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  1. prairie pond

    Ouch! Too much truth to be comfortable.

  2. prairie pond

    I don’t know how it is there, but it’s just too beautiful for words out here this morning. No wind, cool but not cold, and quiet. I think the wind is supposed to pick up here again, but for now, I don’t know how Hawaii could be more beautiful, except that it wouldn’t be Kansas. HA!

    • R.D. Liebst

      The question is pond are you trying to sell Kansas or Hawaill? weather comes and goes but I so need some clear water as it warms up.

      • prairie pond

        Heheh, I’d rather sell Kansas and BUY Hawaii. Remember the “if I owned Hell and Texas, I’d live in hell and rent out Texas” quote! I’d live in Hawaii and SELL freakin’ Kansas!

  3. indypendent

    The only thing missing from that cartoon is the fact the GOP elephant is thumping a Bible while bullying non-Christians.

    Hell, even some fellow Christians get bullied by these Bibl eThumpers.

    • R.D. Liebst

      How true, it is odd to me since getting back into being more into church that the only one that was freaking about me not having a King James Bible was me? I damn near got kicked out of some Christian’s childrens retreat for not having the “right” Bible.

      • indypendent

        God, sounds like my college days at that Fundamental Baptist College – in the Deep South.

        How I ever made it through that place with my sanity intact – and not getting expelled – is still a wonder to me. LMAO

  4. prairie pond

    “Hell, even some fellow Christians get bullied by these BibleThumpers.”

    True dat. As I pointed out yesterday, there are many congregations that have been torn apart over the questions of having gay clergy or recognizing same sex partnerships. There was a Methodist church in Quinter…QUINTER…that split into two congregations because the governing church body, synod, whatever they call it, was going to follow national policy which was becoming more tolerant. One group wanted to stay with the Methodists, and the other wanted to go rogue.

    So now, in that tiny town, they have two churches that used to be one. All because two people want to love each other and their church governing body wasn’t big enough.

    Even in Austin, Methodist congregations have split because one group wanted to have the “reconciled” designation and the other group did not. And this fight is not unique to Methodists. Episcopalians, Presbyterians, and Lutherans have also had the fight, just to name a few.

    I said to a friend last night that I hope all these churchies eat each other before they eat me and mine!

    • indypendent

      I know firsthand how two churches can start a damn feud and split a town in two. And for what – I still don’t understand how people that knew me throughout my entire childhood turned their back on me.

      I swear, there was true evil in those two churches. True EVIL…..

      • indypendent

        Which, explains in part, why I am so cynical about religion. As I’ve said before – religion is man-made. Faith is spiritual. Never confuse the two.

      • prairie pond

        Heh, and the funny part is, there are no gay people in Quinter and certainly not in either congregation. If anyone is gay in Quinter, they damn sure don’t say so. All that feud over something that wasn’t even an issue locally.

  5. You know what they all say — there is no ‘war’ on anything except, of course, the one waged against Christians. And they’ve convinced the ill informed of this persecution. Look back through the ages at how many wars can be attributed to perceived persecution of religions. It still works, it still riles up the masses.

    Meantime, back among thinking people, we need to work harder to educate everyone so their fears don’t allow them to be used by hate mongers.

  6. prairie pond

    I wish education was the answer. It must be done, and it can’t hurt, but as Prine says, “some humans just aint human” and refuse to let any facts or reasoning penetrate their little pointy heads.

  7. Have you noticed the lies they’re all spouting nowadays. It must have been in a Faux memo or something since I hear and read it everywhere.

    They talk about how President Obama had Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress for most of his term.

    They say he’s been president for four years.

    They don’t even pause when they repeat these lies overandover.

    • prairie pond

      They do all get their talking points every morning in a memo from Roger Ailes, head of Fux News. Even the local wingnuts spout the same talking points every morning. I know my old boss used to fall asleep with Fux on all night. I imagine the rest of the wingers do the same, so they are all primed and on the same page by morning.

