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  1. wicked

    Yeah, that poli cartoon fits me to a T. Well, except for the gardening part. I’m definitely suffering from Outrage Fatigue (OF).

  2. It’s pretty amazing, huh?

    This too shall pass.

    I’m with you wicked on the gardening. It’s too hot already. By the time I mow and water the few pots of flowers I’m finished. 🙂 I enjoy the mornings, by the time it cools off in the evenings I’m tired and just want to sit.

  3. Here’s something you can look at from the comfort of your own home. The pictures are amazing and truthfully I don’t want to travel to all these places so seeing pictures, and sometimes just learning the places exist, is quite enough.

    41 Places To See Before You Die (Part I)

    • wicked

      Magnificent! Some places would be on my list, but others would either screw with my fear of heights or cause claustrophobia. 🙂

      This isn’t as good as when I first found it, but it’s still worth a look.
      New 7 Wonders of Nature.
      Then again, I couldn’t find a bookmark, so it may not be the right one. Close enough though.

  4. My oldest grandson took a new job and moved from Portland to New York City. I’ve never seen NYC. We stayed the night there (on a return from Ireland) but it was a matter of landing after dark and going back to the airport before light kinda stay. Now that Andrew is there I think I’ll see that city.

    • indypendent

      I’ve been told by family and friends that NYC is an exciting city. From what I’ve heard from these folks, it is a good place to be when you’re younger – but when you have kids, most folks leave the city life for a more suburban life.

      But – maybe things have changed?

      He, he…..kinda hard to see the city when you’re just there in the middle of the night – huh?

      I had two co-workers from Kansas drive to get to the Times Square on New Years Eve and then drive back immediately afterwards.

      BOY were they tired…….

    • wicked

      See that city, fnord. It’s a must-visit, at least once. I’ve been twice. The first was in 1964, and we attended the 1964 World’s Fair, and then again in 2003. Both were different experiences. I wanted to go a couple of years ago, but wasn’t able to. So much to see, so much to do. And the people aren’t anything like the stereotypes we hear about. Many are very nice and helpful.

      But Portland to NYC? I’d have to take Portland. LOL

      • This young man will be 24 years old next week. So far he has lived and worked in Wichita, KS, Boston, MA, Walla Walla, WA, San Francisco, CA, Honolulu, HI, Portland, OR and now NYC (actually he is living in Brooklyn). I think I didn’t leave out any place. Suffice it to say after leaving Wichita (where he was born) he stayed longest in Walla Walla and graduated college. He seems to have a wandering spirit. Some of those places he only lived and worked for a summer during college. He has met with great success but there is always a new challenge that beckons.

      • wicked

        Sounds like the son of a friend. The one who was a diehard Republican, then moved to Seattle and saw the light. 🙂 He went from a small town in So. Illinois to KC, Atlanta, Charlotte, and eventually to Seattle. Most of that was because he’s offered so much money, he can’t refuse. His first job out of college was $60k a year. His earnings are now in the top 5%, and he hasn’t seen 40 years old yet. He’s as down to earth as anyone you’d ever meet.

        Isn’t it marvelous what these young people can do?

      • indypendent

        wicked – just curious – you said both visits to NYC were different.

        Was it because they were in different generational periods or what made them different?

  5. The clock is still ticking…

    Cost of Tax Cuts

    • wicked

      Is everyone aware of what the feet dragging in the KS legislature is costing? According to an email I received from Geraldine Flaherty yesterday, “each extra day is costing the taxpayers about $35,000.” The budget hasn’t been passed, nor the redrawing of the maps.

      • Yes, I heard the costs of their overtime session. Kansas has plenty of money to pay for the incompetence of our legislators, including enough to pay for lawsuits because any laws they did pass are probably illegal. Kansas doesn’t have enough money to adequately fund our schools. After all, educated people might not elect such incompetents.

  6. The Catholic church has an ad that pretty much threatens people with damnation if they don’t vote the way the Church tells them to — while they enjoy their tax-exempt status.

    • indypendent

      I’m still waiting for the Church to hold their heirarchy accountable for covering up those child molesting priests.

      That Church has lost ALL credibility on any moral issue – IMHO

      • indypendent

        BTW- my friend is still being pressured to fill out that damn paperwork to annul her 22+ years marriage so that the ex and his trophy wife can be ‘good’ Catholics.

        1) My friend and her ex were never Catholics.

        2) The ex was tomcatting around with this trophy wife while married

        3) There were 5 kids born into that marriage – if the marriage is annulled (wiped off the books – are these kids now bastards? What does that do their souls?)

