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  1. Interesting …..David Vitter (the infamous Senator caught with his name on the Madame’s List) does not like women enough to think they deserve equal pay?

    I wonder how much the going rate is in DC for a BJ???

    • prairie pond

      Probably less than a fling with a guy in diapers. I think there’s a surcharge for extra kinky.

      Or so I’ve heard…

  2. I’ve noticed the latest GOP talking point is about those trillions in cash the ‘job creators’ are sitting on and refusing to spend due to the big bad black man in the White House.

    Wasn’t the idea of extending those Bush tax cuts was to CREATE jobs?

    So, I guess this means Republicans are okay with wealth redistribution to people who are not contributing to our eocnomy?

    Isn’t that what these same Repubs say about the unemployed & Medicaid recipients – that we are paying them to do nothing?

    Those Bush tax cuts were ‘special’ tax cuts – and if these job creators (I use that term loosely) are not doing what they are supposed to be doing – then we should take away those special tax cuts.

  3. prairie pond

    They keep whining about “uncertainty” from the Obama administration. Businesses, according to the repukes, are refusing to spend because they want certainty, CERTAINTY I SAY, on what things will be like in the future.

    So… here’s a thought. Let the Obama administration set policy and have their own repukes stop overturning or obstructing every damn thing. Then there would be, maybe not certainty but at least continuity, on tax policy, foreign trade policy, government investment policy, etc.

    It isn’t Obama creating uncertainty. It’s gridlock and obstructionism making the future dicey. They complain about the rain while they control the weather.

    Jesus wept.

    Of course, it couldn’t be pure greed and over the moon CEO compensation that causes businesses to sit on their piles of cash. Oh, no. Never.

    • Hey – these fat cats have the sweetest deal going – their Congressional puppets redistribute the wealth to the upper 1% in forms of special tax cuts and subsidies – AND these same 1% get to sit on their piles of cash and whine like babies.

      The working class Americans get to have pay chuts, lay offs, loner work hours and benefits taken away from them… But yet the productivity of the Amerian workforce is at an all time high.

      So why would any greedy fat cat want to change things???

      You don’t honestly think these fat cats really CARE about the country’s economy or the rest of Americans – do you?

      I wonder when these fat cats are going to realize that the more they use up the working class Americans – their own trip to fetch those golden eggs from the TAxpayer Trough will come to an end.

      There is only so much gold in those eggs…….

      But, hey, these fat cats hate recycling and all that green environmental stuff also – you know – conserving your resources.

      These fat cats just use up all the resources without one thought to tomorrow – they think there is always a warm body somewhere to fill that worker’s gap.

      But not every employer is this way – I work for a wonderful company. They treat us well – with dignity and respect – and we are still making a very good profit.

      SO it can be done the moral way – the right way – by treating everyone fairly.

      I’ve often said to Republicans that demonize unions – there would be no need for any union if the employers would treat their employees fair.

      Since Reagan’s 80’s the Era of Greed – the CEO’s have been making how muc more money than their workers?

      Too damn much…….

      And we STILL give these 1% those special tax cuts????

  4. fnord, ran across this and found it most interesting. I’m sure your son understands this, but what the heck.