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    • Yesterday every single republican senator voted against a pay equity bill which would have ensured fair pay for women.

  1. When the unions are dead does that mean the oligarchs have won? Just trying to keep up. It wasn’t much of a fight, was it? Seems there are too many who favor a small number of people being in charge. Is that what they have always meant by the words ‘small government’?

  2. prairie pond

    I also think there are too many working class people who are jealous of the good wages, benefits and jobs that union workers enjoy. Instead of seeking to join a union or get one organized in their workplace, they help bring down the unions others have worked and sacrificed to have in place. Reminds me of Rita Mae Brown’s theory of how crabs are like humans. You never have to put a lid on a bucket of crabs, because if one crab tried to climb out, the other crabs will reach up and pull them back down.

    Sound familiar?

    As my newspaper editor friend says, “the whole world has lost its mind.”

  3. prairie pond

    Lots of talk last night about Citizens United and its effect on the bought and paid for WI election. Spending was so asymmetrical that it was clear the tea baggers bought the election. How? Well, I guess if you buy enough ads to tell enough lies, the American voters really are dumb enough to believe them and not see the hand up the puppet’s butt.

    I think this makes it less likely for SCOTUS to reconsider CU. I mean, when the decision to allow unlimited money works so well for the ideology of the majority of the justices, why would they want to change it?

    Democrats, liberals and non-tea baggers need to look closely at this situation. It is likely we will never be able to raise enough money to compete fairly. There’s a reason the repukes cater to the billionaires. They are better than votes. Their money buys elections outright.

    But at the end of the day, I go back to the same point. Money only buys elections when the voters are too stupid to see through the lies. And watching Fux News only makes them stupider.

    The Democrats also need to rethink their candidates. I really don’t know this Barrett guy, but since Walker clocked him in an election less than two years ago, maybe the anti-Walker folks could have found a new and better candidate. Seems like Democrats have that problem all over the country. Maybe we are not paying our pols enough? sarcasm off.

    As a nation, we have some long and difficult years ahead of us. If the Democrats don’t lose their fear, gain some courage, and revamp their strategies, the repukes will just overwhelm them with money. It’s been working well.

  4. prairie pond

    Maybe even worse news last night was that the repukes maintained control over the Wisconsin state senate. I’d say it was a night of failure all the way around for anyone not a repuke. And there are big lessons for Kansas. With pastor sam’s unlimited access to koch money, and his brass knuckle politics in controlling the Kansas house and gaining control of the Kansas senate, plus his ability to shove insane tea bagger policies down the state’s collective throat, it will take decades, many of them, to right this ship of state. She’s listing bad enough to sink before brownback gets out of his first term.

    And the Kansas Democratic Party still can’t find it’s ass with a map, both hands, and a flashlight.

    Jesus wept.

    • The Wisc. Senate was tied going into yesterday’s elections. All the democrats needed was one seat to take the majority. I haven’t listened this morning — been to the park with my Ginger — but late last night there was one of the four Senate races where the democrats was in the lead narrowly. Did that one go to the republican too?

  5. prairie pond

    Oops. Seems I was wrong about the WI Senate. Even though only one of four democrats running for the senate won last night, that one seat was enough to give the democrats a one vote majority in the WI Senate.

    But I do love the Crooks and Liars comment that the takeaway for Democrats will be that they need to act more like republicans.

    Sigh. I wish that were not so damn true.

    • I get frustrated and sad and want to quit when I think the democrats would need to obstruct and confuse and confound the SOBs at every opportunity to be viable.

      That’s what defeats me!

      I don’t want to lower myself and I don’t want the political party I identify most closely with to lower themselves to that level!

  6. If you really have principles, if you really stand for something you don’t play stupid games and act like republicans who will say and do whatever it takes to win. There is no victory worth that! If that’s what democrats think they have to do, I’m outta here. I won’t vote for that!

    • But what is the alternative? We just let Republican run roughshod over everybody?

      Sometimes it takes fighting fire with fire.

      The one thing I learned when dealing with that Betty Bible Supervsior that made my life a living Hell on the job – everytime I quoted Scripture right back to her – she dug in her heels even further.

