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  1. An interactive exercise. Answer the questions and get the ‘what if’ SCOTUS answers that same way. Change your answer and get another ‘what if.’ Then click the link and read the ‘related article.’ June is more than half over so this ruling should be announced soon. I don’t think this Court will decide on the legality of the law but on the politics of the law. The Roberts Court has proven to me to be political hacks. There now isn’t a part of the ‘three equal parts of government’ not tainted by partisanship and monied interests.


  2. Tom Witt says: “The State Objections Board meets today to hear objections to candidate filings, including mine against Jan Pauls’ so-called “move” into House District 102. Will today be the end of her legislative career? Or will she refuse to concede defeat and we all end up in court on Friday?”

  3. (from the link): “After writing last week about the legislature silencing Reps. Lisa Brown and Barb Byrum, I got e-mails from some men who asked some of the dumbest questions I’ve ever heard.

    This was the dumbest: So after women have their sex fun, why don’t they want to be responsible?

    Seriously, dude? Women’s sex fun? No men involved? Why, I wondered, aren’t he and other men like him asking these crazy questions of men?

    Perhaps we should send books on sex and procreation to some members of the Michigan Legislature (in brown paper wrappers, of course). They can read about how it takes two people to have the kind of sex that leads to pregnancy, that both parties are equally responsible. They cannot just tell women to have babies and let men off the hook. Do something about that, and I bet Viagra sales drop.

    It’s time to have a real discussion about this issue — just not in state legislatures, where it doesn’t belong, and not without women because that’s just ludicrous. Men cannot keep making unconstitutional laws. Men cannot make laws that govern only women. Because women ain’t having babies by themselves.

    And Michigan and America cannot go back to a time when women — sometimes pushed by their husbands — sought help in back rooms and dark alleys because men took their rights.”


  4. I’ve been wondering…

    Do you suppose the men 6176 calls the “mouth breathers,” you know who they are — the arrogant, ignorant, often abusive men who treat women as if men were somehow superior to women — are jealous of the fact that women give birth? In this area they know they aren’t ‘superior’ and maybe they are such weak assholes they can’t handle that truth. They themselves came from a woman’s vagina but are unable to move beyond women having come from man’s rib. Most people know it takes all of us to make a go of life, but these guys seem to be unaware of facts and continue to think of women as little more than property. There’s just that little area of giving birth and that must really piss them off.

    Then there are the strong men who celebrate women, who respect women, who follow the premise that women, along with all other humans, should always be treated as they themselves would want to be treated. Those are the good guys!

    • The mouth breathers are all too often encouraged to have their Neanderthal thinking by certain preachers. I don’t know if it is because they hate women or they just know they can beat women down and God will be the culrpit because the Bible tells us that God mad Man to be the Master of his house.

      Just that word – Master – conjures up the type of Neanderthal thinking we are talking about – doesn’t it?

      I’ve often wondered how any man can feel superior because he could beat up his wife. Wow – so macho – to be able to beat up on someone weaker than yourself.

      But – hey – Neanderthals will take whatever victory they can get in life – even if it is due to bullying, cheating, lying or stealing – as evidenced by more than a few political hacks.

      • wicked

        This is what happens when you follow a book written by men.

      • wicked

        In fact, the entire Christian religion was created by men. Not God. Men. According to it, women either follow their husbands (bow down, Woman!) or they’re prostitutes. Take your pick.

      • How true Wicked. My DIL reminded me that the only part of the Bible that was written by God (if you believe the Bible) were the Ten Commandments.

        Those stone tablets were supposedly written on by the Hand of God himself.

        And did you notice that not a single one of those Ten Commandments talks about homosexuals?

        There are alot of them about lying, cheating, stealing and adultery – but not one single one about homosexuals.

        But yet what do we hear from these preacher men? They certainly don’t demonize their church goers sitting in their pews for all the lying, cheating and adultery they do . NO – rather, these preacher men go after the homosexuals.

        Religion is man-made. Faith is spiritual. Never confuse the two.

    • The mouth breathers always have excuses for keeping the world they choose — where men are superior. It’s easier to see the reason male mouth breathers take that tact, for the female mouth breathers my conclusion is that following is easier than actually thinking so they keep their mouths closed and do the males bidding. That kind of unthinking woman wouldn’t make it long with men worth their salt! And soon after each of the mouth breathers talking points is proven wrong they pull out Jesus and use Him to justify their stupidity and intolerant hate. They call those who are both able to believe in God and understand facts nonbelievers. They’ll never see the irony.

      • But to think – these Conservative Republicans are even rewriting the Bible to fit their narrow agenda.

        And yet these people still manage to get followers?

        Baaaa…..Baaa….Baa….. blindly following like sheep.

      • On second thought – I think these Conservative Christian Republicans are rewriting the Bible to justify their own selfish agenda.

        But in order to get followers – they must first make people feel that they are superior to that person ‘over there’.

        So these folks use the Bible as their weapon to make themselves the superior group.

        If one was to really understand the teachings of Jesus – exactly when did Jesus use his words as weapons to make himself feel superior?

        Was it when Jesus healed the sick – without demanding cash payment or to see a valid health insurance card?

        Was it when Jesus told the crowd that wanted to stone the women – Ye without sin, cast the first stone?

        Was it when Jesus gave those fishes and loaves to the hungry?

        Was it when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead – again without cash paymet or a valid health insurance card?

        Just exactly WHEN did Jesus ever use his teachings as a way to make himself feel superior?

        The Bible tells us that the Christian life will be a persecuted life – but yet what do we hear from these current day Conservative Rabid Religious Righties? They are constantly whining about being persecuted (even though Christianity is the majority religion in the US).

