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  1. prairie pond

    As Biden might say, the President’s endorsement of same sex marriage is a big effin’ deal. But the NAACP’s endorsement this weekend is an even bigger deal, IMHO. It will go a long way toward healing the rifts between the LGBT communities and the African American community. It’s been a raw spot for me ever since I watched four black ministers march to the podium in 2004 and testify against us in the Kansas Legislature. It felt like a huge betrayal from people who should have been part of the family, part of a coalition, and part of a movement to stop the wingnuts who include huge blocks of racist people.

    This is four minutes long, but well worth watching. I love Melissa Harris Perry and she discusses here how it’s time now for LGBT groups to embrace and join efforts to stop voter suppression laws that are designed to hurt minorities.

    I’m very proud to say the Kansas Equality Coalition and their lobbyist, our old friend Tom Witt, have been working in Topeka all session not only to stop bigoted legislation that harms LGBT people, but also to stop Kobach and his and Brownback’s efforts to make voter registration and participation as difficult as possible. KEC and Tom helped lead the charge against voter suppression. They didn’t just smile and nod about it, but they worked hard and were successful in stopping the worst of Kobach’s racist and bigoted voter suppression laws.

    While people have been talking about forming coalitions of mutual interest for civil rights, justice and equality, KEC and Tom have been doing it, not talking about doing it. Did I say I’m so proud?

    • I’m proud of Tom too!

      It’s a mystery why any person who is minority race, female, LGBT, a caring human being could be part of today’s republicans. But I never really understood brown nosers either. I never appreciated crumbs and was willing to work to earn my own piece of the pie.

  2. prairie pond

    On the subject in the header, I got an email newsletter from my state rep yesterday that said we all need to become supply side economics supporters because we better hope it works. Kansas just staked its future for the next few decades on how well Laffer’s theories work. I think it was tongue in cheek from my rep who voted against the most heinous budget and tax cut programs. And he’s a repuke who bucked his own party.

    Of course, the question is, when exactly has this supply side, tax cuts create jobs and increase revenue bullshit EVER worked? Please provide proof and show your work.

    Because the truth is, cutting taxes has never increased revenue or created jobs, no matter how many times they dig St. Ronnie Ray Gun out of his grave and prop him up to pretend it works. It didn’t work then, and it won’t work now.

    kansas. As stupid as you think. I wonder if Pastor Sam even cares that history will show he pulled the fiscal plug and then stood and watched as Kansas swirled around the drain and finally disappeared down the sewer of failure.

    Probably not.

    • To believe they have to ignore how many times Reagan raised taxes and it turns out they’re really good at ignoring this fact. 🙂

  3. Did anyone watch the lunar eclipse? Too many trees here and no clear sight line of the horizon. A friend posted this pic taken north of Wichita where the horizon could be seen.

  4. Mitt Romney spent nearly 20 years as a corporate buyout specialist, an experience he cites as a key qualification for his candidacy. Take a look at just some of the states where Romney’s management decisions left companies bankrupt and Americans without jobs.

  5. indypendent

    Standing ovation for this Great-Grandma. She is the type of American we should all strive to be – informed, involved and engaged in the process.

    I really like the way she said that she is just carrying on what past generations have done…..and that is so true – isn’t it?

    Take women’s rights for example. Just because Roe v Wade has been the law of the land for several decades does NOT mean we have won the war on Women.

    Birth control is another example – and don’t think for a moment that these Republican males would not love to take away the womens’ right to vote. And how damn long was that fight just to get the vote for women?

    This Great-Grandma has it correctly – are things the way you want them to be?

  6. indypendent

    So, now Notre Dame has joined in the suing the Obama Administration over that birth control mandate.

    I wonder where these holier-than-thou peoples’ outrage was when their own church leaders were sued because they covered up child molesters?

    Wow – talk bout religiojhs freed – what aboiut hte freedom of their yoiung boy victims to not be molested by their trusted priests and then to have the Catholic Church knowingly cover up those seins?

