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  1. indypendent

    The cartoon above would be funny – if it were not so true.

    As I was surfing the t.v. channels yesterday, I got a glimpse of some Congress Critter – a Democrat – that was talking about sponsoring a bill about Empowering Voters.

    I don’t remember this guy’s name – does nayone else know anyhting about this?

    From the small snippet I heard – this bill is to ifnd ways to enable MORE people to vote – rather than to try to discriminate and bar pepole from voting.

    Which – if you truly believed in the American dream of freedom and representation for ALL – you would WANT all people to vote -wouldn’t you?

  2. Ed Klein, the author of a new, thinly-sourced book attacking President Obama and Michelle Obama with gossip and innuendo, went on far-right talk show host Dana Loesch’s radio show today to suggest to listeners that the president is a secret Muslim.

    The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.
    U. S. Constitution, Article VI, paragraph 3

    Maybe Ed Klein will show more of his butt today. Maybe a bunch of desperate republicans will drool over him a bit more today. Keep your eyes turned away just in case. It isn’t something anyone wants to see.

    • Here we go again…. Rev. Wright, birthers etc. 2008 redux.

      They don’t have different ideas for governing and plan to double down on Bush2 strategies of wage war and give tax breaks to the most wealthy, to hell with everyone else. They don’t even have different ideas for opposing President Obama. No new ideas, no solutions, and boring just like their candidate. 🙂

  3. Wisconsin job losses highest in nation for last 12 months, federal report says

  4. indypendent

    Alot of Republicans believe Obama is a Muslim that was planted in the White House by the Radical Islamists to destroy America.

    As I was sharing a few weeks ago – one of co-workers passionately believes this conspiracy.

    One of my friends works for a large bank downtuwn and the majoirty of workers there believe this same nonsense.

    But, in the case of my co-worker, when I asked him if he was so worried about Obama being a Muslim and the possibility of him making America into a Muslim country – then why was he not as worried about Mitt Romney being a Mormon -especially with that White Horse Prophecy in the Mormon Church. This man had not even heard of the White Horse Prophecy. And this guy also hates Mormons because they are a cult. But, he will vote for Romney because he HATES Obama so much.


    • They prattle on about Obama and Rev. Wright — but yet are silent when it comes to Romney bantering about with known homophobes, white militant groups and of course the religinuts at Liberty U. Unlike Obama, Romney actually subscribes to the tenets of these people — whereas Obama has denounced Wright’s controversial sermons.

      Makes them sound bigoted, hateful and woefully uninformed.

  5. If you think you’ve got problems take a look at this and put your problems in perspective. Although what the wind does in this video may be pretty close to what the Kansas Legislature and Brownback plan for Kansans.

  6. I knew the moths were bad this year, but didn’t know how bad until I moved this morning. The mild winter must have allowed whatever they’ll become to live and prosper.

  7. What a conundrum. 🙂

    While Mitt Romney faults President Barack Obama for a weak American economy, Republican governors across the country are trumpeting business growth and falling unemployment.

  8. The marginal tax rate has been slashed in half over the last 30 years, and as a result our country has been less prosperous.

    Propping up the richest in the nation in hopes that they will use that money to employ others and spread prosperity is a false economic philosophy and we now have three decades of evidence to prove that.


  9. indypendent

    Scott Walker of Wisconsin takes credit for jobs that his predecessor created?

    Is this part of what Walker is trumpeting that big elephant honker about?

  10. indypendent

    God himself could come down from the Heavens and tell the entire world that Obama was born in Hawaii – and yet these birthers/Teapublicans/ Conservative Religious Republicans would continue with their all-out, deep-seated hatred of Obama.

    There is something very, very wrong with people that much hate.

    You see, hating some one to hte point where you live, eat and drink this hhatred 24/7 takes alot of enrgy on those folks’ part.

    That is why I think that – dep down – these folks know Obama is a better person than they are – which simply drives their hatred of him even further

    • That is why I think that – dep down – these folks know Obama is a better person than they are…

      You give them credit for being able to ‘think.’ That’s very generous and kind of you. THeir actions and words don’t indicate that capability.

      Aren’t they somethin’ else!? I can think of several descriptive terms but they do such an excellent job of making themselves look _________ they need no assistance. 🙂

      I heard ole Mitten$ talking about taking the high road because he didn’t approve of the ad the PAC was going to run. The one that emphasized Pastor Wright’s words. I laughed so hard! The very last thing Mitten$ wants discussed during this campaign is ‘religion.’

      • Perhaps Mitten$ can give us all some understanding of the planet / star “Koleb” which is part of the canon of Mormonism. Maybe some people don’t know about this Mormon Masterplanet.

        How about the Mormon belief that a woman can’t get into heaven unless her husband lets her in. Unmarried women don’t get into heaven!

  11. The House republicans voted today to completely do away with the agreement they spent last summer hammering out. Yep! Once again, they went back on their word! We already knew from the fact they haven’t done even one thing about jobs or the economy, although that’s what they promised to do in their campaigns before the 2010 midterms, that we couldn’t believe anything they say.

    They can’t be trusted!

    • The only part of this that is a bit of a stretch is the part about keeping the current health plan. If the insurance is employer provided, the insured is at the mercy of employer changes. I understand that whty is meant is that the ACA does not force anyone to change. The way it is worded, though, makes it sound as if the current plan with which the participant is happy won’t change, although it damn sure will if the employer so determines. I can see the mouth breathers out there becoming upset with changes, and Rove, et al, exploiting this.