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  1. Did everyone hear Romney’s education plans?

    He wants to increase class sizes. This should work well as a tactic to help schools fail and I have to think that’s his goal or he wouldn’t have made this stupid suggestion.

    He wants to put the middle man banks back in student loans! President Obama accomplished a change which meant government-backed student loans were paid back directly to the government. Banks had been a useless middle man in this process since the first student loan was made. The government insured the loans (took all the risk), gave the banks subsidies (paid them to make these loans!) and the banks kept the interest charged on those loans.

    Sahweet deal, huh?

    Now that President Obama has accomplished change and saved tons of money — the government no longer pays the subsidies and the government gets the interest as the loans are repaid. — All accomplished by cutting out that useless middle man! Romney wants to put the banks back in as middle man! See it’s all about making the rich richer with Romney and his republicans! Those poor banks need all that free government money and Romney will make sure they get it! That’s how Romney will spend our tax money — he’ll give it to the banks!

    • “The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations.”
      — Thomas Jefferson

  2. Over the next few months we must make sure Romney is asked about each and every action and lack of action by the U. S. House! These are his guys, and we sure have the right to know his opinion of everything his guys do or don’t do!

    Let’s make sure all Americans are aware that whatever the House does is what Romney approves / disapproves of. And, if he disapproves (or says he does) then what actions will he take to get his guys in line? After all, he either is a leader or he isn’t! All voters want to know what Romney thinks of each piece of legislation. What would he do if he were president? Criticizing President Obama doesn’t tell us what he would do differently.

    As House Republicans double down on their efforts to stop the economic recovery we must know what Romney thinks, what Romney would do.

    The blogosphere can and does influence media! Let’s be sure media does their job!

    It’s a two-way street!

  3. A cartoon from 1948, back when the scare of “Communism” was used to keep Americans in line.

  4. As we enter the Memorial Day weekend, I am always more cynical (is that even possible for me? LMFAO).

    As I’ve shared before, the Vietnam War has very painful memories for me.

    Last night, the movie ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ was playing – remember this movie with Robin Williams?

    As I watched it, it struck me as to exactly what happened in that country. Many scenes of that countryside were beautiful.

    And I also remember how many of my loved ones and friends were drafted (against their will) and still went over to that hellhole that we helped to create.

    No matter what your politics are – was Vietnam War worth the price America had to pay and is still paying today?

    And WHEN are we ever going to learn the valuable lessons from the Vietnam War?

    Certainly NOT the day a President Romney gets to deliriously declare war on Iran and knowing that he will use OUR loved ones to do the actual fighting.

  5. Let’s think about this – Obama is losing the support from white working males. Do you think maybe it’s because when GWB and GOP Gang crashed the economy, alot of these white working males got hit because this time – the hit was much deeper than anytime in recent memory?’

    So, rather than blame GWB and Gang for creating the unemployment – these white workign males are blamking the black man in the White House for not fixing theings instanteously.

    This is one major reason the GOP talking points are cetnered arouind Ob ama has not fixed the economy fast enough – it’s a bait and switch tactic the GOP is famous for. The GOP will promise on the campaign trail that they can and will fix things and create those jobs.

    But – as we have all seen many times before, whenever REpublicans are in control – the deficit goes up and up and up – along with the corporate profits.

    Americans are a spoiled bunch – expecting everything to be done in an instant. We have all the latest technological gadgets that make our lives easier and we have most everything we need at our fingertips.

    Is this why the white working males are leaving Obama – or is it because the GOP knows which hot button to push – especially when this party seems to see things only in black and white.

  6. The republicans are telling a lot of lies. None of which they can back up with facts. So if a bunch of white males fall for lies and propaganda instead of seeking the facts we’ll just have to put it down to their own insecurities and inability to think for themselves.

    Did you notice the higher the education of those white males the more likely they are to support Obama? Education is the answer to many ills and to many fears (especially those based on made up boogeymen). 🙂 I don’t know why republicans hang on to their fears. Maybe it’s easier than being curious enough to find out what’s behind those silly fears and propaganda. Taking a look at the scaredy cat men sure does make you appreciate the thinking men we have around here, doesn’t it!?

    Who votes most reliably between the males and females? Females.

    Are there more males or females in the American population? Females

    If you’re going to lose any support it seems better to lose that white male support while enjoying increased support of women and minorities.

    • It’s is also more ‘comfortable’ for some people to be told what to think, what to do, who to blame and who to vote for – or in alot of Republicans’ lives – which God to worship .

      I’ve never been a person that likes to be told what to do. Just ask my husband – the most valuable lesson he learned from our early married years is this – if he ever tells me I have to do something his way – that is when I will do just the opposite to show him that he is NOT my master.

      If a marriage cannot be equal partners that both people are willing to give and take (even when they don’t want to) – then that is no marriage IMHO.

      • My hubby calls that a woman who can be counted on, a woman capable of taking care of herself, a woman who doesn’t need a man to complete herself, a complete woman who compliments a complete man. Both know they can count on the other. My hubby doesn’t want to be told what to do or how to do it and appreciates that I don’t want that either. We talk things over and respect one another. It’s the way adults behave when they’re in a partnership.

      • I got a good man – and I count my blessings every day. Sounds like you do the same?

      • prairie pond

        You are both lucky to have such good men, but I’m sure you all put in plenty of hard work for your marriages to thrive. I can’t help but believe the work is worth it. I’m envious, but glad for you all.