      Ah…the smell of coffee and ignorance in the morning. It’s the scent of western Kansas.

  8. Locally, here’s what is going on in the Kansas Legislature (or should I say not going on). I’ve forgotten how much it costs for their ‘overtime sessions’? Anyone else remember? —


    Greetings KEC members –

    The Kansas Legislature is now on Day 95 of what is supposed to be a 90 day session. This session should have ended last week, but the legislature has reached complete gridlock on the three issues they must absolutely pass before they can go home.

    – Taxes. You may have read that the Governor has a tax bill in front him for his signature. That bill, just approved by the House, was originally voted down by the Senate. Brownback’s staff intervened on the floor of the Senate, persuading moderate senators to change their votes so there would be a “vehicle” for negotiations with the House. As the Senate was debating and preparing to vote on the eventually-negotiated tax bill, the Governor asked House leadership to hurry up and pass the original tax bill – a tax bill with cuts so extreme it will leave Kansas in the hole by over 2 billion dollars. The Governor is now using the threat of signing this bill “as is” to get what he wants out of the Senate on other issues. The House and Senate continue to negotiate a new tax bill, but so far, there has been nothing produced that will satisfy Brownback. The threat remains.

    Budget – Budget negotiators between the moderate Senate and tea-party House have been meeting for weeks, and making almost no progress. With the impasse on the tax bill, the budget has been set aside until a tax agreement is reached. No one knows how much money there will be to pay for vital services such as education, medicaid, and public safety. If the current tax bill is signed “as is,” there will be draconian cuts that will make our state unrecognizable in just a few short months.

    Redistricting – Every ten years, following the Census, the legislature must redraw district lines to account for shifts in population. As many of you know, Kansas population isn’t growing, but it is shifting – and it’s shifting from rural communities to urban ones. Each of the 125 House districts should have approximately 25,000 people; each of the 40 Senate districts should have around 75,000. Because of the population shifts, the rural communities are losing districts to the urban areas, mostly in northeast Kansas.

    This process would be stressful enough in the best of times and circumstances. These are not the best of times, and the circumstances are unprecedented. The right-wing House leadership, working with the Governor, are trying to unseat the moderate Republican senators with whom they disagree.

    continue reading —

    • prairie pond

      Thanks for posting that, Fnord. I think our friend Tom needs all the support he can get, both political and financial. He does yeoman’s work keeping disaster at bay. And he does it all without a regular paycheck. He’s a wonder and a force of nature.

  9. In Kansas Your Pharmacist Can Now Refuse To Fill Your Contraception Prescription

    In Kansas, your local neighborhood drug store pharmacist can now refuse to fill your doctor-issued contraception prescription, or any drug he or she thinks might be used to terminate a pregnancy, or be used in conjunction with pregnancy termination, all on the grounds of “religious liberty” and “conscience protection.” Not only that, but anyone who ”reasonably believes” a drug prescription they are filling or “reasonably believes” an action they are taking — say, administering a drug — might result in the termination of a pregnancy is allowed to refuse under Republican Governor Sam Brownback‘s new law.

    The so-called “Health Care Rights of Conscience Act,” which curiously exists in several states under the same name (perhaps an ALEC creation?), applies to pharmacists and even nurses and doctors — anyone who is related to the process of pregnancy termination. The drugs could include both abortion-inducing medications, and even emergency contraception like the so-called “morning-after pill,” but also could include drugs used for life-saving reasons — the pharmacist would only have to trust their gut, not the doctor’s orders.

  10. ‎”What a sad era when it is easier to smash an atom than a prejudice.” — Albert Einstein

  11. indypendent

    Let’s remember – this is from 1984…

    What has really changed since that time? And Romney wants to double down on those Reagan policies.

