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Memorial Day commemorates all men and women who have died in military service for the United States.


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  1. This is one of many pieces written comparing the spending under the Obama administration to previous ones. The facts presented and the comments following have been repeated across multiple media outlets. The ‘conservatives’ can’t allow positive things to be said about this president so they confuse the discussion by bringing debt into a conversation about spending, among other diversions. The only people this actually confuses are those who deny facts and attempt the diversions. Republicans have honed this tactic of veering off topic to a fine edge but it no longer works. The internet has shined too much light into the dark corners of deception. Slogans and propaganda aren’t effective against facts.


    Who Is The Smallest Government Spender Since Eisenhower? Would You Believe It’s Barack Obama?

  2. A good read!


    The GOP’s Dead-End Path to Prosperity

    (from the link) Already, the rich – and virtually the rich alone – are rebounding from the Great Recession, with the top 1 percent capturing 93 percent of the income gains in the first year of recovery, according to economist Emmanuel Saez of the University of California, Berkeley. But under Ryan’s plan, according to the Tax Policy Center, a centrist think tank, the average millionaire would get a new $265,000 tax cut (on top of $129,000 from extended Bush cuts), while after-tax income would fall for households earning $30,000 a year or less (and at the same time, 62 percent of all Ryan’s cuts come from programs benefiting lower-income households). Lowering incomes, removing insurance, increasing individual burdens and boosting insecurity does not provide most Americans more freedom, but imprisons them in economic anxiety.

    Greater inequality also increases illness and mortality, reduces social and economic mobility, lowers long-term economic growth, undermines democracy and contributes to higher crime rates. And recently a team of researchers, mainly from the University of California, Berkeley, found through seven different studies that upper-class individuals are more likely to behave unethically – lying, stealing, cheating – than the less affluent. Such behavior may be a major contributor to their wealth, but it also demonstrates that once they are wealthy, people are much less moral, and much more powerful. It’s a message apparently lost on right-wing Christians.

    But it may not be lost on all Americans. Even Ryan faces a strong political challenge from former businessman and Democratic politician Rob Zerban in a once-Democratic district. And Romney now carries the baggage of a plan that does precisely the opposite of what he claims into a campaign against a president who seems willing to take that message to the electorate all year long.

  3. I suppose you’ve all heard McCain, who I thought might be reverting to sanity, pounding the war drums. He’s spent this holiday weekend loudly criticizing President Obama and promoting the idea that America should be the world’s police. He wants war so badly! He promotes violence and invasion first and doesn’t seem to have a diplomatic bone in his entire body. Thank goodness for President Obama! And always remember Romney is as big a war hawk as McCain!

    This time McCain isn’t singing “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran.”

    Arizona Sen. John McCain on Sunday called the Obama administration’s approach to the violence in Syria, “a feckless foreign policy that abandons American leadership.’’

  4. Pond, Three nights in a row I’ve seen the name of your county crawling across the television screen. I hope you enjoyed rain in your area — no hail, nothing damaging.

    • prairie pond

      Hi Fnord, thanks for thinking of me. No rain, no nothing. Not even a lot of clouds. Just a hell of a lot of hot wind, but then, it is Kansas so it’s to be expected.

      Hope all is well in your land.

      • Too hot, too early. Today the wind has died down and I’m happy for that. Narry a drop of rain here either. I had such high hopes you’d had rain.

      • PP – glad to hear no damage out your way – but sometimes when we want the rain – we can’t seem to get a drop. But here in Bel Aire, when it has rained – somebody forgot to turn off the damn faucet!!

  5. Congress established the “National Moment of Remembrance” by resolution in December 2000 as a way to promote national unity and remind Americans of the meaning of Memorial Day.

    The congressional resolution asks Americans, wherever they are, to pause at 3 p.m. local time “and informally observe in their own way a moment of remembrance and respect.”

  6. Hope all here are having a safe and relaxing Memorial Day weekend. While Memorial Day has seemed to turn into the official First Day of Summer for a lot of folks – we all need to take a moment and think about what this day is really about – ALL Americans who have paid the ultimate price – their lives – in order for us to sit and bitch, moan, groan and bitterly debate politics and our government policies.

    But in the last few decades – I have wondered if we could ask our fallen soldiers if they are happy with the way our country has behaved – has conducted herself – have the people been honorable to their memory.

    And I have to shake my head and say – probably not.

    That is the sad part – how our poiitics have seem to come to the point where it is seen as ‘okay’ to be obstructionists than to try to resolove soem our problems as a country.

    This question has really bothered me ever since that GOP debate when the audience booed that active-duty American soldier simply because he was gay.

    HOW DARE THESE Republicans sit there and BOO an active-duty soldier stationed over in some hell hole that their boy put the USA in the first place.

    AND then these same Republicans profess to be so damn patriotic and they love America?

    This does not fly with me……….

    I am angry………

    I am a woman…..

    Hear me ROAR……

    I’ve been on the receiving end of bad news when a loved one is killed in military action. It’s a place too many of my fellow Americans have had to be – but I seriously think it is time for the WOMEN of America to stand up and say NO MORE….

