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  1. Many have said the war on women doesn’t exist, that it’s a ploy by the left to demonize Republicans. But what have we seen since they took over the house and stormed state legislatures across the country in 2010?
    We’ve seen no comprehensive jobs bills, no bills drafted to try to stabilize the economy or rein in the criminal excesses of Wall Street and the banking worlds; we’ve witnessed continued, unrelenting obstructionism…

    And we’ve seen the passage of an unprecedented number of bills meant to limit women’s access to health care and abortion services, which, may I remind you, remains legal in the United States of America. By the end of 2011, 135 pieces of legislation had been passed out of 1100 introduced, and in 2012 alone over 30 new provisions or measures have already been enacted out of 944 bills introduced.

    Sometimes all those numbers can make it difficult to grasp the severity of the situation and only a visual will drill the message home.

    See the visual here —

    • indypendent

      Jsut the fact Republicans have to denounce the Left as having ‘conjured’ up this War on Women should speak volumes.

      I suspect these Republicans watched as Susan G. Komen group lost alot of support through the backlash of women.

      IMHO – women will be the the ones that rule 2012 elections. And we had all better be prepared for the onslaught of GOP demonization , temper tantrums and all-round potty-mouthing these REpublicans will do when WE the WOMEN make our voices heard.

      After all – aren’t we all just sluts and prostitutes – as Rush would say?

      big eye roll//

    • prairie pond

      No war on women?

      We must never underestimate the republican capacity for denial, even in the face of fact.

      Especially in the face of fact.

  2. indypendent

    I did not see this but I read about it on HuffingtonPost blog.

    While it is true more women have lost jobs since Obama has been in office, but as was pointed out on some other blog – alot of those jobs are teachrs, social workers and other public sector jobs that have been eliminated due to the REpublican-controlled state legislators trying to appear all fiscal conservative for their gullible voters.

    And what gender is the majority of public school teachers and social workers – can we say WOMEN???

    • prairie pond

      Put women in a job ghetto, eliminate the ghetto as evil, and then whine because women lost more jobs than men.

      Republican logic, and game plan, at their worst.

  3. R.D. Liebst

    “What have you done for me lately?”, a saying that is often atested to someone who is spoiled and seemlyly not truly deserving of much if anything that they get.

    I see it on the cable news networks daily no matter whether it is a Con or a liberal bent to the station. Fox or MSNBC it is the same with differing slants on the same subject. The President is getting slammed for his stance on Gay Rights. He has gone too far for the Right and too little for the Left.

    I get the feeling it would be a waste of money to buy a new rope to hang either. We live in interesting times these days, given a few years ago, neither would have thought they would have lived long enough to see what is happening these days.

    I on the other hand am so glad to see these days and the advancments that are occurring. Much as it was when the advancement of the race relations came about. Yes there are still difference and hatred that will exisit as long as people are still alive. Sadly I suspect it is apart of human nature.

    From envy to simply looking for a reason to hate someone, it is if someone is not who I am. There is a for the majority a feeling of needing to feel somehow better then the neighbor.
    When reality is that the neighbor is also trying to get by the best they can.
    Marrage is no Nervana, ask anyone who has been married long and they will admit at times it may feel if you really hate someone wish them to be married.

    But love is the only real bases for marriage and if that is there then marriage is the best answer to a long term relationship. It may not be a absolute for love. But it is the most loving thing you can have and do for someone you truly love is to make that step to consolidate the outward meaning.

    God help anyone who gets married whether they are Gay or straight.
    Black or White any other color or religions. If being the same was the best reasons for marriage or any relationship then it would be that a man and woman would never marry.

    • indypendent

      I am not my husband’s exact duplication of himself – In fact, I am much different than he – which is why our marriage works. But in any marriage – if you have the foundation of love, trust and the ability to ‘give when your human nature wants you to take’ , then half the battle is won – IMHO

      Marriage is hard work – and if a gay couple wants to make that committment – more power to them.

      But I believe that families come in all forms. All colors, shapes, sizes, religious and non-religious. Some families are not even blood-related.

      Bottom line – the basic human need is to be connected to others – isn’t it? To be able to give love and receive love is also a basic need.

      Besides – I find it very disturbing that so-called religious people seem to make it their mission in life to peer into their neighbor’s bedrooms to make judgments.

      Who died and made these people God?

  4. indypendent

    – there – thereI have been trying to use my crystal ball here and peek into the future.

    Tell me what you think….

    1) If Obama wins and we the House stays GOP majority and Senate is DEM majority (both by small margins) – can Obama even be effective?

    2) If Romney wins and House flips to DEM control and Senate flips to GOP – again – could Romney be effective?

    3) And pray tell – if the trifecta happens and Obama wins – the House and Senate are both DEM controlled – will all Hell break loose?