        4) The trophy wife has an Ex also – but he was Catholic and he did sign the annulment paperwork.

        When this Church STOPS all this nonsense B.S. in trying to wipe out previous marriages just so the pile of dog poo can be relabeled into a pile of roses – THEN maybe I will listen to one word they say.

        Until then…..No Damn Way…

      • I hope she never completes the paperwork and I hope that means he isn’t able to move on with his ‘church-approved’ marriage. Karma, she is a bitch. 🙂

      • indypendent

        I know he has converted to Catholicism but as for the church approved marriage part – I don’t know for sure.

        But I did see the church newsletter about the story of Sam’s Life. It went on and on about how he came to convert to Catholicism and his lovely trophy wife and their adopted daughter from Guatamela. But you know – I kept looking for the part of Sam’s Life when he was married for 22+ years and those 5 kids. Never a mention of them – anywhere in that damn story in that damn newsletter.

        If we’re praising Sam’s Life – then shouldn’t we be talking about the entire Life of Sam?

        This is what infuriates me the most about all religious people – this knack of only seeing what they want to see.

        Life is messy. Life is not black and white. Life is always a learning process. But if we can simply ‘annul’ the parts we don’t want to acknowledge – is that really being truthful?

        And if God is all about truth – then how about those 5 kids and that ex-wife – SAm?????

    • Who here thinks our country was the inheritor of freedom as a result of England struggling against Catholic despotism? Someone ready to offer me a history lesson?

      • wicked

        I thought it was Church of England, which obviously turned its back on Rome when Henry VIII started the psychotic bastard religion Church of England.

        Then again, I could be wrong. I'm sure Eddie knows.

    • wicked

      So they’ll vote for a Mormon? Gotta laugh at that one. But, yes, it’s about as over the line as anything can get. Time for the Constitution to be upheld.

      I like all those older folks (like me) going to vote. Any young Catholics around anymore? Or did the youngsters see the light and run like hell?

    • indypendent

      BTW – I told my friend what I would do with that paperwork the next time a priest came to my door. LMAO

      One last thought about this – The Catholics profess they are pro-life and that babies are a gift from God – correct?

      Then annuling a 22+ years marriage that produced 5 kids – is that like throwing the gift of those 5 kids back into God’s face and saying – Thanks, but no thanks? I’m more interested in becoming a ‘good’ Catholic than a thankful father.

      Just asking…..

  7. Here’s what’s showing at the Orpheum Theatre tonight at 7 p.m. — The Graduate.

    • indypendent

      REmember what a ruckus that movie stirred up? I still remember when the television show ‘All in the Family’ hit the airwaves. Wow – that really stirred up a hornet’s nest.

  8. indypendent

    Did you hear about this plan? Seems a Super Pac wants to bring out the old Jeremiah Wright card to be played again.

    Hmmm, wouldn’t trying to tie Obama to a perceived racist preachers also invite pepole to tie Romney to his Mormon religion – and rightfully so – IMHO

    IIRC – the Mormon Church had a very big problem with black people -up until the mid 1990’s? . I need to find some links about this…..

    But let’s just say that this Super Pac is really this stupid to go with this plan – will it backfire due to moderates and independents being ticked off?

    • I did read that! I laughed. Oh, and don’t forget that childish ‘pranks’ from Mitten$ school days are not to be an indicator of his character.

      They’re desperate and grasping for any straw that might make their guy have any chance.

      • R.D. Liebst

        Refer to the quote in my later post, as to “They’re desperate and grasping for any straw that might make their guy have any chance.”

  9. Scroll past the picture and quote for some statistics.

    Why Rich People Don’t Deserve Their Wealth. (That’s Right, I Said It.)

    • And? What this appearsto prove is that monetary capital has become the most important factor in success today, replacing labor. IMHO, this began about 50 years ago (recall the advent of the Investment TaxCredit, the lowering of the top marginal income tax rate, and a more generous form of depreciation of “assets used in a trade or business” (ACRS, or Accelerated Cost Recovery System), proposed by President Kennedy in 1961, and enacted by Congress. At the time, the economy was mired in a situation where very little growth was occurring (at least the last 3 years of the Eisenhower years were in such a state). The issue at the time was not a shortage of labor, but a lack of investment into new PP&E, that is, no shortage of “human capital” but a definite shortage of “money capital”. The rest, as is said, is history. Technology which increased productivity allowed growth while not increasing the number of jobs available.