      What really got her sacked was when I finally quit that job and then told the doctor every single detail that this Betty Bible had told me about all the other employees’ amount of Xmas bonus (they varied), how many write-ups were in their file , etc.

      This Betty Bible shared with me ALOT of personnel information and – as any person with a working brain cell knows – that is NOT wise to do.

      I then shared with the doctor what Betty Bible said in every office staff meeting and how they made him open to liability in the form of lawsuits regarding religious discrimination.

      Plus, the fact, this doctor was a true Christian and he did not like this is at all. In fact, he told me that he did not get this version of what happened from Betty Bible. She had told him that I just got ‘burned out’ and wanted to stop working.

      Yeah, right, ……

      I was more than angry about this Betty Bible – my feelings were hurt to think that a self-professing Christian could do this to me.

      I could not even bring myself to talk to the doctor until a few months after I left my job.

      BUT – the minute the doctor found out the truth – Betty Bible was GONE… She got her Puritan Panties their pink slip/walking papers.

      So – the lesson I learned? Don’t get your feelings hurt – and fight back. But I caution everyone – in order to fight back – use facts. Do not go off half-cocked and just ramble on and on about things that do not matter.

      USE the facts against these Betty Bibles – and the truth usually finds a way to make things right.

      But – I lost a couple of months time because I could not imagine any professing Christian being such a hatefull ASSwipe. But it happens – so we the People need to be vigilant and fight it wherever it pops its ugly head.

      • In addition to being a Pollyanna, I’m spineless. No courage a’tall… It surprises me to learn that I am like Romney and don’t have the courage to take a stand. They say we see our faults in others even when we can’t see them in ourselves.

        I’ll trying harder!

        It’s not easy when you’ve bitten your tongue for 65 years. But I know you’re right. For a very long time I’ve admired all you women who can hold your own, and it’s time I stepped up to the plate. Simply avoiding controversy isn’t doing me or anyone else any good.

      • fnord – you’re not spineless – you’ve been overly ‘nice’….LOL

        There is no fault in being nice – but in today’s political climate, being nice will not do anything but get your teeth knocked in multiple times.

        That is what I think Obama has been like – overly nice to Republicans. I wonder if Obama ever knew that while he was at his Inauguration celebrating, there were a bunch of prominent Republican leaders having a dinner party down the street plotting how to kick him out of office.

        So, I guess what John McCain said in his concession speech was just a bunch of hooey – when he said that we all must unite to make our country great?

        But more than just divided politics – we have a much larger problem – IMHO. There is way too much money in our system and our system was corrupted long before Citizens United came along.

        As for Scott Walker – his job has just gotten harder – IMHO. The WI Senate is not Republican majority and Walker WILL have to do things differently – won’t he?

        If he is a true American that wants to make his state better – then he will try to govern fairly. But if he is just another politician corrupted by the too-much-money system – then look for more years of this divided, bitter partisan political feud.

        Something has to break…… I said previoiusly, I’ve wondered if history is about to repeat itself with another JKF in Dallas.

        But, you know what the sad part is? If that were to happen – I suspect there wold be more than a few Republicans out celebrating.

        MAYBE that will be the turning point to make all Americans wake up and see what the truth really is? Just point a camera on these Republicans and just run the videotape 24/7 until this country GETS IT…….

      • BTW – Scott Walker said the very same thing about now its time for all Wisconsin citizens to unite.

        Yeah, we shall see what really happens….

        In my grandma’s words – the proof is in the pudding…..

      • prairie pond

        Fnord, I’d never call you spineless. You have a way of making your points well without being bombastic. Everyone should be able to contribute to causes without changing who they are. If you have to change the essence of your being, it’s not worth it.

  7. I’ve been reading. A large percentage of Wisconsinites said they didn’t believe a recall should be for less than malfeasance.

    Were there people who simply voted against the recall itself?

    Boy that plays into the enemies hands! Wisconsin will change state law and get rid of that recall possibility in a NY second! Then, like Kansas, they’ll be stuck with their idiots.

