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  1. prairie pond

    Aint it the truth. If a tax cut for rich people won’t solve the problem, surely taking away all those mean old regulations regarding bank safety, environmental safety and fairness to workers will be the solution.

    Remember Patsy Roberts and Jerry Moron saying that over regulation of business was the number one problem with the economy?

    Yeah. They are just that stoop-id. I love how they want to end Social Security and Medicare in the name of young people, but they have no problem taking away the regulations regarding child labor or things that will make the environment unlivable for all those young people.

    But hey, they’ll have a few pennies of what’s left of Social Security, even if they can’t eat the food, drink the water, breath the air or survive their day jobs alive or unmaimed. So, they’ve got that going for them…

    • prairie pond

      I guess this would be an example of the regulations the repukes want to get rid of? The ones that protect us from these ass wipe corporations?

      OMAHA, Neb. — Two Houston-based companies have agreed to pay a civil penalty of more than $1 million for pipeline spills in Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska.

      The Environmental Protection Agency said Tuesday that the fine is part of a consent decree filed in U.S. District Court in Omaha. In the decree, Mid-America Pipeline Co. and Enterprise Products agreed to reduce external threats to the pipeline and improve their reporting of spills.

      The EPA says Mid-America owns and Enterprise operates the pipeline that carries gasoline products between Conway, Kan., and Pine Bend, Minn.

      The Nebraska spill of about 71,000 gallons occurred near Yutan on March 2007.

      The Kansas spill of around 75,600 gallons occurred near Niles in April 2010.

      The Iowa spill of nearly 34,500 gallons occurred near Onawa in August 2011.

      Read more here: http://www.kansas.com/2012/05/29/2352348/firms-to-pay-1m-for-spills-in.html#storylink=cpy

  2. prairie pond

    Hee heee heeeeee. I may not have a real job, but I’m still cranky on the day I have to get back to work and off holiday.

  3. I’m off to mow. The forecast says there’s a chance of rain tonight and again tomorrow. I thought about it for awhile and reasoned that if I do mow I’ve probably jinxed our chances of rain… But then again, if I don’t mow and it does rain I will have a bunch of trouble getting the mowing done.

    The problems of an old retired gal. 🙂

    • I ran out of gasoline! I got the front yard mowed. It was a compromise between my conflicting thoughts on jinxing the rain or having grass too tall to mow easily.

  4. I heard some Romney campaign staffer spew the usual anti-Obama mantra as to how the job creators are being prevented from creating those jobs because of that big badass Obama…

    Let’s review – there are trillions of dollars in the hands of these so-called job creators – so if Obama and his regulations are so bad – then where did all those trillions of dollars come in from – the tooth fairy?

    Corporations are making (and have been making for some time) hugh record-breaking profits. Hmmmm……do you think that is where those trillions are coming from?

    And WHO is stopping these so-called job creators from creating jobs? NO ONE……..

    I suspect what is really going on in these corporations is that they would rather cut their workforce, make the remaining workers do the same work at a lower wage and less benefits.

    VOILA…..I think I found those record-breaking profits….

    GREED……pure and simple……GREED

    • Remember their constituency believes these lies. They could tell the truth — Romney isn’t Obama — and it would be adequate for the republicans. Of course no one can win at the national level with only republican votes…

  5. Over the past four years, education spending per student has dropped 12.4% in Kansas. With Gov. Brownback’s new tax plan, expect that number to grow even larger, putting our children and state’s futures at risk.

    • prairie pond

      You know one of the crazy things about those numbers? North Dakota is supposedly booming, and I mean BOOMING because of all the oil activity in the Bakken Shale Fields. WTF? With all that oil boom, and the workers pouring in and spending money, they can’t find the funds for education? Something is either funny with those numbers or the idiots have totally taken over the asylum in North Dakota. IIRC, they don’t have a state income tax. I’ll have to look that up to be sure, but if that’s true, look out Kansas. We’ll be racing N.D. to the bottom for decreases in education spending.

      • prairie pond

        Sorry, it’s South Dakota with no state income tax, not North Dakota. Mea Culpa. But still… WTF with North Dakota?

      • Maybe I am reading this graph wrong – but North Dakota has increased their spending – haven’t they?

        But I agree with your assessment that Kansas is running a race to the bottom -but we keep electing elephants….

      • prairie pond

        You are correct, Indy. Sorry, I guess I can’t read today. I was reading from top to bottom, not red to white. I wondered what the hell when N.D. was booming why education would be cut. It makes waaaay more sense when you read it correctly. Wish I had an excuse, but I’m just dumb today.

        Damn, I hate when that happens. 🙂

  6. I read an interesting op-ed piece about education spending, the interest rate on student loans and the importance of education and the kind of society spending on education buys.



    • Romney came up with a perfect solution to student loans – all students have to do is to ask their parents for the tuition money.

      Oh yeah, that’s right Mittens, as soon as I get my favorite car up on that car elevator – I’ll go write that tuition check ..