        Do you hubbys have any single sisters? 🙂 HA!

      • PP – Sorry, my husband is an only child. But, when I think of how my husband was raised by strict Southern Baptists – and the mother was the holier-than-thou type.

        You know, always read the Bible, did not get up until noon, never did any housework but she sure had the sharpest tongue to criticize and demonize anybody and everybody that dared to cross her.

        Seriously, this woman told me to my face that I was not to have any family dinners because it would make her look bad because she NEVER washed dishes. And she did not want me to make her husband (my father-in-law) have to wash dishes.

        ME make him wash dishes? Wasn’t it HER that was telling me she would make HIM do the dishes?

        We always had to go out to a restaurant if we ever got together. I came from a big family and we had family dinners all the time.

        Hell – we used paper plates in the later years. BUT we all did the dishes – and we didn’t care about.

        This mother-in-law was so holy and only read the Bible but she NEVER missed an episode of the soap opera Dark Shadows (the original series in the 70’s).

        I always wondered if her fetish about vampires was because she felt a kinship to them – you know, loving to drain all the blood out of someone.

        This woman was not and is not a nice person…..

  7. REpublicans are also letting the Birthers take center stage. I applaud this effort – because every time one of these Birthers get on television and rant and scream – it just points clearer and clearer how absolutely NUTS the GOP has become.

    But – on the other hand – I guess Romney is okay even though his father was born in Mexico?

    This is the best moment for Romney to stand up to the Radical Far Right Crazies and tell them to STFU.

    But , no, what does Romney do instead? Romney is having a big fundraising event in Las Vegas (Sin City) with Trump and that self-admitted serial adulterer Newt Gingrich.

    GOP = God’s Party of Family Values? What a load of B.S.

  8. Has anyone else been following this trial?

    Now, about this same Catholic Church wanting to take away birth control from their employees working in their public endeavors – how about we make a deal?

    When the Catholic Church brings any of their hiearchy dress-wearing males to justice and holds them accountable for the sin of helping child molesters – THEN we’ll talk about that birth control thing.

    Until that day – clean up your own Catholic Church backyards.

    • Please note – this trial is after a 10-year investigation. Count them – TEN years..

      So when these CAtholic Church supporters talk about how their Church has cleaned up the child molester problem – you can point to this trial and see – really?

      Where is the Church on this one case? And we are only talking about this one case….how many others are there that have NOT been reported?

  9. Real Clear Politics shows the following electoral college vote predictions:

    Likely Obama — 161
    Leans Obama — 66
    Total of likely and leans — 227

    Likely Romney — 131
    Leans Romney — 39
    Total of likely and leans — 170

    They show 141 toss up votes

    President Obama needs 43 of those toss-up votes versus the 100 needed by Romney.

    Other sites that keep track of electoral college votes give President Obama a greater advantage. The above was the most ‘conservative’ leaning I could find.

    • You know what Sweet Karma would be? A repeat of 2000 – hey, GWB was just the ‘pronounced’ elected president – wasn’t he?

      Now that would be funny – in reverse, of course.

      I bet we’d be hearing rants and screams coming from the GOP that would be sweet music to dance to – wouldn’t it?

      We could dance the Democrats STFU jig…..

    • Real Clear Politics 141 toss-up electoral votes —

      Arizona (11)
      Colorado (9)
      Florida (29)
      Iowa (6)
      Michigan (16)
      Missouri (10)
      New Hampshire (4)
      North Carolina (15)
      Ohio (18)
      Virginia (13)
      Wisconsin (10)

      Seems there are many more ways to get to 43 than there are to get to 100. 🙂

      • I heard Chris Matthews and his panel (Chuck Todd?) and Major Garrett talk about this ver issue. They seem to think it will all come down to Virginia.

        Wasn’t Virginia the same state that the Governor tried to push that transvaginal probe bill up every woman’s vagina?

      • IIRC – This Gov Bob McDonnell is also the guy that got wrote his thesis paper on the Fornicators and the role of liberal women degrading society – or something like that?

        It’s pretty clear – this Bobby guy apparently does not like strong, intelligent and independent women.

        Maybe he was scared by one when he was a child? BOO…..

  10. Serious question – who will be Romney’s V.P. pick?

    I think it will be Paul Ryan

    • P.S. – I think Paul Ryan will pull a Joe Lieberman – he will run as VP but keep his Senate seat.

    • They all seem like snakes in the grass to me. I really haven’t given it any thought and have ignored the speculation as it doesn’t matter at all. Romney at the top of the ticket guarantees I wouldn’t vote for him no matter who he chooses to run with. I think I heard the most qualified are steering clear as they don’t want to be on a losing ticket. Ryan has no experience, but then there isn’t a single person eligible for the job of president who has as much experience as Barack Obama.

  11. Has anyone else noticed the price of gas has gone down?

    Where is the credit for President Obama? I mean, seriously, these Republicans sure do like to demonize Obama for the gas price increases – where is their giving him credit for when the price goes down?

    But – never forget – no matter which way the price goes – those oil companies are making their record-breaking profits and STILL getting taxpayer-funded subsidies.

  12. bobwhite

    Too much truth and wisdom in this posting to ignore it. I, too, have little confidence in our US democracy. Evidence exists contantly to the effect that it does not work in behalf of common good or public interest. Not that it can not; but it does not. Voters in the US are not prudent regarding their best interest as opposed to their current, selfish interest.