      Plus, it’s always good to inherit a s**tload of money; it eases the strain of daily life, and eliminates the concept of worth being measured by merit; well, at least the merit of the current generation.

  10. R.D. Liebst

    Religious belief should not be about what others follow or belief it is about what you yourself believe.
    I have not heard it as much as I use to when I hung with my friend at the fundamental church.
    But yes Mitt’s religion is a big block for the fundamentalist.

    It is so ridicules that the President openly professes his Christian faith yet the ole me-me is starting all over again about he is a Muslim or a servant of the Devil. Fall back on the Abbot and Costello line:
    How stupid can you get?
    How stupid do you want me to be?
    The suggestion is nothing new or truly needed to gender hatred or distrust of the President since it would have already been there in those who would buy the suggestion anyway!

    • indypendent

      I think this Jeremiah Wright ad will do nothing but to cement the voters that are already hate Obama.

      I do think if these people are that stupid, and/or desperate, it will backfire and BIG TIME..

      One pundit this morning said that Jeremiah’s claim that American’s chickens have come home to roost will be what brings down Obama.

      Oh really? I think the majority of Americans are very sick and tired of the damn Iraq War and when one thinks about it – America’s foreign policies have been interfering in that region for many, many years.

      But – let’s just say that this Super Pac is correct in thinking Jeremiah’s rant about the chickens coming home to rooset will only bring up the fact that Romney has already stated several times he is ready to go to war with Iran. And Romney has brought in numerous George W. Bush’s guys who orchestratred the Iraq War.

      Does Romney and the GOP really want to down that road with Americans who are sick and tired of war?

      Besides – I thought America was broke? Where is the money going to come from for their much-desired Iran War???

      • I read a recent poll done by Fox “News.” One of the poll results showed the majority of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and those currently serving prefer President Obama over Romney. I wondered if this was accurate. It seems those service men and women would have a more informed opinion than many others. They would probably know more about what is going on with wars and threats of more wars…

        Polls are polls and I don’t know enough to understand why some might be accurate or others inaccurate. I read them, I find another that disagrees with the first one I read and so on.

        Romney is definitely banging those war drums. Guess the war machine needs to be fed — it is a greedy machine.

      • indypendent

        IMHO – since GWB saw fit to fight two wars with the National Guard as our main military combat force (has that even been done prior to GWB) – I think alot of people have become leery of how the Republicans have always seemed to be more favored among the military.

        That, and the fact, that it was President Obama that fulfilled Dubya’s promise to get Bin Laden.

        Republicans like to try to minimize that accomplishment – but I do think Obama proved one thing – he has the cajones to follow through on something.

        And I do think it was important that the USA got Bin Laden. Not because I believe in any eye-for-an-eye theory. But because Bin Laden loudly professed and boasted that he was the mastermind behind 9/11.

        I think for the good of the country’s moral – and even for some sense of closure of the tragedy of 9/11 – we needed to see the demise of Bin Laden.

        But I’m still waiting to see how we interact with the Saudis – because I sitll have questions as to why all but one of those 9/11 hijackerrs came from Saudi Arabia. I don’t trust the SAudis – and I really did NOT like it when GWB was holding hands with that Saudi King while strolling through that damn garden.

        I wonder – did GWB even ask this King why his homeboys flew those planes into the WTC towers and the Pentagon?

  11. prairie pond

    Fnord, I love NYC and would highly recommend spending lots of time there. I felt way safer in NY than I did in central Jersey where I lived and worked. I went into the city a lot for both business and pleasure and found the people to be uniformly nice and the city easy to get around.

    Wicked, thanks for reminding that on almost any subject, I should ask “WWES? What would Eddie say?

    And in Kansas “news”….

    John Hanna is the long time statehouse correspondent in Topeka for the Associated Press. Good guy. I saw this on his Twitter account today and it cracked my ass UP!

    “The U.S. used “Achy Breaky Heart” at top volume to get Manuel Noriega out of his compound, didn’t it? Hmm. New tactic for lawmakers? #ksleg”

    They need to wrap this up and get the hell out of there before even more damage is done to this state. And the sad part? Most of them will be back again next year unless they opt to retire. We keep sending the same knotheads back, year after year, and expect different results.

  12. R.D. Liebst

    I wonder if I am the only one who gets the feeling when seeing those ads that the Rich SOBs who pay the bills and back the canidate who they want thinks that anyone else not as rich are complete idiots?

    • You’re not the only one.

