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  1. Parts of this have been said here by Pond — several times over the years. I don’t know why I didn’t hear her words clearly until I read them in this op-ed piece. But I hear them now, and I know both she and this author are spot on correct. WOW! I’m sorry, Pond. I should have known, you did tell me.

    How Republicans Cheat Democrats – and Democrats Cheat Themselves
    By Rick Perlstein, Rolling Stone

    • prairie pond

      Well, gosh, fnord. Thanks.
      I loved this part of the link. “Programmed robotically to see any political issue in polarized terms, journalists will register “leftist” pugnacity no matter how conciliatory a Democrat behaves in actual fact – as with Bill Clinton in the 1990s and Barack Obama now. The second problem is that it requires Democrats to simultaneously surrender the actual benefits of being bold, tough partisans. The Republicans enjoy the grassroots energy of a fierce field army on the ground convinced they are fighting for nothing less than the survival of civilization”

      Democrats think if they just play nice the media and voters will see them as the sane ones in the room. Wrong. The media will play them however they want in whatever fictional drama they are creating. It was my whole point about Hillary vs. Barack. The media, and the repukes, were going to trash whoever got the nomination.

      Thinking that Barack was such a nice guy they would actually work WITH him was just wishful thinking. They would not have treated Hillary any worse, or better, than Barack, but at least Hillary would not have taken their crap. She would have strong armed her agenda through and spent the political capital that Barack squandered by playing footsie with Rick Warren and John Boener.

      And we see, today, the fruits of Obama’s appeasement, footsie, and beer summits.

      Zip. Nada. Nothing.

      Moral of the story? Never vote against a smart woman of a certain age who’s taken all the rich white boy crap she’s gonna take in this lifetime. Just ask Bin Laden.

    • prairie pond

      And this is the part that rings true about the Kansas Democratic Party. What a bunch of freakin’ pussy, lazy, loosers. They piss their panties at the thought of having to, ya know, WORK to win a goddamed election.

      “Someday, some clever political scientist might figure out a way to quantify just how many points on election day Democrats have to make up to bring things to square. Until that point – or probably even after that point – we can expect the usual Wednesday morning diet of earnest reflections on what the polling just past “says” about the electorate. Republicans will keep pushing, pushing, pushing their vision for what kind of world they want to live in – union and public-employee free. Democrats, free of any particular vision for society at all, will go into “battle” retailing themselves as the nicer fellows in the contest, and earnestly hope the electorate goes along.

      The answer is not for Democrats to cheat. But it begins with the Democratic establishment doing business in a way that doesn’t make their most devoted partisans feel like slapping them upside the head.”

      I don’t know any REAL democratic activists in Kansas who don’t want to slap their party upside the head. I’ve walked more miles, knocked on more doors, and given more money to individual candidates than I can count over the ten years since I moved back. And what did I get? Essentially booted out of the party for being too strident. Ditto with the other true believer activists in the party. We weren’t too strident. We just wanted to WIN, fer chrissakes. And my track record as a campaign manager is 12 wins and 3 losses. Proving only that I know how to win if the Democrats will just act like fucking democrats and actually, ya know WORK!

      Sorry for the rant. Look at the sorry shit hole this state is in. And the KDP can’t field any candidates with any chance of winning after the disaster that is this year’s legislative session? Tom Witt can recruit more candidates in more races in more districts than the rest of the fucking party all put together?

      Wanna bet the KDP runs a sure-to-lose pasty against brownback even after he passes a budget that will have us over $200 million deficit in the year he comes up for re-election.

      I mean it. Jesus.Fucking.Wept.

      I’m beyond slapping the democrats upside the head. I want to burn down the party as it stands and salt the earth underneath it so nothing ever grows in it’s place again. It’s the only way to start fresh with a new and REAL Kansas Democratic Party.

      But then…that’s just me. 🙂

      • prairie pond

        Sorry to keep going. The one thing the KDP DOES understand is how to divide and conquer their own activists by pitting organized labor against the queers and the women. The party establishment, like Paul Davis, Anthony Hensley, etc. keep the reins of power by making the unions and the queers fight. The KDP PTB get to keep the party levers of power and be the kings of nothing.

        And what does that get the party? That divide and conquer strategy INSIDE the KDP gets the entire state some of the shittiest labor laws in the nation, the most insane reproductive and choice laws in the free world, and they can’t even get the state sodomy statute repealed even though the goddamn SCOTUS has struck it down. It’s STILL on the books in Kansas.

        But hey, who cares when the same good ol’ boys, (and girls) can still control the shell that’s left of the KDP.