  8. Even though the turnout was big, there doesn’t seem to be an expansion of the republican votes in the state of Wisconsin. They aren’t a red state — at least not yet.

    • What was interesting is the fact that the Exit Poll still has Obama beating Romney and by quite a few points.

      Obama was criticized for not campaigning for Tom Barrett. But, as Tamron Hall of MSNBC pointed out, Romney did not campaign for Scott Walker either.

      I can understand why Obama did not want to go into that recall election campaign.

      If he had – then the entire recall would have been about Obama – and NOT Scott Walker’s past dealings as their governor.

      Like it or not – the people of Wisconsin have made their choice – and it seems they thought Walker was not that bad.

      But as my grandpa used to say – you’ve made your bed, now lay in it.

      I wonder how soon before that bed becomes too hard for anyone to stand?

  9. Won’t it be something if all the investigations against Walker bring indictments!?

    If people voted to retain him for no better reason than they thought the recall was inappropriate unless laws had been broken, just stand and wring their hands?

    I typed those two sentences above and then I stopped and realized that if there were people who voted against the recall itself they were voting their principles, taking a stand for what they thought was right.

    Just like I said I would do! Just like I said I expected democrats to do!

    Well, I better go sit in a corner and think this out. Maybe in this game that is politics you have to read the rules. Maybe in this game the rules themselves defeat principles and standing up for what’s right and good.

  10. I always liked reading him. He had a good run and he beat the odds, plus he leaves so much of himself behind.

    R.I.P. Ray Bradbury, Author of Fahrenheit 451 and The Martian Chronicles
    Ray Bradbury — author of The Martian Chronicles, Fahrenheit 451, Something Wicked This Way Comes, and many more literary classics — died this morning in Los Angeles, at the age of 91.

  11. Did you hear about this? Seems one little beauty pageant lady is upset with the Trump’s method of picking the most beautiful.

    But, wait, way down towards the end of this article, the pageant people are saying that this little lady that did not win resigned due to their new policy of allowing transgenders to compete.

    Hmmmm……so The Donald, who is the darling of the Birthers/Teapublicans/Religius Right Evangies that hate Obama is FOR transgender contestants?

    So where is the outrage from the Right Wingers about this new policy that The Donald seems to have put into place?

    Putting aside this current issue of this one contestant resigning – it seems The Donald is actually supporting transgenders?

    Personally, I feel like anyone who wants to enter any beauty pageant should be able to do just that (personally, I don’t like beauty pageants – especially those for the Infants and Toddlers age – UGHH).

    But if The Donald is being worshiped by the Right Wing Republicans and held up as a shining example of what a Republican is – then when can we expect the fire and brimstone to come raining down on Trump’s head for changing the rules to allow transgenders to compete?

  12. bobwhite

    Regarding today’s post, ‘here’s a women that has the “balls” to make her point.’ And, that’s not all. Great!

    • I wondered who, if anyone, would comment on the graphic. I wondered if it would get laughs, get me scolded for choosing it… I never suspected it would be ignored — and, finally, it wasn’t. Yes! She’s a young woman with what it takes! 🙂

      • I was not ignoring the cartoon – to be truthful, I was thinking the woman should have put Dick Cheney’s face next to the word Dick on her sign – that would surely make her rights even bigger than the biggest dick in the bunch – wouldn’t it?

      • All it takes to have full rights every human being should be offered without question is an anatomical part. A part that is capable of blocking the process of thinking and making good decisions. [BIG eye roll]

      • Now this is really crass..

        How ironic is it that these Republican males who are so set against giving women full rights because they lack a dick are the same men who see no reason why their health insurance benefits should pay for their erectile dysfunction pills.

        Maybe they’re so obsessed with dicks is because they need to trade-in for a newer model???

      • correction: should NOT pay for their erectile dysfunction pills.

        It’s all a pissing contest – you know. big eye roll/////

      • prairie pond

        Oh, Fnord, I loved the graphic, I just didn’t say anything because I had other things on my mind this morning. I think those kind of shock value statements are very valuable as long as they are not over used. Sometimes, ya just have to hit the mule between the eyes with a 2×4 to get the mule(s) attention. And then step back, because mules kick like, well, mules!