      There was a time when the wealthiest really did create American jobs, and they really did value the employee contributions to their successes. Nowadays very few people still believe that what is good for the richest also benefits everyone else. We’ve witnessed the last ten years when those so-called job creators have benefitted from the lowest tax rates in over 50 years, and we’ve seen that they don’t care about anything more than increasing their wealth.

      So, no, we’re not going to think the candidate they back, or the policies they back, are going to do anything for us.

    • indypendent

      I wonder why all these millions are being spent on campaign ads and not creating jobs.

      All we hear from Republicans is that Obama is not creating jobs.

      Hey – there is no one stopping any of these wealthy Republicans from creating jobs instead of creating attack Obama ads.

      The old saying – actions speak louder than words – would certainly apply in this situation – wouldn’t it?

      I heard this morning that Scott Walker and his Wealthy GOP friends have outspent the Democratic candidate 25 to 1. Imagine that – 25 to 1….

      And this is for a recall election for a governor…….

      How sad to think there is all this money flowing around this country but yet we still have the same old problems?

      Sad …..truly sad.

      • indypendent

        America is not broke – the money is simply in the hands of those who want to make sure the system continues to favor them…..

      • prairie pond

        “I wonder why all these millions are being spent on campaign ads and not creating jobs.”

        I’m too lazy to look up a link right now, but for the most part, American businesses are sitting on record piles of cash. Corporate cash positions are very high at the same time jobs created are at low points.

        This is the great lie that is perpetrated in Pastor Sam’s income tax cuts for the wealthy and especially for businesses. His plan is to eventually eliminate business income tax. Non-wage taxes, that is. Wages will still be taxed. It all benefits the ownership class, not the working classes.

        All tax cuts for businesses will do is put MORE cash in the business and owner coffers. And probably add to record CEO and upper management bonuses and conpensation. It won’t do a damn thing to create jobs, or even trickle down to wage earners. Remember, wages will still be taxed. If cash in the business coffers created jobs, we’d be awash in jobs right now.

        The only thing that will create jobs is an increase in demand. The only thing that will increase demand is if consumers have cash in THEIR pockets. Gee, how might that happen? Higher wages? Increased relief for the working classes via social programs and mortgage support?

        God forbid the Kansas legislature or pastor sam do anything to promote increased consumption with something other than credit. That’s the real sad story of the tax cut mania in Topeka. It wil only make the rich richer and it will do virtually nothing to create jobs.

        And the Kansas Sheeple sleep….

      • indypendent

        You’re right on the money (yes, pun intended) there Prairie Pond.

        Which begs another question – if Obama has been such a horrid dictator-thug-Chicago mobster crime boss who has assaulted all these businesses with such high taxes – then where did all this surplus cash mountain the’yre sitting on come from?

        Corporate profits are sky high. Corporate CEO’s paychecks and bonuses are sky high.

        And the same folks are pouring millions into the party that will keep the status quo (or even double down on less regulation) – it is no secret what is really going on – is there?

        Well – I guess Sheeple are not the brightest in the herd – huh?

        These folks are manipulated so easily by abortion, birth control and gay marriage – all shiny balls hanging on the GOP Tree of Lies…

  13. prairie pond

    So, it wasn’t really too hard to find the info on corporate cash. And this is from Moody’s, that well known liberal group. (big eye roll)

    Moody’s: US Corporate Cash Pile At $1.24 Trillion, Over Half Located Overseas

    New York, March 14, 2012 — US non-financial corporate cash holdings rose to $1.24 trillion at the end of 2011, reflecting the strength of companies’ operations in emerging markets and the negative tax consequences of repatriating cash to the US, according to a new report from Moody’s Investors Service. Apple Inc., Microsoft, Cisco, Google and Pfizer held the largest amounts of cash, says the report.

    Those five cash kings have $276 billion, or 22% of the total non-financial corporate cash balances, up from $207 billion, which represented 17% of the total in 2010, says Moody’s. The top 50 holders of cash account for $749 billion, up 13% from $665 billion in 2010.

    Moody’s estimates nearly $700 billion, or 57% of the corporate cash total, is held overseas. This amount reflects the strength of most emerging-market economies over the last few years, the negative tax consequences of repatriating cash to the US and the disproportionate use of cash for US dividends, share buybacks and acquisitions. Without permanent reform that lowers the tax on overseas profits, Moody’s expects the absolute and proportionate amount of cash held overseas will continue to rise.

    Moody’s expects overall business conditions to remain modest over the next year and expects companies to continue to use cash for shareholder dividends, share buybacks and acquisition activity, although corporate spending on buybacks and acquisitions will be modestly lower at roughly $400 billion in 2012. Higher spending on such items is associated with solid macroeconomic activity and strong business confidence.

