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  1. Happy Fathers Day! Did anyone else watch Mitt Romney on CBS this morning with Bob Schieffer? I learned that he wrote the word – DAD – on his notes during the primary debates.

    I also learned that buying a horse with another couple is now considered an athlete.

    Hmmm….doesn’t the horse do all the running? Just saying…..

    • BTW – do you think the fact that the Romney own half a horse will get them in tight with the average working class American?

      Or is this just another version of Mitt Romney’s statement that he knows a few NASCAR owners and they are his friends.

      But he did say something that has stuck in my mind – Mitt said that he wants to make sure the high-end people still pay the same share of taxes that they are currently paying – he is not watning to get them a tgax cut.

      He is simply wanting to make the taxes fair and have government be in partnership with businesses to create jobs so that more people are paying taxes.

      OKAY – I agree with that premise – BUT how can Romney say he wants government to partner with businesses when he and his fellow GOPPERS want to shut down govenrment because it is so evil?

      Several times throughout this interview – I noticed Mitt’s nervous laugh. I also noticed the laugh was more prevalent when he was being pushed to answer questions he does not want to answer.

      GOD – can we stand four years of that nervous laugh?? Romney’s body language when he is interviewed is very revealing – IMHO.

      Just watch this man – he is truly uncomfortable when he is being asked the soft questions – let alone the tough questions.

      • One more thing – Romney said he plans to replace Obamacare with federal funding for Medicaid to go to the states to provide health care to the uninsured.

        Houston – we have a problem. Isn’t gutting Medicaid one of the crown jewels in the GOP plan for Amerian?

  2. I watched. In fact, I just finished as I had recorded it so I could be outside while it was still cooler.

    I heard him not answer questions. I heard his lie about keeping the ‘high-end’ paying taxes at the level they currently pay. He can’t both be for the Ryan plan and make that statement. Which one is the lie?

    I heard overandover how he would work with Congress to do _______. I heard he would address that when the time was right. In other words he won’t do anything, if something is done it’s up to Congress. If there are any ideas it must be up to them too because he sure didn’t have any of his own.

    Mostly what I heard was criticisms of President Obama. He avoided each question that asked, “What would you do differently? What would you do right now?”

    He has nothing, never has, never will.

  3. prairie pond

    If Obama wins a second term, you just watch them try to impeach him. It will be all impeachment, all the time, especially if the Democrats lose control of the Senate. It’s what the repukes do.

    And the irony of it all is that when Obama took over, he and Pelosi and Reid gave all of the Bush Crime Cartel a pass. This is exactly what you get when you try to appease and work WITH repukes. This is how it starts. You already know how this will end.

    • I was on another blog late last night and the issue was that CON reporter that heckled President Obama during this announcement of his executive order on illegal immigration.

      Obama haters were trying to defend this rude reporter by saying he was no worse than SAm Donaldson was to Ronald Reagan during press conferencers.

      Excuse me – but when did Sam Donaldson interrupt the president? When did the Demofcfrats – as a n entire gorup – try to make Reagan an illegitmate president by questioning his place of birth?

      When did the Democrats ever harass Reagan 24/7 on their own hate-filled t.v. network and talk radio?

      Republicans have become the bullies on the play yard and it’s about time these bullies got their much-deserved punch in the nose.

      By the end of the blogging session I was involved with – these same Obama-haters were trying to paint this rude reporter as the victim and sayign that Obama was the bully and being rude to the reporter.

      Are Republicans even capable of feeling shame and embarrassment anymore?

  4. News Flash: I wish to announce the arrival of Eleanor Marian Strait at 6:20 a.m. this date. 8 lbs., 10 oz., 20″ long. Mother and child doing well. Pictures have been promised. Greatest Father’s Day ever.

    We now return you to regular programming.

    • Oh, yes, I so agree. Plus, for those of us who are average size, the advantages of travelling by train cannot be overstated. Plus, there is nothing quite like “Dinner in the Dining Car” (it always comes back to food with me, doesn’t it.) 🙂