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  1. indypendent

    If Eisenhower was concerned during this lifetime, can you imagine what he would say today?

    With all these War Mongerers voting to increase the Defense spending – even when the Pentagon has not requested some of that money – it makes one wonder WTH….

    If we’re not careful – the USA will be like North Korea – we’ll put all our money into the military and its weapons and our citizens will starve.

    But, I’m sure there will be enough Democrats around for the War Mongering Repukes to blame…..

    • The only thing Eisenhower could say about his party today is: “I tried to warn you. Why didn’t you listen?”

      • indypendent

        I would like to think Eisenhower would also place a well-pointed boot up some of these current Republicans’ backsides.

    • wicked

      Ike’s granddaughter said on Real Time a couple of years ago that her grandfather would no longer be a Republican if he were living.

  2. Good morning! Pleasant morning here in DooDah.

    I attended a vocal-music concert at Robinson Middle School last night and my heart is still singing. Boy, life without music would really be a bummer…

    In 1967, the Supreme Court said no state could prohibit mixed-race marriages because “marriage is one of the ‘basic civil rights of man.’ ”

    Is the above true? I read it on the ‘internets,’ but don’t know whether to believe it or not.

    • indypendent

      Found this link from wikipedia……it might help to answer your questions. If you look about half-way down – in the Decision paragraph – it quotes the judge something to the effect of ‘basic civil rights of man’.

      In reading this – I was pleased to see where the several churches took a stand in support of mixed-racial marriages.

      So – what’s the BFD about gay marriage – it’s a civil rights issue – IMHO

    • As indy posted, Loving v. Virginia.

      • Thanks! To both of you!

        Next question.

        Can the current SCOTUS rule differently on the different issue of gay marriage?

        I hear often the word precedent. But I also know what happened in the past is used to support both a change or an affirmation. Should I just go with with ‘the SCOTUS can, and will, do whatever the hell they please each time they rule on a case’?

      • prairie pond

        They can rule differently if they take the tack that gay is a choice, but race is not. I think it all comes down to having two classes of citizens, and that might work in CA where they indeed have two classes of married people, but I’m not sure, give the makeup of this SCOTUS, that they will rule with any sanity. And the “choice” science is not settled.

      • Ah, PP, you have just answered the question correctly. To put it (your answer) into appropriate legal jargon, SCOTUS will rule contra to Loving by distinguishing the instant case “on its facts” from the apparently applicable precedent.

        A comment: If Justice Scalia remains consistent with his prior opinions (OK, the ones basically written by his clerks), he may well be the fifth vote in a 5-4 decision that the Equal Protection Clause of the 16th Amendment means just what it says. I’ll not be putting any money ob that, however. (It would be great if he did; Justice Thomas’ head may well explode in that event.)

  3. The video clip shows Walker meeting with Beloit billionaire Diane Hendricks, who has since donated $510,000 to Walker’s campaign. Hendricks asked: “Any chance we’ll get to be a completely red state, and work on these unions, and become a right-to-work — what can we do to help you?”

    “Well, we’re going to start in a couple weeks with our budget adjustment bill,” Walker said. “The first step is we’re going to deal with collective bargaining for all public employee unions, because you use divide and conquer.

    More on this —

    • indypendent

      I’ve often said – the money is too often in the wrong peoples’ hands. Seriously, if this woman has $500,000 to give to Scott Walker – then obviously she does not have too many problems in her world.

      Not all wealthy people are this callous and cruel – but the majority of them are. I don’t know if it is the money that blinds them or if they are just cruel and heartless people at their core?

      I’ve been saying on the other blogs that no one is stopping any Republican from using their money to create jobs RIGHT NOW. So, rather than bitch and moan and complain about Obama not creating jobs – why don’t THEY create jobs and start living what they preach?

      I have yet to hear any replies to comment – do you think it is because these folks are too busy complaining and possibly giving $500,000 to some politician?

      Seriously people, it’s not that hard to understand. If you have the financial means to create jobs and you’re complaining about no jobs being created – then get off your lazy backside and CREATE JOBS with the money you’ve been blessed to have.

      It really is that simple – IMHO

    • wicked

      Gee, she could’ve given him more if she hadn’t spent it on ‘cosmetic surgery’.

  4. prairie pond

    I think I’m actually happier to see 617 and Zippy back here than I am about anything else this week. Here’s hoping some more of the old gang will drop in on us.

    I’ve got to get my butt in the garden today, but rest assured, I rather be here blogging than stomping in the dirt.

    • Me too.

      I thought of Steven last night when I returned home and saw that 6176 had been here. I remembered Steven saying he wanted to make a place we could always stay in touch, always know we could find our friends.

      When life allows this is where we’ll be.

      • indypendent

        What I think is unique to our blog is that even if one has not been on in awhile – when they do come back on and visit – it’s like they never left.

        You know what I mean?

        We just pick up where we left off and we go on…

        It’s like a family……a nice comfortable, warm and inviting place to come to chat, announce any family news, ask questions or just to hang out.

      • 🙂

        I have been reading and catching up when I can. I’d be out in the yard/garden right now except I picked up the crud when I was in town yesterday and am miserable today.

        Feeling really frustrated over many of these asinine rulings/laws/bills (whatever they want to call them) that are being implemented or voted on all across the US. That stress alone is enough to weaken my immune system. Bah!

        Nothing like coming “home” to moan and groan and know I have a sympathetic ear.