    Women are the majority of the caregivers in our society – women bear the children, take care of the children when they are sick, take care of the house keeping it running smoothly (at least we attempt to do so).

    And, frankly my dears, the current GOP is NOT treating women very nicely. And I think it’s time to show John McCain and his other GOP buddies that women will NOT stand for any more war just because some old white male Republicans want it so damn badly.

    If these folks want war – then they can SEND their own loved ones – right along side of their own old white prune asses.

    YOU want war? YOU go fight..

  7. The USA has forced armed conflicts on more than 40 countries since the end of World War 2. This extract from Why we fight explains why and details the connection between war and making money.

    • That is what upsets me the most – is WHY do so many Republicans WANT to go to war? I know, I know…..follow the money.

      But then these same folks are the ones who loudly profess to be such a Democratic Freedom-loving country – but exactly how is that shown to the world when the US has been involved in so many armed conflicts and for what purposes? Political – money – power or just damn EGO?

  8. Personhood vs. stem cell research

    While the Personhood USA movement works to galvanize legislators in about 30 states, the crux of the public debate is over abortion rights, but a related issue deserves a hearing: the effects on human embryonic stem cell research.

    Bruce Olwin, a stem cell researcher at the University of Colorado Boulder, foresees two consequences of legislation that could criminalize legitimate research: Scientists might flee to states that view their work more favorably — or leave the country altogether.

    Alienating an entire contingent of researchers would have dire consequences on America’s ability to compete globally in the field. “Because of the overarching intrusion of religion and politics on science,” Olwin said, “I think it’s going to drive the United States into a Third World science country. We will not be anywhere near the leaders.”

    Bernard Siegel, the founder and director of the Genetics Policy Institute, agrees that the Personhood movement represents a potentially major setback.

    “Microscopic cells in a lab dish, that by a couple’s decision will never be implanted in a womb, should not be defined as ‘people,’” Siegel said. “Any state aspiring to become a center for biomedical research and biotechnology should not touch a personhood bill with a 10-foot pole.”

    Another ripple effect of the Personhood legislation would be an assault on an infertile couple’s ability to have a child, according to Dr. Jonathan Van Berklom, an expert on IVF at the University of Colorado Boulder. The very act of creating embryos in a lab would be laced with criminal liability.

    “If an embryo dies in a lab accident or the culture medium is not quite right, and an embryo doesn’t develop, these aspects of IVF — where things do and can go wrong — would become a criminal act,” Van Berklom said. “So some IVF practitioners would stop practicing. People would say, ‘I’m just going to go back to doing OB-GYN’ so they won’t be picketed.”

    If Keith Mason, the leader of Personhood USA, has his way, doctors and researchers will do exactly that: retreat. He calls embryonic stem cell research “largely unsuccessful” and “horrendous.”

    Perhaps he should talk to Sue Freeman, whose macular degeneration improved enough to allow her to go grocery shopping alone after her participation in a groundbreaking clinical trial at UCLA last year using human embryonic stem cells.

    At such an exciting time for the field, the Personhood movement’s robust expansion is sobering.

    “Any state passing a personhood measure would surely send the wrong message to the world,” Siegel warned. “Do we prefer the Dark Ages or the promise of 21st century biomedical research?”

    • Oh, so correct. Meanwhile (for whatever reason, but I’ve an opinion), students, no later than high school, are avoiding the science courses, including math, needed to avoid this outcome irrespective of the “Personhood Movement”. Said movement is simply accelerating the apparently unstoppable momentum to true scientific ignorance within the population.

      As to the opinion, the eschewing of the science and math courses occurs even at NEMHS, notwithstanding the career opportunities which exist (as pointed out regularly by the faculty). The younger tells me this is due to the majority of the students “not wanting to work that hard”. My Site Council experience supports the veracity of that statement, as fewer students seem to complete the requirements to earn their magnet certicate for the Science Magnet. Sigh.

  9. Many hospitals, doctors offer cash discount for medical bills

    The lowest price is usually available only if patients don’t use their health insurance. In one case, blood tests that cost an insured patient $415 would have been $95 in cash.,0,4627745.story

    • This is interesting. I just received my EOB for my CT scan of the abdomen – according to the insurance company – I owe $700 on a claim of $2,500.

      According to our insurance coverage plan, CT scans are treated like lab tests.

      They pay 100% for the first $500, and then our deductible and our 20% co-insurance kicks in – until we get past that set amount (not sure what it is right off top of my head) and then they pay 100% again.

      Don’t ask me why this is the way things are – I’ve learned to just read every EOB and every billing statement I get.

      But I have NEVER been quoted the cash price for any CT scans done on me (and believe me, I’ve had a buttload).

      Maybe I should ask the next time – just to see what I find out???

  10. R.D. Liebst

    “Just a hell of a lot of hot wind”, well this is an election season I believe?

    • Good one!!! May I add one thing? Useless – hot wind. If this country ever used our collective intelligence – we would invest in harvesting all this wind into some alternative energy.