        Seems to me these current day RRR Christians are nothing more than a group of people that have twisted and cherry-picked the very teachings of Jesus to make themselves feel superior. They use their religion as their choice of weapons. After all – who wants to be known as the Jesus Hater? I was labeled that in my place of employment and that is something that is very hard to fight back against. All the logic and facts in the world cannot stop the hatred of a self-righteous religious fanatic on some perceived mission that they – and only they – have the true God on their side.

      • Much of what too many Christians follow is from Paul, not Jesus.

  5. When comedians make more sense than the Republican Party and they don’t even recognize that fact, you know they’re too stupid to govern!

  6. R.D. Liebst

    It becomes an everyday occurence for me, I watch Fox or MSNBC and conclude ” And I was in a place for the deficient? I guess it had to be, considering if you think just how big the place would be for the rest of the people!

    • The only person I like on MSNBC now is Rachel Maddow. I’ve been watching Current TV the past few months.

      Did you know Keith Olbermann is gone from Current TV? Don’t know what happened – but I do know they are going to court over something.

      Anyway – I like that Jennifer Granholm – the former governor of Michigan. This lady seems intelligent, articulate and gets to the root of the issues – and without coming across as being abrasive, rude or obnoxious.

      I am really starting to like her alot. I wish we had more like her in our politics – a woman with a brain AND not afraid to speak her mind.

      Last week she was thanking President Obama for coming out with his immigration policy. She said it was both for policy reasons and personal reasons.

      She went on to say how the USA is made up of immigrants and to simply turn our backs on so many immigrants is not wise policy.

      But she also said it was a personal issue for her because she was an immigrant – she was born in Canada. She laughingly said that most Amerians do not think about Canadians as being immigrants – but they are.

      And she said that she was proud to become an American and she wanted the rest of the world to know that America was still the place where people could come and accomplish their dreams. And she stressed that she wanted to keep America that same way which is why she believes in Obama.

      What a thoughtful and touching way to put it…..

      Besides – what Obama was talking about is to help these kids who have been brought to America when they were young to be able to live without the fear of deportation. The kids did not have a say in what happened to them – why punish them?

      But – I’ve heard some self-professing ‘good’ Catholics and good Christians say that all illegals need to be deported and to take their anchor babies with them.

      But yet I know some of the Catholic hospitals and clinics are giving free healthcare to the illegals – so why the disconnect between church and its followers?

  7. Vagina isn’t the only V-word anti-choice politicians don’t want us to use.

    VOTE is another.

    • CAn I assume this is why so many Republicans have pushed for all those Voter ID laws – even though voter fraud is very minimal (at best)

      But, wait, the last high-profile voter fraud case just happened to be an Indiana Republican – imagine that…….

    • bobwhite

      I wish this were true! But how did all these terrible politicians get elected? Voters voted for them. Have any of your read “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” Tom Franks makes the case that voters (in Kansas) are their own worst problem. That won’t change. That is how we got Sam Brownback as recently as the last two years. Kansas voters (all voters) just keep doing it to themselves. And 51% of them are women.

      • Kansas is also a Republican state that for many years kissed up to Bob Dole because all that military money was coming our way.

        Then factor in the rise in all these mega evangelical churches – that alone drives up the Republican voters.

        Then – factor in the fact that Dr. Tiller had his clinic here in Wichita. That brought in alot of outsiders – aka Rabid Religious Right Republicans – that came to fight the good fight for God, Country and Mom’s Apple Pie.

        I just think that Kansas has this inbred need to be Republican.

        But I do have to say – before Reagan gave Jerry Falwell and the Religious Right the keys to the GOP inner sanctum – the REpublican Party was not as divisive and destructive as they are today.

        These Rabid Religious Right (with the help of the Teapublians) are people who do not play well with others. They are like the bully in the play yard that would rather destroy the play yard than to give up one inch to compromise and actually do something positive.

        The RRR’s are so obsessed with the End of the World and that Rapture that they really don’t take time to look around them and see what they could do – at this moment in time – to make this world we ALL live in a more peaceful place.

        The RRR’s are too obsessed with going to war with anybody over their perceived notion of what is moral.

        The Teapublicans – well, they’re just nuts….

      • bobwhite

        Indy, below, is right. There is just nothing we progressives can do about all that the Far-Right brings to our state.

  8. 1. Romney won’t say whether he would undo Obama’s decision to end deportations of DREAM-eligible immigrants.

    2. Romney won’t say whether he’d support the Paycheck Fairness Act.

    3. Romney won’t specify which tax loopholes he’d close.

    4. Romney won’t say which federal agencies he’d eliminate.

    5. Romney won’t say whether he supports the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

    6. Romney won’t say whether he’d support full reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

    7. Romney won’t say whether say whether he’d eliminate the “carried interest” tax break for private equity partners.

    About all we’ve heard from Romney is that he will double down on Bush2 economic policies, that he will wage war with (at least) Iran and Syria, that he will give the wealthiest greater tax cuts while cutting benefits for the most vulnerable, that he will double down on immigrants who are here illegally and if they don’t ‘self deport’ he’ll be after them because they must leave America, that he will take away any rights gays, women or minorities may have gained, that he’ll repeal Obamacare if SCOTUS doesn’t, that he will kill not only Medicaid and Medicare but also Social Security. If you aren’t wealthy you don’t ‘deserve’ anything from your country and no one who is undeserving is going to get anything!

    We know that Romney has never in his lifetime wanted for anything and he has no idea of the suffering of many Americans. If you’re not wealthy enough to own a Nascar team he has no experience with your way of life.

    We know that Romney has been campaigning for president for the last six years straight.

    Other than that, we don’t know much about him.

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