  12. Here’s the Chris Christie — Cory Booker web video everyone is talking about today.

    • prairie pond

      I loves me some Cory Booker. I wonder what it would take to get him to move to Kansas. Probably, there’s not enough money or glory in the world. No one other than St. Joseph wants to be the patron saint of lost causes, and even he probably isn’t too crazy about it. 🙂

  13. indypendent

    Maybe it’s just me – but I don’t see the humor in this Christie-Booker video. For all these Republicans demonizing Obama for appearing on television shows, like The View this week, because – as Republicans put it – Obama is bringing the level of the presidency down by appearing to be ‘one of the people’ – how is this video any different?

    Besides – it’s just plain stupid….

    • I had the same questions. I looked for it because I heard and read about it and wanted to see what everyone was talking about. I’m still wondering.

      President Obama going on The View is very smart in my opinion. He is president of all Americans. 🙂 I’d bet possibly a majority, at least a bunch, of The View viewers don’t have a great interest in politics and don’t stay informed. Now they know something about their president. He does a great job in being a man everyone can relate to! Mitten$ couldn’t pull it off because he is too stiff, too boring, too aloof, too uninteresting. But I do hope he tries! The more people see of him the less they like him.

  14. prairie pond

    This just in from the Department of “Holy Shizballs”…

    You know it can’t be good if Kobach is behind it. And WTF, HE has redistricting maps ready for the courts to consider?

    Who said “no man’s money or wife is safe when the legislature is in session?” They need to adjourn now before they burn down the capital.

  15. This is a very good op-ed on what is going on in Kansas. Well worth the read! Here are a few ‘snips’ —

    Tax-cut legislation will be the end of Kansas as we know it

    It’s been called the “nuclear option.”

    Maybe that term’s not strong enough to describe the legislation just passed in Kansas.

    If the $3.7 billion tax-cut legislation is signed into law by the governor, it certainly — not almost certainly, but certainly — will destroy Kansas as we know it. And Johnson County will not be immune to the radioactivity of this blast. That massive tax cut will result in a $2 billion hole in the state budget over the next five years.

    How much growth do we need to pay for the astronomical cuts?

    The Kansas Economic Progress Council has done some quick math. They have calculated that Kansas would need to produce a half million new jobs over the next five years to generate enough income and sales tax to cover the $2 billion hole. Therefore, Kansas jobs would have to grow 50 percent over the next six years.

    The KEPC compared that to the most go-go state in America — Texas. Over the past decade, job growth there was up a total of nearly 15 percent.

    Even if you fanatically believe in supply-side economics — that cuts in taxes pay for themselves by the growth those cuts generate — the scope of impending cuts must at least cause one to take a deep breath.

    If we cannot grow our way out of the budget hole, guess what that leaves: Draconian cuts in expenses or new sources of revenue.

    This is where the nuclear explosion will be felt right here.

    Half the state’s budget goes to K-12 education. Unless the Legislature lifts the lid on local tax authority, which is highly unlikely, our schools are in for rough times, indeed. There is no way they can be immune to cuts of the magnitude required. But even if we were given total local authority to tax ourselves, we might have to tax ourselves massively to make up for anticipated shortfalls from the state.

    Read more here:

  16. prairie pond

    “If we cannot grow our way out of the budget hole, guess what that leaves: Draconian cuts in expenses or new sources of revenue.”

    Don’t think for one moment that is what Pastor Sam and his merry band of zealots want to do. They are literally pledged to Grover Norquist and his dream of drowning the government in a bathtub.

    Thomas Frank in “The Wrecking Crew” is correct. The conservative repukes have loudly proclaimed that government is evil and doesn’t work. Then they set out to prove it and make their self fulling prophecies come true.

    Their tool of choice for destruction? Insane budget cuts and equally insane increases in taxes, including local property taxes.

    Hawaii becomes more attractive by the day…

  17. prairie pond

    “Insane budget cuts and equally insane increases in taxes, including local property taxes.”

    Sort of proves the adage that poop rolls downhill, no? Just push the problems down to the local level and they think the state officials smell like roses.

    Big eye roll.