    I suspect if #3 happens – there will be a riot and these Rabid Religious Rightees will either take it upon themselves to bring about World War III – only they will declare it on the USA…..OR…..the GOP break in two groups and then we’ll have our very own separate radical Evangelical Christian Al Queda ?

    There is nothing more dangerous and vicious than a bunch of self-righteous religious folks – and it doesn’t really matter which religion – Christian or Muslim – both are equally dangerous when armed and full of hate.

    • 1) President Obama won’t need to worry about being reelected, all members of Congress will still have that hanging over their heads. I think it gives President Obama a ‘leg up.’

      2) Romney doesn’t know the office and there will be a learning curve. He too would have that reelection thing hanging over him. He’s promised a bunch of things and the one I believe he will make come true is war. He’ll take us to war, he’ll double-down on the austerity measures (which have been proven to not work). It won’t take Americans long to figure out the folly of his ways. My biggest worry is how far he can take America down before he can be stopped.

      3) I think republicans are nasty sore losers and yes, it could be violent.

      • indypendent

        Do you think Obama will be more aggressive in his second term? Will he kick some GOP butt because he is free from having to be reelected?

        I agree about Romney – his only goal will be to take us to war – again. But will this war be the one that finally drags America down?

        Or will Romney’s war be the straw that finally breaks the GOP’s back? I remember Vietnam War days – they were some of the darkest days in our history – and the protests of the people was what turned the politics of the Vietnam War around – IMHO

        And, as we learned much later, even some of the Vietnam War most staunch supporters eventually conceded that the War was wrong.

      • indypendent

        BTW – Totally agree about REpublicans being nasty sore losers.

        But just how nasty are they going to get? There is already talk of an armed revolution if Obama is reelected.

        And let’s not forget – Ted Nugent is telling everyone that Republicans need to chop off the heads of all Democrats.

        Which, BTW, has there been any Democratic supporter who has ever gone on any rants like Ted Nuget did?

      • I’m not sure it’s in Obama to ‘kick butt.’ He seems kinder, more compassionate, more level headed and in control than that kind of activity. I do think he would be much more vocal. He takes his case to the American people and I think he would do that often and pull no punches. Then if Americans did their part we would make it very clear to those congress critters that we understand and will hold them accountable.

    • Every time I read a poll that has Obama and Romney close, or Romney pulling ahead, I go look at the several places that keep track of electoral college votes. Romney is far behind. Obama has so many more options and could lose several of the ‘swing states’ and still accomplish the 270 electoral college votes needed.

      Here’s just one —

      • indypendent

        Plus – I am counting on Romney just being Romney – you know what I mean?

        This guy will say anything to get what he needs – and right now, he is needing the Relgioius Right’s blessing – so he is kssing their lily-white butts.

        But I suspect that will NOT play well with moderate and independents.

        I can see moderate Republicans and independents both sitting this election out or even going in and voting for Obama – JUST so these Religious Right fanatics will NOT win.

        Maybe I am just wishful thinking??

      • Mitten$ has dropped the severe conservatism, stopped denouncing the children of illegal immigrants, and started claiming authorship of the auto bailout plan. By election day he will have replaced so many parts so many times that nothing of the original Romney will be left but the hair.

        Those who didn’t start paying attention until after the primaries ended will need to be shown how many parts he changes. I fully believe that will happen. I’ve always said the primaries wrote the general election ads.

    • prairie pond

      I think if #1 happens, Obama can still be effective, just with more difficulty. AND he can be most effective if he quits pandering to the wingnuts who won’t support him anyway. Acknowledge their obstructionism and do what’s right, and maybe the Democrats in Congress will support him. He will also need to make a point that he won on progressive principles, and the congressional Dems need to stop being afraid everytime a wingnut says “boo.”

      Number 2 won’t happen. If Romney wins, it’s almost sure the House will remain republican, and likely the senate will return to repuke control. Coattails, ya know?

      If number 3 happens, I really don’t expect tons of change. The congress critters are corporate owned, regardless of party. Some are just more owned than others. I guess if this scenario happens, we’ll find out if there really is any difference in R’s and D’s. And, the D’s will STILL have to stop being afraid of Reagan, no matter how long he’s been dead.

  5. indypendent

    Totally off topic – but my husband and I went to see the movie ‘Dark Shadows’ yesterday.

    I am a huge Johnny Depp fan. My husband was a DArk Shardows fan when it came out in the 70’s. We both really liked this movie. It was so typical Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. It was funny, the sex scene was a bit too long for me – but I think that is due to my old age now – LOL.

    But the overall movie was fun, entertaining and pure Johnny Depp and Tim Burton.

    I am not a big movie theatre person – I wait for the movie to come to DVD – but this movie is worth paying the high cost of the ticket (and we’re not even talking about the concession stand prices – MY GOD – $5 for a Dr. Pepper drink?)