    But, alas, I’ve been told I do not understand because – I am not Catholic.

    Yes, that’s right, I am not Catholic. But I do know the sin of child molestation when I see it proven in court and the Catholic Church was found GUILTY…..

    This bunch of holier-than-thou types need to clean up their own backyards before they scream about freedom of religion or any other rights they think they are being denied.

    • I heard just enough about this lawsuit to be confused. I’ll need to get a bunch more details before I have any understanding.

      Their church teaching against birth control is exactly that — a church teaching. I can’t even wrap my mind around why any church would think their teachings would hold sway outside their church. Fact is, that particular teaching doesn’t hold much sway inside their church either, but that’s not for me to worry about.

      I go back in time to a period when England was at the top of the heap and they certainly had to struggle against religious despots who thought they should rule with absolute power and authority. It’s why America was populated and founded. I guess it’s true that what was old is new again?

    • Regardless of the litigation positions taken, I fail to see any First Amendment violation. The government is NOT requiring Roman Catholics to use contraceptives. I presume not all faculty, staff, and members of the Notre Dame student body are Roman Catholic. It just seems to me that regardless of the “Church”, those who are in said position(s) have the same rights as others not at Notre Dame to have access to contraception on the same terms and conditions. Any different result is clearly discrimination. Of course, those who are Roman Catholic have said rights as well; just don’t tell Notre Dame .

      • I’m glad you weighed in. Now as details of this case become avail maybe you can help me understand what in the hell they’re thinking. Maybe they’re not thinking and that is the problem? 🙂

      • I suspect that a “form over substance” vargument will be advanced. For decades, it has been settled Constitutional jurisprudence that the government, under the appropriate First Amendment provisions, may not legislate or regulate on the basis of not liking the religious belief of a group. However, it is equally settled that regulating the practice of any religion may be subject to reasonable restrictions. See cases involving the use of hallucinagens in religious services; the “snake handling” cases; and, IIRC, the proscribing of polygamy notwithstanding the tenents of the Old Testament or those of Mormonism.

        It will be argued, I think, that notwithstanding the above, the regulation by statute regarding contraception affects beliefs and not practices. I dissent. A closer question existed before the burden was shifted to the insurer (even Cal Thomas seemed to obliquely acknowledge this in his column last week), which was a very intelligent move by the Administration. So, what does any one else think?

  7. indypendent

    P.S. – When is it my turn to whine about my religious freedom being denied because I am forced to have my tax dollars being given to the CAtholic Church?

    Take a good look around this city – if was not for Medicaid, Medicare, subsidies and grants provided by our tax dollars – the Catholic Church would not be so wealthy – or powerful.

  8. Sophomoric? Members Of Congress Talk Like 10th-Graders, Analysis Shows

    “Particularly among the newest members of Congress, as you move out from the center and toward either end of the political spectrum, the grade level goes down, and that pattern is particularly pronounced on the right,” he says.

    Of the 10 members speaking at the lowest grade level, all but two are freshmen, and every one is a Republican.

    • Not Sophomoric; just smart politics, especially those who are candidates trying to attract the “conservative” vote (read as “social conservative”). IIRC from listening to the piece on “Morning Edition” the “bottom 10” were all Republicans, with 7 or 8 “Tea Party” types.

      Given what I consider the general “dumbing down” of the citizenry, which has been occurring for at least the past 4 decades and has little to do with the politics of the current time, this result is not unexpected. Nor is the exploitation thereof by the politicians. FYI, the IRS simplified the instructions for Form 1040 from 10th grade to 8th level some 20 years ago, and in so doing made the same even more incomprehensible in the attempt to simplify the same so more taxpayers could prepare their own returns. There was a movement a few years ago to further simplify the same, but was quashed due to the realization that so doing would double the amount of paper needed to print the same (the earlier simplification only caused a 50% increase).

  9. indypendent

    Sophmoric talking? I would have guessed much lower – like 3rd grade.