  13. Some thoughts, in no particular order of priority;

    1) All the out of state money spent on the Walker recall election at least benefited a segment of the Wisconsin economy.

    2) The exit poll analysis that concerns me most is the large percentage of voters polled and answering who had made their mind up early, well before there was any Democratic opponent. Thus, the advvertising in support of Walker that was running appears to have been a wise expenditure (if one is Walker).

    3) As has been noted, there were a significant number of folks who voted against the recall on principle.

    4) It would not be surprising to hear GOP Senators walk both sides of the street on the Pay Equity Act votes, something like “I’m all for equal pay so long as the work is truly equal. So long as a female attorney works equal hours with a male, she should be paid the same. If, however, she doesn’t work 12 hors/day, 7 days/week, 52 weeks/year, merely working 10 hours/day, 5 days/week, 50 weeks/year isn’t equal, is it?” That will resonate with many, I fear.

    5) Today marks the 68th anniversary of D-Day, and the 35th anniversary of my last day on active duty.

  14. prairie pond

    Thank you for your service, 617. It’s good to see you here. I was wondering where you were.

    Anyone heard from R.D.? I hope he’s ok and on vacation or something.

  15. azzippy

    Ray Bradbury pissed me off, once. He wrote a letter to Omni magazine in 1980 complaining about all the “knuckleheads complaining about nuclear power,” his point not being that fission was awesome but that our automobile-petroleum-based model was suicidal (“and then they get into their automobiles and kill each other,” ) I rejected his objection, but got his overall point.

    Building a renewable energy economy would be hard enough (the cost issues are real, for now), but the full-on plastering of the airwaves by fossil fuel lobbyists shows just how much power they have.

    The question: why is it these supposedly anti-government robber barons are so concerned with using government to control women? Is a just a throwback to previous matriarchal society (no modern feudalism, thank you), or is just a matter of convenience (when you have people who are willing to kill people, quickly or slowly, to accomplish a good quarter, what do they really believe, in the privacy of their own homes?).

    I pose a question, not an answer.

    • Far as I can tell, Zippy, for some the repression of women begins with their interpretation of the Bible. Or how they’ve been convinced to interpret the Bible. For some, I suspect fear. Because of their own insecurities they fear anyone and everyone who might prove to be ‘more / better’ than they think they are. They’ve never learned respect for themselves and certainly don’t know how to respect other humans.

    • I agree about the religoius theory of keeping women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen – and that Submissive Wife idealogy that seems to go with any Fundamentalist religion. (in this respect – Fundamental Christitians and Muslims are the same -aren’t they?)

      But I think this entire War on the Birth Control has more to do with the fact that women are now in control of their own sex lives. With the Birth control pill and other contraceptives so readily available – women are now free to conduct their sex lives in the same way men have conducted their sex lives for years.

      Gone is the threat of an unwanted pregnancy – and the fear of condemnation of the woman by society by ‘allowing herself to get pregnant’.

      Insecure men are the ones who want to go back to the pre-birth control era. And isn’t ironic that most of the men happen to be Republicans who seem to have had no problems circling the wagons around their fellow Republicans who got caught with their pants down – literally.

      The days of Boys will Boys is OVER……. and I suspect these ‘boys’ do not like it….

      • Reliable contraception allows women to compete in the job market, and to be financially independent. Must be scary to those insecure males to compete against women for jobs and to know women can take care of themselves quite nicely. When women are looking for men to be partners in life they’re not looking at those who want to keep the ‘little lady’ barefoot and pregnant.

      • I think you’ve hit the nail on the head as to why the white blue collar working class males is the population that do not like Obama.

        These are the men who are, majority-wise, non-college educated and the GWB recesssion threw them out of their jobs.

        So, rather than to blame GWB and the CONS for crashing the economy – they blame the black man in the White House.

        And why not – look at all the corporate-driven GOP cheerleaders spewing the Obama-hatred 24/7 – and telling these non-educated white males that ‘their’ world is being threatened…..