    But,….that is another issue……..

    • R.D. Liebst

      I do think I will go see it but yeah being such a fan of the show I think somehow the campy parts will leave me disappointed. LOL it and days of our lives was the only soaps I wanted to watch… Is that what is so worng with me?

  6. R.D. Liebst

    Romney is just so phoney and plastic, he changes everyday to suit what ever stance will get him the favor of the person who he is talking to and thent denies he ever said it or meant what he just said.

    • indypendent

      There you Libs go again – making something out of just a little high school prank. Very heavy sarcasm here/

      I actually read some Romney supporters trying to say that everybody has something like this in their past.

      Seriously? This was not a prank – it was an assault – a mob mentality assault on another classmate.

      Me – nor any of my high school friends – ever did anything like this.

      Am I alone in this???

      • wicked

        No, you are not alone.

      • The part I find most egregious is his reaction TODAY. He says he doesn’t remember it, he says it was just a prank, he says he had no reason to believe “the fellow was homosexual,” he said, “if someone was hurt or offended, I apologize,” and he laughed when asked about it. Honorable men don’t laugh at cruelty. That’s what he did today, not almost 50 years ago.

        Facts are the other students who participated in this bullying were ashamed they allowed Romney to talk them into such behavior and they are truly sorry. Romney was the ring leader and that is how they all remember it. The incident was recalled independently by five Romney classmates. All five say they are haunted by their roles in the bullying episode. Romney says he has no recollection of that hair-cutting assault. There are other classmates who weren’t involved who don’t remember it and some of the victims family members don’t know about it either. But the five people who Romney talked into participating do remember it, all the same way, and are ashamed of their participation.

      • azzippy

        He doesn’t remember. Wow. Well, that worked for Arnold In California.

        What’s really creepy about that response is there are indeed reponses normal people would give, such as:
        (1) “Hell, no! I didn’t do that!”
        (2) “Yeah, I was being a young asshole–I was only 18–and it was wrong for me to do that.”

        OR even (at least honest):

        3) “Yeah, I screwed with that guy. So what? He was a queer. At least, I think he was a queer. God, I hate queers! He was a purple shirt and a protest button that said “God is acid,: Man, that pissssed me off!”

        Romney, Romney, why did you beat up that queer?

  7. indypendent

    This article is lengthy to read – but it is interesting. It’s about the Citizens United ruling and the SCOTUS – primarily the role of Roberts….

    • A few points: Chief Justice Roberts merely followed the plan of Chief Justice Warren in Brown v, Board; CJ Roberts owes much to John Marshall (the preeminent “Judicial Activist”); Justice Alito asked the seminal question, seized upon by Justice Kennedy and the Ckief Jystice as the Deputy SG fumbled the argument; and the “Lochner Era” is more commonly known at the time as “Substantive Due Process”(a now discredited doctrine of Constitutional Jurisprudence).

      • azzippy

        Put me down as “way too early” to determine the congressional elections. Richard Lugar’s loss in the Indiana primary suggests a trend that worked in 2010 but may not be so beneficial in 2012, even with the tons of unlimited corporate cash blaring at us.

        Can anyone say “Syria”? Or “Bahrain”?

        A bit of a shift in subject, I know, but with a point. All the money in the world won’t make a difference if people stopping buying the bull.

        Sorf of sounds like a LIbertarian argument, I suppose, but I would never be that naive or deluded.

        P.S. 6, your intellect stimulates mine, and brings up long-forgotten subjects and arguments, and this SCOTUS geek thanks you for that.

  8. In its effort to sell Mitt Romney as someone who understands the economy and knows how to create jobs, one of his campaign’s early talking points was that he helped create 100,000 jobs during his tenure at Bain Capital. The campaign repeated the claim throughout the primary, despite a glaring lack of evidence to support it (even Sarah Palin doubted it).

    The campaign has now completely Etch A Sketched and severely lowered the number of jobs Romney is supposed to have created at Bain. In the wake of the Obama campaign’s new ad attacking Romney’s record at Bain, the “new Romney jobs math” is significantly more modest than the old. This time, the campaign is asserting that Romney created a meager and vague “thousands of jobs” at Bain and “tens of thousands” of jobs as governor of Massachusetts.

    Even the “thousands of jobs” figure should be suspect since the campaign offers nothing to base that number on, no facts, no proof. And his assertion on his record as governor also fails to include the fact that his state was 47th out of 50 on job creation under his term as governor.

  9. I believe the GOP will win a n arrow majority in the Senate, retain the House, with (right now) President Obama winning reelection. Can anyone say “gridlock”?

  10. prairie pond

    I think you are correct on all three counts, 617. And, as noted, Obama’s re-election is not a slam dunk.

    Wash, rinse, and repeat my usual comments about the utter stupidity of the American voter if they give all three branches to the repukes.