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  1. What I find the most interesting piece of the Republicans’ War on Science is how these same folks deny that humans are a factor in global warming/climate change.

    These are the same religious folks who loudly profess that God gave Man the dominion over everything in thes world – and that man has the right to use the resourdes.

    But I also beleive that God gave humans a brain with which to think – and so wouldn’t the same humans want to conserve and preserve the natural resources that God has given them?

    I challenge any of these global warming/climate change deniers to drink a big glass full of the water straight from our rivers or lakes in America.

    How about drinking the water from that small town next to several feedlots in western Kansas? Yum…yum….yum…

    I believe in God – but I also know that God gave me a brain with which to think – reason – and then do what is best for me.

    That also goes for my sex life, birth control (when I needed it) and pretty much everything that pertains to my life.

    These self-proclaimed Religious Right Republicans need to learn to get their big noses out of my business…

  2. It’s unimaginable how quickly one of the world’s greatest messages of love gets turned into a weapon of fear, hate, and destruction. They’ll know we’re followers of Jesus by our love.

  3. When you’ve read the short explanation at the link, click on the photo there and it enlarges so the details can be seen.

    Stunning Visualization of 56 Years of Tornadoes in the US

  4. prairie pond

    Funny, the first thing I read this morning was about climate science. I get The Rag Blog every Friday in my email. It is the newly reconstituted on line presence of a very famous alternative newspaper published in Austin during the sixties. Anyway…here is an excerpt from an article this week about climate science denial.

    “One example of the bias in messaging comes from Stanford in 2010. It found that more exposure to Fox News quite significantly biased the respondents’ view against the consensus position on climate change. These researchers found that 82 percent of survey respondents that watched no Fox News believed the Earth’s temperature has been rising while 19 percent fewer Fox News viewers (63 percent) believed this.

    They found that 85 percent of respondents that watched no Fox News believed that the temperature increase is caused mostly by things people do or about equally by things people do and natural causes, whereas 25 percent fewer Fox News Viewers (60 percent) believed this.

    In this study the authors tell us: “more exposure to Fox News was associated with more rejection of many mainstream scientists’ claims about global warming, with less trust in scientists, and with more belief that ameliorating global warming would hurt the U.S. economy.”

    A more comprehensive study dealing with the reasons behind the different beliefs of viewers predominantly watching the Fox News Channel was presented by Feldman et al., in the International Journal of Press/Politics in 2011. Their findings backed up the Stanford study but went further. They found that Fox News viewers were consistently polarized in their beliefs vs. CNN and MSNBC viewers who showed no polarization.”

    If you want to read more, here’s a link to the entire article. It’s long, but a good read.

  5. Don’t buy into the celebrating the republicans are doing. The economy gaining 69,000 jobs in a month is not a devastating jobs report. The economy LOSING 800,000 jobs in a month’s time, as it was doing, consistently, before President Obama took office is what a devastating jobs report looks like.

    • prairie pond

      This is not a shot at Obama, this is a hard reality of the jobs report. It may really be as bad as the pundits are saying. I picked this up over at DU. It’s just an excerpt, but it is what nags me about the jobs reports.

      Here is a link to the data:

      “The unemployment rate FELL to 8.1%. This is the lowest level in years. So let’s look at how we achieved this reduction in the unemployment rate. The working age population rose by 180,000 people. The number of employed people DROPPED by 169,000. Hmmmmm. Wait a second. If there are more working age people in the population and less employed people, a critical thinking individual might wonder HOW THE FUCK did the unemployment rate DROP?

      Oh don’t worry your mind over such trivialities. Our friendly drones at the BLS have it all figured out. You see 522,000 Americans willingly decided their lives were so fulfilled and their financial situation was so good, they decided to kick back and leave the work force.

      The country has another new record. There are 88,419,000 of us who don’t want or need a job. The participation rate of 63.6% is now at a 30 year low, back to levels before many women joined the workforce.”

      Fnord, it’s that “participation rate” that’s bothering me. The numbers are jiggered to deliberately hide how many people have just statistically dropped out of the job market. Those numbers are ok for economists and the Fed and other assorted hooligans, but the misery index for real people, as in VOTERS, is higher than reflected in the official numbers.

      Want more confirmation? This is from Matthew O’Brien at The Atlantic.

      “As Peter Whoriskey points out in the Washington Post, the current employment-population ratio for 25 to 54 year-olds is the lowest it’s been in the 23 years that preceded the financial crisis. The mini-jobs surge this past winter was the closest thing we’ve had to a real recovery, but even with it we’re still in a deep, deep hole.”

  6. prairie pond

    You won’t get any argument from me that Shrub and his merry band of republican one percenters caused the crash and misery. But given the low information voters that seem to dominate American politics, it’s Obama who may pay at the polls when the misery index reaches this level. I know it all smacks of “he didn’t clean up Shrub’s mess fast enough” but that is how it may play out at the polls. No wonder both sides are invested in jiggering the numbers. The repukes don’t want anyone to know how badly they screwed the pooch, and the democrats don’t want the voters to blame them for not fixing the pooch fast enough!

    • Don’t get me wrong — I don’t think the unemployment rate or the economy is good, I just think it’s better than it was when President Obama took office. I am better off now than I was 3 1/2 years ago. After a refinance I’m paying lower interest rates on debt than I’ve ever paid in my entire life. That’s how I can afford to pay my increased utility and food costs. And, I’m well aware that I’m one of the lucky ones.

      Imagine how much better off America and her citizens would be if Obama’s jobs bill had been passed a year ago. We’d have infrastructure improvements employing Americans, materials for those improvements being bought here in our country, etc. — a real win-win situation. And we all know who to blame for that not being our country’s reality.

      I’m sick of the log jamb. I’m sick of those “low information voters” and mostly sick of those who do know the truth but lie about it. Republicans haven’t had an idea beyond wage war, deregulate and lower taxes for the rich while obstructing progress that might benefit anyone but the rich in many, many years. If it were possible to do that split up the red and blue states I’d love to see those republican voters get exactly what they deserve. Sadly, they take the whole of America down with them as we saw all too clearly just a few short years ago.

      • prairie pond

        Correct on all counts, Fnord.

        I’m not one of the fortunate ones in this economy. I’d like to say that being on the bottom rung of the economy makes me more sensitive. But mostly, it makes me bitter and hopeless that life for people like me will get any better anytime in the future. Makes it hard for me to think elections matter aside from making a choice between bad and worse. Given that choice, I’ll certainly support bad over worse!

      • I forgot to add that part of our income is from Social Security retirement benefits. This is a program we must fight to protect! There is absolutely no reason to sit back and watch the Paul Ryans and Mitt Romneys of the world destroy this safety net for Americans, just to pad the pockets of the uber wealthy even faster.