    • indypendent

      This mountain of cash they’re all sitting on has been spoken about many times – IIRC.

      But it’s been in the context that these poor corporate people WANT to create jobs but that big ol’ bad Obama is making them all ‘nervous’ about all those big ol’ tax hikes – and that is why these fat cats are sitting on all that cash.

      Now do you see? It’s OBAMA’S FAULT……

      Blame the black man in the White House….that message fits right in with the white robes and those white hoods. Hey – come to think about it……men wearing robes and funny hats… where have I seen that before???

  14. indypendent

    I heard someone on the NPR show this morning state the easiest way to become wealthy in America is to be a failed Corporate CEO – the shareholders pay you to go away plus you get that pretty Golden Parachute to land into your nest cush Corporate CEO job where you repeat the process.

    Hey – isn’t America great???

    • indypendent

      While we’re talking about failed Corporate CEO’s – the need for Americans to see these Wall Street Corporate CEO”s be held accountable for what they did to our economy is comparable to the same need I spoke of earlier – the need to see Bin Laden brought to some sort of justice and/or accountability.

      Unless and until these same folks that brought the US economy to its knees are held accountable (not a one of these fat cats have been prosecuted – have they?) then will our country ever rebound economically?

      Republicans – for professing to be such law and order types – are sure hell-fire determinded to protect those very same fat cats – arent’ they?

      IIRC – it was the Republicans that ranted and yelled about the idea that these CEO’s not get their bonus checks – when their companies got the taxpayer bailout money.

      NOW that is still a thorn in my backside…

      So, don’t be surprised when I have no sympathy for the likes of Jamie Dimon and the JP Morgan bank.

  15. indypendent

    Totally off topic – has anyone heard from Bad Biker lately? Hey Biker – if you’re out there in Blog Land – hope things are going well for you….

  16. indypendent

    I heard this news as I was returning home from doing errands this morning. Donna Summer – 63yrs old – has died. Was reported she was battling cancer.

    DAMN all cancers…..

  17. indypendent

    Seems Romney does not want to go down that Jeremiah Wright road (well, that is what Mitt says today – who knows what he will tomorrow?).

    Even this Ricketts guy is now trying to say that he does not approve ot this ad proposal. Oh, please, just give us a frickin break because the people who will decide this election are not that easily fooled.

    • indypendent

      Side note – This Ricketts guy owns the Chicago Cubs… we may know why this team seems to be so cursed…….

      (and I”m from Chicago – I feel I have to root for the Cubs – but, you know, they have disappointed me more than once – maybe it’s time for them pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. And if they cannot do that – let them fall on their own faces.

      • indy, the curse of the goat reaches far in its effects. “There’s always next year” became associated with the Cubs long ago, and that statement is uttered by all Cub’s fans as ;ong as there is breath in their body.

        I’m a Cub’s fan, and I hope to see a game at Wrigley at some point. The elder, much to my envy (and that of her sister) has been to several games there, AND HAS SAT IN THE BLEACHERS! Sometimes, life isn’t fair…

      • indypendent

        Ahhhh, you’re a Cubs fan also? I know there are others ………LOL.

        I remember my husband’s first nursing home – there were residents there from the local mental hospital (this is when the major push was to empty out the mental hospitals and place them in nursing homes for long term care).

        Anyway – I was prgnant with my first child and my husband and I took a bus with about 20 of these residents to watch a Cubs game.

        I was so busy taking them all to the bathroom – that I barely got to sit down in my seat for a full 5 minutes until the next one had to go pee.

        Needless to say – I was one tired little prego that night when we arrived at home

        But these residents did have alot of fun – or so it seemed they did. And, that in itself, is its own reward.

  18. Indy, this is for you —

    Mormons posthumously “baptize” Jews. I think that Jews should respond by posthumously circumcising Mormons.

    • indypendent

      That’s a good one…

      I know I have sounded like a broken record – but when I found out Mormons did this baptism of the dead thing – it really upsets me.

      Not because it is their religious belief – but, to me, it shows the arrogance of this group of poeople that do not even ask for permission, or the families do not even request such baptism.

      I would be highly upset with Mormns if I learned they had baptized any of the family members without my knowledge – and certainly without my requesting such baptism.

      And all because of what…….to get their name in the Mormon Book of Heaven Goers?

      Damn……there is something wrong with religion when it becomes that arrogant.

      Bottom line – Jesus was never arrogant – was he?