-care mandate but leave the remainder of the law intact. In that case, it is likely that several provisions regulating insurance markets would send insurance premiums soaring. Insurance companies would be forced to take on expensive new patients regardless of preëxisting conditions, yet without the anticipated new revenue from young and less expensive patients who would have been forced to buy insurance. Obama would face a choice: replace the mandate with a new policy or remove the remaining market reforms.

      One option for replacing the mandate is to push the uninsured into the new system by requiring them to sign up for insurance when applying for other government services, such as food stamps or school loans. But the prospects for this sort of legislation are bleak. “We looked at this,” a former Obama aide said. “We thought it was less constitutional than the mandate. Among the moderate Democrats, the idea that you would pass a bill like this is unimaginable.

      Whether the Supreme Court overturns the law in part or in full, the White House will need to respond publicly. “The strategy is to just go on the offensive and say, ‘Look at Citizens United, look at the health-care decision, look at Bush v. Gore,” the former aide said. “We have an out-of-control activist court, and Romney will make it worse. That’s Plan A. Plan B is nothing.”

      Even if the Court leaves the law alone, Obama may find himself fighting Republican attempts to defund it or to remove the mandate legislatively. If the House is still in Republican hands, even if he were to successfully navigate Taxmageddon he could easily find himself back in a situation like 2011 and 2012, when almost no bills moved forward.

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  4. Even before the governor’s reckless tax bill takes effect and plunges Kansas into permanent deficits, Kansas school districts are struggling to keep their doors open.

    Now, school districts are being told to prepare for “the possibility of more deep budget cuts in the next two to five years.”

    This is why it is essential Brownback and his gang are stopped before they damage our schools and state beyond repair.


    Some Kansas School Districts On The Brink

    A top official at the Kansas State Department of Education says recent budget cuts have pushed some school districts to the brink of insolvency.

    • Why do I always get the mental picture of Snidely Whiplash tying Young Belle to the train tracks and laughing that evil laugh whenever I think of Republicans?

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    By the time you get to around #8, you’ll be dabbing at your eyes…

    • I heard Republican John Mica (sp?) on the NPR show this morning stating that this Fast & Furious is not political – it is about guns being allowed to ‘walk’ into the heads of druglords in Mexico.

      Well – if that is his feeling about the matter – then why didn’t he have this same outrage at George W. Bush when his administration started this very same operation?

      Then Mica went onj to say that the Obama Administration has only handed over 7 to 8% of the total documents that are being requested.

      From what I’ve heard from various other pundits is that the only documents that Holder is being cited for contempt on not handing over are those documents dealing with the peripheral issues and that the documents pertaining to this border agent’s death – HAVE been turned over.

      SO – who is lying here? Obviously – if someone hears that the Holder and Obama have only handed over 7 to 8% of the documents – I would be asking WTF……also.

      But – clearly – one of these two sides are lying……..

      And with the track record of these Republicans who have proudly boasted from Day One of Obama’s administration that their #1 goal is to make Obama a one-term president – doesn’t that taint everything these GOPPERS say and do?

      But what really made me about to go through the radio is when this Mica also said that the tragedy is not just the border agent’s death – but hundreds of deaths across the border.

      So NOW I am supposed to believe that Republicans have sympathy for Mexicans?

      Oh, please, just give me a barf bag now……

    • prairie pond

      They don’t have sympathy for Mexicans, Indy, they have sympathy for guns and all their unregulated owners.

  6. Here’s Rachel Maddow on “Fast and Furious.” She is a woman I respect and trust so I feel confident these are the facts.

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