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    • I’ve seen a bunch of these “Hillary texts,” this one made me chuckle out loud! 🙂

    • bobwhite

      I like Hillary’s question, and in regards to inquiry to churches, what does the Mormon church have to say about serious deceit and lying by Mormon members and missionaries who run for President of the US?

      • Funny you should ask….I just heard some pundit yesterday, or the day before, say that the Mormon Church teaches that their followers should always choose the ‘right’ thing to do – in ALL things.

        I guess doing the ‘right’ thing is in the eyes of the individual?

        I’m sorry – but I don’t see taking companies and then loading htem up with debt, getting sbusidies and special tax breaks for then ultimately selling those colmpanies for a profit is the ‘right’ thing to do..

        But, silly ol’ me, I’m not the Mormon getting those millions for my own personal profit from such a deal – huh?

        See what I mean – the ‘right’ thing is in the eye of the individual….

      • prairie pond

        Hi Bobwhite


        It’s ok if you are a Mormon….

  1. Happy birthday, wicked! Hope today is even half as special as you are!

    ♪ღ♪ ░H░A░P░P░Y░♪░B░I░R░T░H░D░A░Y░!░♪ღ♪

    • Happy Birthday Wicked….

    • prairie pond

      Happy Birthday, Wicked. If you are 16, can we take Dad’s car for a joyride? 🙂 Maybe down to the malt shop or Dairy Queen and then drag Main and flirt with the boys? I’d make an exception…

    • prairie pond

      Oh, yeah, and then we could wind up the night at the Drive-In after we sneak in via the trunk.

      I’m missing my misspent youth.

      • wicked

        I’m ready! Got my bell bottoms on and my hair is ironed.

      • I remember my first pair of bell bottoms – they were lavender. Man, oh man, didnt’ we think we were hot stuff??

      • prairie pond

        Oh, hell yeah, Indy. We were hot stuff.

        Not only did I have the bell bottoms, but I had BIG platform shoes, too, and a big floppy Janis Joplin style hat. I think I was wearing Windsong perfume, too. Listening to the 8-track cranked up.

        Do you suppose this is what we’ll be talking about when we finally go to the LTC?


      • I forget – did bell bottoms precede hot pants? I remember working at the library extension group – which is where the Bookmobile and books-by-mail customer service was handled.

        My supervisor was a young woman – about 30 yrs old. She wore these hot pants with a long Nehur-tyupe jacket with the a big slit up the sides. The jacket was more like a coat in length.

        And the fringe was everywhere…….

        I always wondered what our head Librarian thought about that girl. He was this little-built Jewish man with curly hair. He was very soft-spoken, loved the opera and would travel into downtown Chicago to catch the opera or other shows.

        He and my supervisor were so totally opposite types – but yet they worked well together and she had been there since she was 18 yrs old.

        Man – what memories…..

      • P.S. – that supervisor also wore the patent leather black knee-high boots with stilletto heels…

        Come to think about it …..she only wore this outfit on a Friday…..I wonder if Ms. Hot Pants was riding the train to downtown Chicago for the weekend.??

        Wow – was I naive????

      • wicked

        Bell bottoms came out in the late 60s, hot pants in the early 70s (at least here in the midwest), so pretty close. Nehru jackets went with the bell bottoms, so your “friend” was mixing decades. LOL

        I had a fringed leather vest (still do) and a fringed leather purse. My mom and dad brought me back real hippie beads. That was fall of ’70. They were in California on vacation and a group of hippies were at a picnic table. One of them left behind the necklace. My mom and dad thought I might enjoy it. They did suggest I clean it, though, just in case.

      • Thanks for the jog to the memory…wicked. I remember the Nehru jackets beause my brother’s band wore navy blue jackets with white pants and penny loafers with no socks…..

        My mom and dad were more upset about the no socks than the Nehru jacket.

        My brotehr graduated from high school in 1969… that is about the times I was remembering.

        My brother was the drummer in his band – their name was the Reel Estates….don’t know who came up with that name – but they were just a local band and they sure did have alot of fun.

        I still remember my brother playing his favorite drum solo – Wipeout. Every time I hear the song on some radio show playing all the oldies – it makes me smile and then it makes me cry like a baby. DAMN, I miss him…..

      • wicked

        There were a lot of bands in the mid to late sixties and the seventies. I had friends who were in bands. And then there were the live bands at all our dances. Now they get DJs.

  2. Excuse me, but if you’re matching married ‘Sugar Daddys’ for money – wouldn’t you think it might just be illegal – or at least you would want to get a legal expert to assess whether or not it is legal?’

    And – NOW – this woman is concerned about her family? Where was this concern when she was mathcing up married Sugar Daddys with women? ouldn’t you think that something might just go rong?

    And last, but not least, why go after the woman running htis ring – go after the Sugar Daddys……It’s that same old story – there would be prostitute without their willing customers.

    • Oh, but I forgot. If we jsut listened to the guy in the golden-laced robe – there would be no sex outside of marriage and all the little children will be born because there would be no birth control.

      Isn’t life grand – or at least that is what the guy in the golden-laced robe wants us to think…

      But, on the other hand, how does child molesting priests fit into this guy’s plans? Ah, but child molesting is not having sex outside of marriage – is it?’
      I guess that’s the loophole they give themselves?

  3. Wow – I guess using the term ‘vagina’ is now considered a part of a temper tantrum?

    If that is the case, I know alot of male doctors who are throwing alot o ftemper tantrums…

    Republican Neanderthals – they’re a trip – aren’t they?

  4. Can you imagine – it’s been 40 years since Title IX gave women equal rights to federal funding for sports?

    I’ve shared this previously – but I still remember my junior high school band teacher loved the fact that I was his lone girl drummer.

    But the high school band teacher was a total Neandertrhal – he outright told me to my face that he would NEVER have a girl drummer in his band.

    I was just a girl that liked playing the drums….WTF….

    Of course, my time was just a few years before Title IX came into being – so I guess I was lucky enough to even be allowed to walk the same halls as these Neanderthals……very high sarcasm///

    • Let’s also remember – I was involved in that Fundamental Baptist Evangelical Church – and then attended one of their most Fundy colleges.

      DAMN – did I really survive all that ????


    • On a serious note – we older women remember the time when girls were not allowed to do alot of things that these younger women take for granted.

      Which is why, I guess, that so many of the younger women do not see the real threat of the Republicans’ War on Women.

      What is so easily taken for granted can be easilyt taken awqy….