        What their game of “let’s you and them fight” gets the KDP is eight of forty Kansas Senators, which will certainly be even a smaller number after this election, and such a small minority of seats in the Kansas House that they can’t get a roll of toilet paper in their bathrooms without bending and bowing to Mike O’Neal.

        Gotta ask it. KDP? How’s that internal divide and kill strategy workin’ for ya?

        Hee hee hee. I wish I could send them a sign like George Bush and say “miss me yet?”

        I’m quite sure not. They use me as an example of what happens to activists when they don’t bend over and ask “please, ma’m, may I have another?” You are forced to live in Trego county….

  2. Another really good one!

    The Political Contrast

    (from the link): “The Republican recalcitrance on taxes has led to a Washington stalemate that the president referred to eight times in his speech, saying it can be broken only by the voters. But Mr. Obama’s re-election cannot, by itself, end the impasse. It is once his opponents’ free-market ideas are fully seen to be bankrupt that Congress will either change or begin acting in the country’s interest. Breaking the grip of these ideas truly is, as Mr. Obama said Thursday, “a make-or-break moment for America’s middle class.”

    And it is there that Mr. Obama still has not made his case. Mr. Romney’s entire campaign rests on a foundation of short, utterly false sound bites. The stimulus failed. (Three million employed people beg to differ.) The auto bailout was a mistake. (Another million jobs.) Spending is out of control. (Spending growth is actually lower than under all modern Republican presidents.) He says these kinds of things so often that millions of Americans believe them to be the truth.

    It is hard to challenge these lies with a well-reasoned-but-overlong speech — just as, in an odd juxtaposition, Mr. Obama failed to make his case for his Afghanistan policy in a speech in May that was both too short and too shallow. The president has less than five months to find a way to make a vital message sink in.”

  3. On this rainy morning I’m finding some great reads! I hope you have time to read these links, they are well worth the time spent!

    Times Have Changed, It’s Okay to Lie

    Last month David Corn noted that Mitt Romney was claiming that “government” would control half the economy once Obamacare was up and running. He’s still saying it, and today Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post gives it a score of four Pinocchios and says Romney should drop it. “No amount of tweaking will get it right,” he says.

    That’s true: this particular claim is untweakable. Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom twists himself in knots trying to justify it, but it doesn’t do any good. There’s just no way to pretend there’s any real basis for Romney’s claim.

    It also doesn’t matter. Politicians have increasingly discovered over the past couple of decades that even on a national stage you can lie pretty blatantly and pay no price since the mainstream media, trapped in its culture of objectivity, won’t really call you on it, limiting themselves to fact checking pieces like Kessler’s buried on an inside page. And because virtually nobody except political junkies ever sees this stuff, it doesn’t hurt their campaigns at all.

    • People expect politicians to lie – but let’s just review how our churches have been conductign themselves in the morals arena…

      CAtholic Church – sued and lost millions over their covering up child molesting priests – and this issue is STILL in the news. Nothing has changed – except the fact the Church lost alot of millions of dollars. But what is that to this hcurch – peanuts?

      How many Evangelkical Christians church leadfers have been caught lying, cheating with their pants down literally? AND nothing happeens to them. The first one – Ted Haggard – even got a payoff from his church and he simply drove off into the sunset only to pop his head up again and trying for a comeback – in the same church industry.

      Look at the Wall Street bankers who knowingly played craps with the US economy and lost – and they lost BIG TIME.

      What happened ? They got bailed out by taxpayers and now just a few short years laters – these same FAT CATS are trying to do it again. And NO BODY says one word agaisnt them… In fact, Republican Senators even tell Jamie Dimon that the Senators should be sorry for their behavior in even making Dimon testify before their hearing.

      What about BP? That guy from Texas – Joe (?) Barton actually apologized to the BP oil company executive that our president was trying to strongarm him into setting up that clean-up fund after the BP oil spill disaster.

      And NOBODY spoke up against what these people are doing wrong…..

      The world is upside down – and the bullies are winning the game – because NOBODY will stand up to them.

      Is it any wonder our children are growing up to think that bullying others is okay behavior?


    A bit more proof that sexual abuse is not the sole province of the Roman Catholic Church. Ome must admire the rhetorical gyrations found in the final paragraph.

    • I watched a documentary awhile back and I think it was about young teenage girls that were sexually abused and they were taken from their parents at a young age in order for them to be ‘trained’ to be a good wife to the church leader.

      I am not sure of the denomination – but I remember the narratior saying that the more fundamental a religion claims to be be – the more prevealent sexual abuse seems to take place in that group.


    While it is my fervent hope that the title is not true, I fear it is. The article makes point, the full understandig of which is greatly in excess of my pay grade, the conclusion is, to my limited understanding, well supported.