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Job Creators?  No, not exactly.


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  1. Planned Parenthood’s action fund is sending a costumed package of birth control dubbed “Pillamina” out on the campaign trail to highlight Mitt Romney’s opposition to President Obama’s birth control coverage provision. In a statement introducing Pillamina, Planned Parenthood Action Fund President Cecile Richards noted that her organization wants to emphasize the fact that birth control is “an economic issue for women — period. That’s something that President Obama clearly understands, and that Mitt Romney simply doesn’t.”

    Lots of information on Pillamina — her history, pictures, a chance to follow her on her travels … here:

    • prairie pond

      Dont mess with Richards from Texas. PP is not amused and they are not meekly going into that good night. Let’s hope a vast, and I mean VAST majority of women voters agree and then act.

      • I think the republicans have messed with women in too many ways and enough is enough.

      • wicked

        Don’t count on women. There are those out there who are as stupid as their conservative male counterparts.

        Case in point: Last night while with a group of writer friends, the topic morphed into the strength of women and how our role has changed in society. Now, this wasn’t some deep philosophical discussion, just a comment or two. And then the youngest of us started saying things that had me almost literally biting my tongue. One of her statements was about “our emasculation of men.” HUH?! This is unbelievable, since she is divorced from a total jerk (lawyer) who treated her like crap. And she’s a teacher, for god’s sake!

        I’ve decided to drop out of the group. Of course she’ll stop coming because she always does after two or three visits. But I’m discovering that I just cannot suffer fools well, anymore. And why should I have to? I have intelligent female friends and family. I don’t need the ones who are morons.

        / rant

  2. prairie pond

    ROFLMAO! Colbert has been on a roll lately. Did you see his piece last night about dressage? OMG.

    As for the graphic in the header today, we see more and more evidence that concentrating too much of our cumulative wealth at the top is bad for the entire economy and stagnates growth.

    I wonder how pastor sam intends to grow the Kansas economy in the face of all evidence that our national economy is stagnant at best and teetering on the abyss of depression at worst. Krugman was so good on Colbert this week in pointing out that austerity doesn’t work, and that Ireland is what you get when you implement Romney economics.

    Brownback plans both extreme austerity and the policies Romney advocates. The worst of all worlds for Kansas.

    Hawaii looks better and better….

  3. The Real Job Creators: Consumers

    I heard Mitt Romney add his voice to the chorus of those saying that economic recovery would follow if only we relieved the terrible burden that the government has placed on the nation’s job creators: business. Were taxes and regulations relaxed, this would reduce costs sufficiently to allow firms to do what they are already dying to do, which is expand operations.

    But even if we grant the argument that business taxes and regulations are high (which is by no means clear–in fact, it’s easier to make a case for the opposite), this ignores two crucial facts. First, as my friend Mike Norman has pointed out, employees are a cost, usually the most significant one faced by firms (Mike Norman Economics). For that reason, every rational entrepreneur’s goal is to reduce, not increase, the number of workers they have to pay. And quite right. Entrepreneurs have families, too, and they need to feed and clothe them. It would be irresponsible to do otherwise.

    Second and more fundamentally, no matter how much you lower costs, if you don’t have more customers, you won’t hire more workers. If the demand for goods and services stays where it is today and we only cut industry taxes and regulations, there is absolutely no reason to think that firms would expand employment. Rather, they would continue to produce at the same level and simply earn higher profits. On the other hand, if we leave taxes and regulations untouched but increase demand, entrepreneurs will happily add workers. And that is the root of the problem today. The bottom line, lost on Mr. Romney and many others, is that the real job creators are consumers. The direct route to reducing unemployment is boosting demand, not reducing costs.

    continue reading:

  4. wicked

    If you haven’t read Jim Wright’s Stonekettle Station blog posted on Monday (I think), you haven’t lived. It was so true that I had tears in my eyes. And it’s a rant, folks. A true and fair rant about everybody and everything. Shoot, it deserves an award. Maybe we should create one?

  5. Q: When is the last time an executive branch official faced a contempt citation?

    A: Although this is the first time an attorney general has faced a potential contempt citation, other executive branch officials have been held in contempt of Congress.

    Most recently, George W. Bush White House Counsel Harriet Miers and Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten were held in contempt of Congress despite Bush asserting executive privilege in their case. During the vote in early 2008, a large number of Republicans walked out in protest of what they saw as a partisan vote.

    Miers and Bolten were accused of failing to cooperate in a congressional investigation into the mass firings of U.S. attorneys and allegations that the White House was using the Justice Department for political aims. Their citations marked the first time White House officials had been found in contempt of Congress.

  6. There is a slugfest going on Huffington Post blog about Eric Holder and the Obama using executive privilege.

    To hear these Obama haters tell it – no president has EVER used Executive Privilege before.

    BTW – I don’t know about eh deails of this Fast and Furiouis things yet but I did hear this wsa the same operation that was started under the Bush Adminstratin.

    Of course, the Obama haters say that the two programs are NOT alike.

    Hmm….guns were knowingly sold to people to cross the border and then we were to track the same guns??

    What am I missing? AS I stated above, I do not know all the details about this Fast and Furious issue – but from what I do know about the Bush Administration – I am not quite so gullible as to think they were saints and Obama is the Devil Incarnate.

  7. And don’t forget that Obama is the only president to take so many extravagant vacations – and all on the taxpayers dime.

    Oh, please……did these same folks give GWB grief for the numerous trips to his ranch to clear that infamous brush?

    While they may be not be extravagant – didn’t WE the TAXPAYERS have to pay for Air Force One to get his butt there to Texas and back?


      The republicans are sore losers. But they’re somewhat entertaining, in a can’t turn away from the train wreck sort of way.