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  1. indypendent

    I heard pundit say this morning that Romney should defend his Bain Capital success by saying that alot of pensions – such as for teachers, firefighters and law enforcement – was the real people that got that wealth – not just Romney.

    Hmmmm……..were these the same pensoins that were close to be completely wiped out when Baby Bush and GOP Gang crashed the economy?

    BTW – Mitt has realdy stated he plans to double down on the Bush p;oliticies. So, does theis men the economy will reall crash this time to the point of no return?

    Is that the point in time when the White Horse Prophecy come into play?

    You know, if the stakes were not so damn high – I would like to see these Evangelical Christians’ faces if and when theocracy takes over America and the Mormon Church is in total control.

    Now – that would be when the Holy War will start……

    But – these silly Evangies brought it on to themselves – IMHO

  2. indypendent

    This election is going to be one long and nasty fight. So, what happens the day after the election?

    Just more of hte same – dysfunctional govenrment that cannot seem to do anything but raise their own salaries and continue to get that cadillace health care and those fat pension checks?

    With the global economy in such a fragile state – do we really need an unstable America – both in politics and economy?

  3. My crystal ball doesn’t work. Plus, I’m just no good at seeing the future.

    I feel confident President Obama will be reelected barring something drastic. No one can win the presidency without the women and minority votes. No matter how much propaganda the republicans attempt to spread, women and minorities are not going to vote for Romney! In fact, I suspect women and minorities will turn out to vote in larger numbers this fall because of republicans — they have motivated us. Romney will attempt a hard left turn immediately after the Republican Convention and we’ll have to see how successful that EtchASketch moment really can be in a few short weeks.

    Congress critter elections baffle me completely. We hear all the time about the economy being what’s most important to everyone — all the polls show that to be true — but it just doesn’t seem to be the truth to me. Neither party concentrates their efforts on the economy and we all know that, so why would any of us say we cast our vote with that uppermost in our minds? Is that what influences our votes the most? I don’t think so.

    What effect will the SCOTUS decision on The Affordable Care Act have on the fall elections? I haven’t a clue. Tax cuts expiring, debt ceiling needing to be raised, automatic cuts kicking in… Since that ‘perfect storm’ comes together after the elections will it have any effect?

    Republicans have promised nothing new. They will take us back to days that brought America to her knees, they’ll chip away at women’s rights, they’ll give our tax money to the wealthy and deregulate until government becomes the enemy they tell us it is. Our Constitution under republican governance will indeed be the worthless piece of paper Bush said it is.

    • indypendent

      Romney has promised something different – the double down of Bush’s failed economic, domestic and foreign policies.

      Why else do you think Romney has brought in all the NeoCons from the Bush II era.

      Romney tries to portray himself as such a God-fearing, loving family man with all those Family Values – but when it comes right down to it – what type of man wants to increase the military spending by the amount Romney wants to do and to promise the Republicans they will get their much-desired Holy War with Iran? Is this really a God-fearing man or just a man who thinks he is the answer to some damn man-made religious prophency?

      I don’t want any religion in the office of the president when that is the only thing that is making the decisions.

      But, as a I said above, I would love to see these Evangies’ faces if Romney turns America into a theocracy and the Mormon Church is the one in total control.

      Do you think ol’ Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham, Tony Perkins and the rest of those Evangies would be so willing to be boot-lickers?

      • prairie pond

        “Is this really a God-fearing man or just a man who thinks he is the answer to some damn man-made religious prophency?”

        Neither. He’s just a rich fuck who thinks he is entitled and it’s his turn. I don’t think he wants to do the work of being President. I think he just wants to win the election and then turn everything over to his lackeys.

        Remind you of another entitled rich fuck who thought it was his turn?

        Hint: He cleared a lot of brush…

  4. prairie pond

    I know I’m paranoid by nature, but it seems to me that things are really scary right now. Especially if Rmoney wins.

    “In fact, I suspect women and minorities will turn out to vote in larger numbers this fall because of republicans — they have motivated us.”

    GOTV, (get out the vote) is going to be more important than ever this year. I think getting the most people to the polls will determine the outcome of the election. That’s why the repukes are working so hard on voter suppression and purging the rolls, especially of minorities. And also why they went after and killed ACORN.

    I worry that because Obama was so slow in turning away from appeasement with the repukes, and turning towards solidifying his base, the enthusiasm gap may be a factor. He’s going to have to get people registered in the face of republican ratphucked registration laws. Just giving rides to the polls this year isn’t going to work. The key will first be registration, second transportation.

    And I think Obama and the Democrats may have to scare people into voting. Talking about hope and change and a positive message just isn’t going to do it. Especially with the youth vote. For a host of reasons, he’s a day late and a dollar short on delivering on his hope and change promises. Now, it’s going to take a ‘this country will be toast if I don’t win” message. Not something that generates a lot of enthusiasm.

    I’m worried.

    • Look at the electoral college for a dose of reassurance, Pond. Romney will win the red states by huge margins but that won’t increase the electoral college votes in his column. A very narrow win in the swing states will get those electoral votes in the Obama column as assuredly as those red states going to Romney in overwhelming numbers. As we know, a president can be elected without winning the popular vote. That would be a horrible turn of events with no positive effect for our nation but it wouldn’t be as disastrous as a Romney win so I’ll take it if that’s the way it happens.

