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  1. The 1 Percent’s Problem

    Why won’t America’s 1 percent—such as the six Walmart heirs, whose wealth equals that of the entire bottom 30 percent—be a bit more . . . selfish? As the widening financial divide cripples the U.S. economy, even those at the top will pay a steep price.

  2. Media and Politicians Reject “Women’s Issues,” but Voters Don’t

    (snip from the link)But the economy is a women’s issue. A lack of livable wage jobs, the massive layoffs in the public sector — which is predominately female — lack of maternity leave, paid sick time and fair wages regardless of the sex of the employee are all women’s issues. Health care, which costs more for women, and annual preventative care which is a must-have for every woman over the age of 18, are women’s issues. “Social issues,” which run the gambit of marriage rights for same sex couples to the right to chose when to have a child, are most definitely women’s issues, and of course reproductive rights and abortion are women’s issues as well.

    In fact, every issue is a “women’s” issue. Properly funding public safety because women are more often victims of assault than men. Affordable college education, as women begin to outpace men obtaining higher degrees. Retaining Social Security, which is paid out more often to women who outlive their partners. Banning environmental toxins, which could be contributing to rising infertility among reproductive age women.

    This election is about women. Women at home, women at work, women who have retired, women who live alone, or with families, or partners, women living in homes that are underwater, in apartments in areas that might not be safe, in nursing homes that lack regulation or in their cars with their children in their arms because they have no place else to go.

    If that isn’t clear, it’s because the media, as well as many of the candidates, are trying to distract from these issues.

    The question is, will we let them?

    • Read this article and pay close attention to about halfway through where it talks about Rep Chris Smith and his statement that this is the real war on women.

      WTF……this is just the GOP trying to change the subject because they KNOW that the majority of American women are against their poliicies.

      I watched Chris Matthews last night and he had Republcian Cliff Stearns talking about this sex-seletion boriton bill. This Stearsns guy kept yammering on and on about how every civilized country across Europe and the rest of the world have this ban but America does not – so America needs to keep up with the rest of the world.

      Okay – if they want to go that route to justify their abortiojn ban bill – then let’s be just like Europe and implement health care coverage for all funded by the taxpayers.

      HOw about it GOP boys – want to make that deal?

      I suspect this conjured up problem of women seeking sex-selection abortions has something to do with that Chinese dissident that recently sought refuge at the US Embassy and he is now in New York City studying at NYU (I believe?)

      Anyway – this Chinese dissident is the darling of the Evangelicals right now – so I wonder if this issue has anything to do with him?

      As Chris Matthews asked Stearns several times – if pro-lifers believe abortion is murder then what should the punishment for women be when they seek an abortion? This guy did not want to talk about that – he simply wanted to punish the doctor.

      But if women are seeking sex selection abortions – then isn’t the ultimate murderer the woman? She made the choice – not the doctor. The doctor is just an accomplice – IMHO

      Kinda like the CAtholic Church was an accomplice in all those child molestation cases when they covered up for the priests and/or offered to pay them $20,000 if they quit the priesthood.

      And, if I am not mistaken, doesn’t the current law make an accomplice in a murder guilty – but the original person that wanted the murder is charged with murder. Like that case when the boyfriend had his two friends kill the pregnant teenage girlfriend a couple years ago. By all accounts, the boyfriend did not do the actual killing – but he incited his friends to do the murder for him.

      Isn’t that the same as how these pro-lifers want us to treat these abortion bans? Let’s go after these women and charge them with murder – and I NEVER hear any of these pro-lifers advocate for that. They ALWAYS want to to prosecute only the doctor.

      I suspect these Republicans do not have the guts to say they want the woman charged with murder – because then, their true intentions of this War on Women would be undeniable.

      BTW – I liked the way Chris Matthews handled this – when he said that an abortion is an issue so serious that it should be left up to the woman and the government needs to STAY OUT of it.

      • I long for the day when these Evanglicals and Catholics who profess to be so pro-life actually prove they care about life and start promoting government policies that are beneficial to the lives of our fellow citizens.

        Living wage jobs, accessible and affordable health care, quality public education – just to name a few.

        But, alas, I don’t think that will ever happen because these folks are too worried about their tax-free status money coming in to cover the bills for those huge golden crosses and those fancy huge monuments they have built for themselves.

      • It’s just like those hypocrites to cite Europe and other foreign countries when it suits their fancy, and point fingers screaming about Liberals wanting to make America into Europe all at the same time. They really aren’t the sharpest pencils in the box! This ‘problem’ they’ve manufactured is just like the ‘problem’ they manufactured in order to cull voters who would vote Democratic — nonexistent except in their tiny minds.

  3. I appreciate that the mouth breathers (hat tip to 6176) ignore and even deny the WAR ON WOMEN. I also recognize that if they didn’t realize how poorly they do with women they wouldn’t be pulling these shenanigans — sex selection abortions aren’t happening in our country! They can’t bring any facts to this debate — women recognize PELVIC POLITICS, and we know who is attacking us!

    So let them go on denying there is a war while continuing to start the battles. They can find out this November what it means when they don’t support women.

  4. indy, please take a look at the Swiss system. It might slightly affect your statement about provision of health care services in Europe.

    • I just skimmed over this link (and thanks for posting it), but it sounds like Switzerland has what I have wondered would work if we provided it here.

      I see nothing wrong with a government-sponsored basic health care coverage plan and then people can choose to buy supplemental and/or catastrophic coveage .

      But then that brings up the problem of people just buying the bais covedrage and then if something catastrophoic hhappens to them – the taxpayers ghet stuck with the bills or the people go bankrupt?

      There is no perfect health care system in the world – is there?

      But our current health care system in the USA is going to kill us all – literally – unless you’re one of the 1% or those elected officials that get that Cadillac health care coverage provided by taxpayers.

      I don’t know the answer to this health care problem – but I work in the health care field and I see firsthand what is being paid for by our tax dollars – in some way or another. It is scary…

      • Just curious – I wonder how happy and satisfied the people of Switzerland are with their health care system?

      • From what I have gathered, very satisfied. No need for a referral to a specialist, no long waits, hospitals more like 5 star hotels than hospitals, a revision to the basic coverage requirements expanding coverage. It’s my further understanding the average out-of-pocket expenses in Switzerlane are less than $1500/year (the Wikipedia article says $1350, but the television show I was watching was apparently a bit more up to date).