Saturday, 5/19/12, Public Square

Divide and Conquer


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  1. Good morning!

    A mighty wind is blowing. Takes away the pleasure of the morning temps for me. Will there be much-needed rain? Fingers crossed.

  2. Good morning! It is very windy in OK too, I am not a big fan of this crazy wind we get here. But what do you do? Rain is in the forecast and we too are keeping our fingers crossed.

    Divide and rule has always worked and will keep working till the time we the humble keep ourselves divided on petty issues.

    • Humble, A very long time ago I was born in Oklahoma — Watonga, county seat of Blaine County. We moved to Wichita, Kansas, before I started school but we still visit relatives who live in OK City, Enid, Waukomis, Watonga, Okeene… All those great and wonderful people, just like in Kansas, makes me wonder how in the world did the state politics become sooooo wingnutty? 🙂

      • Dear friend it is so good to know there are some sane people from Oklahoma too, we thought we had Mary Fallen and James Inhofe type only. As far as the state politics are concerned, in my humble opinion all the good and sane people move out of state as soon as they realize they are sane. They take their sanity and run, leaving this wingnutty politics.
        Bt the way I drove through your town, on 12th, to see the McPherson College car show. Monks like to go for outing some times 🙂

  3. indypendent

    Yesterday was the first full day of summer for me – I had both grandkids to entertain. The granddaughter graduated from kindergarten this past week.

    We had to go shopping to find a new swimsuit for the granddaughter and some swim trunks for the grandson. We put up the pool, let them pick out a new backyard toy (they both chose golf this time) and off we start for the summer….

    WE had a blast – but it sure was nice to have that cooling wind/breeze blowing through. Otherwise, this old grandma would have been a bit

    I’ve alway been a big believer in the fact that kids should have a childhood they will remember – and this is one grandma that hopes the memories we create this coming summer (and past memories) will be what the grandkids remember the most.

    I’ ve noticed with my own kids (and they are both in their 30’s now). It’s not whatthe material things we bought for them while they were growing up – it was the time we spent with them that made the most lasting impression.

    In this modern age of technology, instant gratifcation and lightning-speed rate of living we all seem to be subjected to nowadays – it’s also something very special to simply put up a small inexpensive pool, have cool drinks and some snacks for the kids and let the fun begin.

    There is nothing sweeter than to hear my granddkids laughing and having fun – and just being together with them.

    To me – this is God showing his presence to me. The fact that our family is blessed in so many ways (and excessive money is NOT one of them) but we are still in this beautiful world, enjoying life and enjoying the time we have together.

    Because I learned during my cancer journey – life can slip through your hands at any given moment.

    Treasure and cherish each moment you have with those people you love.

    end of sermon/////

  4. wicked

    There’s a park about half a mile away from our house, so I’ve been doing some morning walking each day, before the grandkids arrive. It seems to wake me up and get my brain working faster. Today it was a bit of a fight with the wind, and I was wishing I’d worn a hat or visor to keep my hair in place instead of in front of my face.

    I like the cooler mornings. I’ve walked at that park with my daughters, but it’s always been in the evenings, when kids are playing on the equipment and basketball courts, and others are walking. Mornings are much more quiet.

  5. Hope all are doing well. Storm’s coming, damage in Harper County and Kingman County resulting from tornadoes.