      • prairie pond

        Moonshadow, it’s always good to see you here, too. Gardening expands to fill the time available, no? Hope you feel better soon. That’ll teach you to go to town. As I always say, “nothing good ever happens to me when I go to town.”

      • wicked

        I’ve been on deadline. By nighttime, my brain is mush. Hope to stop by more often soon.

      • prairie pond

        Hi Wicked, I didn’t mean to leave you off the list of people I miss. There are others, too. I always assume when you go silent you are working on a project. I know how that is. It’s always good to see you when you can be here.

    • wicked

      No need to apologize, PP. I never noticed I wasn’t mentioned. LOL I just figure everybody knows that when I’m not around, it isn’t because of the company here. Like if sometimes insane. Right now is a sometime.

    • indypendent

      I suspect these anti-birth control people are the same folks that do not value education.

      I still remember Rick Santorum ranting about President Obama wants everyone to go to college – and then Ricky called Obama a snob.

      Santorum then went on to say that our education system has been taken over by liberals and that history was not being taught anymore.


      Do these people just make this stuff up – or what?

      • They do! They absolutely just make it up, and their constituents believe whatever they make up!

      • prairie pond

        Of course they want education reigned in. Remember the map fnord posted regarding education and the bigot vote in North Carolina? That’s Exhibit One of why repukes hate education. It interferes with their bigot agenda.

      • wicked

        It’s the FEAR thing all over again.

  5. indypendent

    This is interesting….not the fact that Rush is attacking Shep Smith from Fox News over his gay marriage remarks – but read way down to the last sentence where Rush calls the people who vote on this gay marriage issue ‘hicks and hayseeds in the state’.

    Wow – that might be the first actual fact Rush has said…..

    As we were discussing the other day – how many voters turned out in North Carolina to vote for this amendment – something like 12% of the total potential voters?

    And, let’s face it, it was in North Carolina – home of the Evangelicals – so getting a majority of that 12% of voters would not be that hard to do – considering every church on the corner in that neck of the words and, of course, Billy Graham and his politically-involved son Franklin.

    So – I wonder when these hicks and hayseeds are going to revolt against Rush for calling them names?

    I’ll not hold my breath on that one…

  6. indypendent

    Wow – this takes me back to the time when the senior high school band leader told me under no uncertain terms that a girl would NEVER play drums in his band.

  7. prairie pond

    Remember the discussion this week about conservatives and how their brains are just different? Here’s a link to a great story from author Chris Mooney about the republican brain. (As if that isn’t a contradiction in terms.)

    I didn’t listen to the podcast, just read the story and it’s well worth the read.

  8. George W. Bush Requests More Taxpayer Dollars Than Any Other Former President

    George W. Bush is slated to receive $1.3 million in taxpayer dollars for fiscal year 2013, including $85,000 in phone costs and $26,000 in printing costs, according to a budget proposal compiled by the General Services Administration.

    The money — provided under the Former Presidents Act of 1958, which grants ex-presidents a taxpayer-sponsored “annual allowance” — goes toward office expenses, staff and travel.

    Former President Bill Clinton is requesting more than $1 million. Former President George H.W. Bush is requesting $879,000 and former President Jimmy Carter is requesting $518,000.
    As for widows of former presidents, like Nancy Reagan, $7,000 is budgeted for postal costs.

    Bush’s anticipated phone bill is five times higher than the next closest request, which was submitted by George Bush senior. George W. Bush also had the highest requests for unspecified office equipment ($86,000), travel ($60,000), postage ($20,000) and “other services” ($26,000).

    • indypendent

      I saw this the other day. What I want to know is – who the Hell is he calling to spend $85,000 on the damn phone service?

      It’s not like GWB would be calling his travel agent to make reservations for a trip outside of the USA borders… betcha — wink, wink…

    • indypendent

      What, pray tell, are other services? Is this something like those Secret Service Agents idea of good time?

  9. The Top 8 Ways To Be ‘Traditionally Married’ According To The Bible

    Each quotes the Bible.

    • indypendent

      And let’s not forget that every word in the Bible is the literal Word of God and we are to follow it’s examples – correct?

      Than what about those fathers who slept with their daughters?

      The day I see these Evangelical mega preachers uphold the Commandment about not committing adultery by demonizing their own church members – that is the day I might – just might – listen to anything they say.

      AS we all have discussed previously – if God thought homosexuality was such a big sin – then why didn’t HE put it in his Top Ten List of sins?

      • indypendent

        Let’s be realistic here – if these preachers were to actually apply what they preach to their own church members – alot of those tax-free dollars would be bye-bye…

        Which is why – I suspect – that these preachers simply preach their fire and brimstone for the ‘other guy’ and pat their little adulterers and liars on their ponty little heads while they drop their tax-free donation into the Golden Idol honey pot.

      • wicked

        Golden Idol honey pot? Would that be their mistresses?

  10. danieljacobjingleheimer

    That quote is why Ike is my favorite Republican president of the last 60 years. (OMG, has it been 60 years? What does that say about today’s GOP?)

    You know, given the perspective that only 30 years can afford, I’m growing fonder of Reagan, as well…

    • Hi, Daniel, it’s good to see you.

      Eisenhower was back when there was still something ‘grand’ in the GOP. It’s going to take a much longer time than 30 years for me to feel anything but dismay about what Reagan put in motion. Although when compared with Bush2 he does come out lookin’ good. At least he had the sense to raise taxes.

      Just imagine. Romney promises to be Bush2 on steroids. Wars, invasions, lower taxes for the wealthy, no social services or safety nets if you make under _____ annually.