      Please, just give us a frickin break. As hard as Romney tries – he will NEVER be an average working class American.

  7. Romney embraces Trump and his fellow birthers – but now Romney whines about he is not responsible for what his supporters say.

    Oh really, Mittens? Trump is hardly just one of your supporters – Trump has provided you with a fancy stage in Sin City – Las Vegas – to do what you do best – I believe Rush called it by another name…….

  8. One more comment about how John McCain handled that heckler by calling him a jerk on stage – while he was representing the Senate as an elected official AND a military veteran speaking on Memorial Day.

    HOW DARE someone stand there and make a mockery out of a person exercising their freedom of speech.

    I may not agree with this heckler’s choice of time and place to express his views – but all McCain had to do was to have this heckler removed and then go on.

    He did NOT have to resort to name calling. Only Bullies do that – don’t they?

    My deceased loved one gave his life in the Vietnam War so that ALL Americans have the right to free speech.

    Then we have have military veterans that came home from that same war and used their military service as the golden road to enrich themselves.

    Shame on McCain……Shame on any veteran that claims to love our country and it’s freedoms.

    • cont’d: shame on any veteran that claims to love our country and its freedoms only to mock fellow Americans using their freedom of speech.

      Like I said before – I may not agree with the heckler’s choice of place and time – but I do agree with his right to voicing his own opinion.

      ANd to HELL with any elected Senator and their GOP party that think they are above anyone else….

  9. bobwhite

    In the U-Tube video above, we see two more declared Christians. Which is the better representative of what Jesus tried to teach?

    • You mean living a life of love, compassion, humility, forgiveness, fairness, peace, treating others as you want to be treated… 🙂

      • What saddens me the most about these self-righteous pious Religious Right Republicans is that they demonize the black man in the White House for what their brown-skinned Savior (Jesus) taught in those Bibles these folks thump so loudly.

  10. What are your thoughts about this issue? Is it okay for our president to be updated on the whereabouts of the key players in AlQueda? Does our president have the duty to protect our country from known terrorists?

    I am not naive enough to think that diplomacy will work in every situation. And if there is evidence that these people that make it onto the list, then we need to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of our own country.

    I would much rather have President Obama targeting known terrorsts than to have our president use kill lits or cherry-pick the intel reports to start wars willy-nilly or to topple regimes we don’t like.

    And that has happened before in our history – hasn’t it?

    There are people who demonize Obama for using those drones to target AlQueda. I am not one in that camp. I would much see drones being used than to send in more our our soldiers on the ground.


    • I’m having some problems with a president who directs assassinations.

      War is useless — completely and absolutely. Boots on the ground just get the men and women who wear those boots killed and all too often leave foreign nations regarding America as a bully, which escalates the hostility. I can’t find a redeeming quality to war. I can only hope these are truly horrible humans who would kill many if allowed to continue. I don’t actually even have the words to talk about this. I don’t know enough to discuss it intelligently and my emotions cloud my thinking.

      I’m having a problem…

  11. I didn’t get the video — YouTube deleted it, there was a ‘link’ in the article that didn’t work. I’m glad I didn’t watch it. Hate like that is dangerous. I feel overwhelmingly sad for that tiny child, for all the children. Read the article, read a few of the comments. This is what evangelicals do in church????


    • When will the tax exempt status of these dens of evil they call churches go away?

      • Just as soon as churches are removed from the list set out in IRC sec. 501(c)(3). If this is politically impossible, then a church should be required to file a Form 1023, with the same scrutiny given such as with any other organization exempt under said section. Oh, and also require a church to file a Form 990 annually, with it being open to public inspection on the same terms and conditions as oyher orgs. That’s a start…

  12. fnord – I am having trouble posting a reply to your comment above about Obama and the kill list.

    I understand your feeling the way you do – and I also feel like this duty of our president needs to be fully examined – and then re-examined – because I do not want this to be used for any prupose by any president that happens to get in there.

    But just like Bin Laden – this is the guy that boasted about being the mastermind behind 9/11 – so didn’t Bin Laden deserve what he got?

    There are bad people in the world – and that is what I meant when I said I am not naive enough to think diplomacy works on everyone – because it does not.

    But if it is a choice between sending our soldiers on the ground to kill people or directing drones to do the same killing – I much prefer the use of drones.

    That may not be right – but once this practice is in being used by our president – then it needs to be checked, double checked and then checked again.

    And I much prefer Obama doing this than Romney or any other war-mongering Republican.

    This is one of those times I would just as soon not know what the president has to think about…..

    • I know President Obama has made tough decisions and shown superb leadership. I think the consequences of this job of POTUS must be more than most people are capable of enduring.

      Like I said I don’t know enough. Like you said I would just as soon not know.

      Compare the leadership of Obama to a man like Romney who can’t even dredge up the courage to say Limbaugh or Trump are wrong. Either Romney lacks convictions and character or the courage to take a stand for them. Maybe all of the above.