  18. indypendent

    Mario Cuomo gave a speech at Notre Dame that should be required reading for all those who want to make America a ‘Christian’ nation.

    I don’t know which I fear the most – the NeoCons that want world domination through military or these Far Right Religious Republicans that thump their Bibles in order to allow the Neo Cons to do their damage?

  19. indypendent

    BTW – Don’t these Far Right Religious folks get the fact that if they are out to make their version of Christianity the law of the land, then where is the freedom of religion that is guaranteed to all people?

    In order for the freedom to be a Far Right Evangelical Christian – there must also be that same freedom to be a Deist, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Agnostic, Atheist, Wiccan and any other religion that a person can choose.

    That is what makes America exceptional – not the fact that God has so-called favorites.

    • I must remind you of the comment an intelligent man who is a minister made recently —

      The separation of church and state was to keep the state out of the church, not the church out of the state.

      Yes, it seems he is convinced it goes only one way. Every Christian I’ve ever talked to about America becoming a theocracy is absolutely (not just convinced) possessed of the idea that a Christian theocracy would be far far superior to any other theocracy. ‘Cause, ya know, Christianity is a far superior religion to any other. They only find faults with other religions that aren’t theirs. And, they’re blind to all the differences in the various forms of Christianity that could cause everyone that professes to be Christian to find fault with some part of any theocracy based on Christianity.

  20. indypendent

    The separation of church and state was to keep the state out of the church, not the church out of the state.

    How convenient – especially when it comes to the state giving taxpayer dollars to these churches.

    Remind me agai n – who is this intelilgent man who said this?

    • A friend of a Facebook friend. I asked about him and was told he is kind, he is hard-working, well intentioned, well educated and intelligent. I trust my friend so believe he is all she said. I say he is also blind to facts that he doesn’t want to consider.

      • It was part of a conversation after North Carolina passed their ban on gay marriages. About 15 people were involved and he was the only one arguing in favor of the ban. He held his own, he didn’t get mad, he didn’t call anyone names, he simply held his own. He didn’t see why he should reconsider, let alone change, an opinion he formed from scripture. It didn’t matter to him that Leviticus holds many verses that are ignored, he chooses to believe the ones he wants to and ignore the others. It was almost surreal.

  21. Well, now that we have televanglist Pat Robertson public endorsement of Mitt Romeny – is there any doubt that God will for Mitt down America’s collective throat?

    I’ve got a question for good ol’ Pat – if you want to talk about suffering – what aobut those Far Right Evangelicals that believe it is okay to beat your sons because they act too feminine or beat your daughters because they act too butch?

    How about these good ‘Christian’ parents who turn their back on their own kids – that you profess GOD gave as gifts to these parents – simply because have openly declared they are gay? What about suffering then, Pat?

    As for bringing disease – how about all those good ol’ Christian men who like to play around and then come home to their submissive wives and spread STD diseases. And AIDS – hasn’t it been a problem that men have picked up AIDS from their tomcatting excursions and then brought it home to their wives?

    Or how about the suffering of a heterosexual couple when the man

    I just don’t understand how any rational thinking person can sit and listen to this old fart’s pontificating and obsessing over other peoples’ sex lives. Does this man have NOTHING else to do with his time?

  22. P.. – Sorry for my unintelligle rant about good ol’ Pat. After reading it – I see where I left one line completely hanging without an ending.

    When it comes to the hateful ramblings of Preacher Pat – there is so much I want to say and my fingers just don’t type that fast.

    Let’s suffice to say – Pat has been wrong on so many levels and he seems to be so ful of hatred and downright meanness – on ehas to wonder if there is even room inPat’s heart for God?

    But, if you believe as I believe, the true God is all about Love and pure love cannot abide in the same place as a hate-filled heart.

    There – I said it – I question Preacher Pat if he is a true Christian. After all, if Pat claims to be born again – I want to see the long-f0rm birth certificate signed by God himself.