Tuesday, 5/22/12, Public Square

Wipe Out Homophobia (WHOF)


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  1. If you don’t know about the life and tragic assassination of Harvey Milk, here’s a site where you can learn about him.


    • prairie pond

      Thanks for posting this, Fnord. I always wonder how things would be different today if Harvey had lived. We need leaders like him. Strong, smart and unafraid.

  2. indypendent

    Did I share with you my recent good news? I received a questionnaire from Mitch McConnell and John Boehner and they would like for me to share my opinions with them on various issues – but these were the very same questions that was on that RNC questionnaire I received a month ago.

    But, of course, both wanted my money sent to them to fight the socialistic presidence we have in office today.

    Yeah, right, big eye roll????

    • You can bet all the money they hope to receive that they don’t care about hearing your opinion. Their course is set — Romney is their man and more of Bushco is their game — they will not be deterred by anything less than losing the election. Even that won’t deliver the lessons it should as these are ideologues possessed of their own ideas. When Romney loses we’ll hear all about how he isn’t ‘conservative.’

      He can’t talk about Bain, he can’t talk about Mormonism, he can’t talk about Massachusetts until after the republican convention in August (waaaaay too many EtchASketch moments since those days!). Since those topics pretty much cover everything he is and has done, we’ll continue to hear how poorly President Obama has handled everything. Oh, there will also be no details or information about how he would have done anything differently, no ideas, and no solutions for the future either.

      • indypendent

        Agreed 100% – whenever Republicans demonize Obama for not fulfilling his promises of hope and change and job creation – these Repukes never mention the fact that their ‘boy’ George W. left a plate full of S.H.I.T. for Obama to fix upon his arrival at the White House.

        With all those promises Obama made during the campaign – how could he even start on any of those while the economy was sinhking so fast we should have been called the USA Titantic.

        But – why let facts get in the way of a good demoization story.

  3. indypendent

    I heard someone say something quite thought provoking today – what color is an immortal soul?

    For all the wars based on bigotry of all types – racial or religious – where does this fit into the picture ?

    I’ve often wondered why it seems the most vicious people are those who profess to love God so much.

    My Christian Bible says that God is love – if this is true, then how can a Child of God live to hate 24/7? Wherever there is hate – God cannot abide in the same place.

    Which is why I am very cynical about these so-called Religious Right Republicans – they are way too hateful for my taste. And I would like to think that a loving God (as the Bible describes God to be) would also NOT want this name associated with this bunch.