      Remember too that the lies Romney is running on will be countered with truth. There has been no spending spree under Obama! Bush policies are behind the majority of our national debt. With Romney running on returning to those policies and proof of the damage they caused so vivid in our memories, most people won’t vote to go down that road again. There is a populist awakening, a disdain for Wall Street and the fat cats that will return President Obama to office for a second term.

  5. G-STIR

    I wonder when more and more people simply give up on the whole thing and don’t vote at all. Since things are seemingly so gridlocked, it’s a mattter of when , not if. IMHO

    • prairie pond

      Gstir, that’s what I worry about too. Getting screwed, like women, minorities and gay folks, can cut both ways. For some people it’s a motivator, for others, like me, it just makes me throw up my hands and walk away. That probably says not so good things about me, but I’m tired of spending most of my adult life working, and I mean WORKING, in and on politics and still losing ground at every turn. Think about it. I’m a woman, gay, born into the the middle class and I live in western Kansas. I nothing but moving backward to show for anything I’ve done or any money I’ve given. Isn’t doing the same thing and expecting different results the very definition of insanity? Well, why would I work, vote and/or donate again when it’s produced such fabulous results? Sarcasm off.

      What in the wide, wide world of sports makes me think anything I say or do will matter. Including voting. I haven’t voted since 2004. I probably won’t vote again this year.

      • G-STIR

        I’ll vote for ya.

      • Sounds like you have the same feelings I get from time to time – sometimes the only thing that makes sense to me is to throw my hands up and just WTF…

        But, I do know that the only reason I registered as Republican was to get Todd Tiarht out – and that was a goal that was accomplished.

        And just think – now I am getting personalized questinnaires sent to me by the RNC and Johen Beoher & Mtch MccConnell.

        I am still waiting for my offical Welcome to the GOP gift bag. I hear there are some magic rose-colored Reagan glasses. And if Romney gets in – I hear talk they might throw in some magic underwear.

        Okay – I’m sorry for that last part. I’ ve been doing research on Mormonism and – frankly, my dear, it scares me.

        I don’t care what a person chooses to believe but do I really want a President that is a Church Leader that believes women will not be allowed into that top level of Heaven UNLESS their husband calls for them by their ‘endowment’ name?

        Too much male dominance in that particualr belief – for my taste.

        And I wonder how these Evangelical Christians are going to like the fact that non-Mormons are NEVER allowed into the top level of Heaven and that non-Mormons will be the servants to the Mormons.


        Like I said – I would love to see these Evangies’ faces if Mormonism takes over in the new Theocracy we used to call America

      • Freedomwriter

        Prairie Pond its more important this year to vote, than it has ever been before. We are at a political tipping point. This election determines the makeup of our Supreme Court, and the direction our nation will take. Are we going to be a progressive forward thinking nation, or are we going to become a rigid oppressive corporate led regime? Not voting allows all those ignorant, short sighted folks to continue making life hell for the rest of us. I view this similarly to the Nazi’s insidious takeover of Europe. Let’s not walk silently to the rail cars—You are not alone in your frustration, but as tiring as the fight may be at times, none of us can afford to give up. I hope you’ll reconsider, make sure you are registered to vote, and adamantly cast your vote to make a statement this year. Part of the tactics being used are fear mongering. They want us to think we don’t have a chance, but there are a lot more folks stirred up to act this year and everyone’s vote will be important. You represent the most important voter of all, and it is voters like you who can really make a difference in this election. Your vote, added to my vote, added to Fnord’s vote, added to G-Stir, added to Indypendent, added to R.D. Liebst vote, becomes a chain reaction that can move us forward.

    • Well said Freedom Writer…..

  6. indypendent

    But what about this…. I am a registered voter. I am a woman very angry with the Republicans over their endless War on Women. But I am also a woman with a very busy life taking care of grandkids, working part time and trying to keep our daily lives as normal as possible with all this stupid political yammering going on.

    But – I have not been polled by anyone for this election – have you?”

    Are woman the silent majority this year? Are we so busy with our daily lives that we are not the ones out there yammering 24/7 about how evil Obama is and how Democrats eat puppies?

    I think the womens’ vote – even more than the minorities’ vote – will be the deciding factgor. I wonder how many women are sitting back and simply waiting for their turn to SHOW the Neadernstahls who really holds the power?

    Kinda like that Trojan Horse theory – lull the opposition into thinking they are winning and then total SMACKDOWN..

    Revenge is a dish best served cold….

    • indypendent

      P.S. – I do not consider receiving those two GOP-sponsored questionnaires as being polled for the election.

      Those two monstrosities are exactly what they appeared to be – blatant attempt at MONEY-MONEY-MONEY.

      Since when do Republicans actually care what people think?

  7. prairie pond

    “Since when do Republicans actually care what people think?”


    “Since when do Democrats actually care what people think?”

    Yup again.

    Money talks and bullshit walks. I don’t have enough money to make any difference. I think even if we ALL pooled our donation money together, it wouldn’t amount to a pimple on a gnat’s ass compared to the Kochs and Wall Street.

    Double S, Double D.

  8. Neither. He’s just a rich fuck who thinks he is entitled and it’s his turn

    According to the WElcome to the GOP manual – this is the way Republicans choose their presidential candidates.

    But you left out – white and male’