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  1. Many conservatives are unexcited about Mitt Romney’s presidential candidacy, but Republicans are counting on them to come out to vote on issues like abortion and gay marriage, and perhaps tick the Romney box while at the polling station.

    This tactic helped President George W. Bush win re-election in 2004. Ballot initiatives opposing same-sex marriage in 11 states tapped into the passion of conservative Christians and pushed him to a narrow victory.

    “If I were the Romney people, I would be working to get as many initiatives on state ballots as possible that will turn out state voters – a marriage initiative, something on pro-life or on gun rights,” said Steve Deace, a nationally syndicated conservative Christian radio host.

    This year, the number of ballot measures looks to be especially high in some of the swing states that will decide a close presidential election in November.

    Ohio could set a record for citizen-backed initiatives this year. Making their way to the ballot are measures on gay marriage, abortion restrictions and a provision that would let workers opt out of union membership and dues.

    Florida’s Republican-controlled legislature has proposed a state constitutional amendment that would overturn Obama’s healthcare law, one that would lift a ban on direct public funding of churches and another that would ban public funding of abortions and health plans that cover abortions.

    An amendment defining marriage as only between a man and woman is headed for a vote in New Mexico, and Nevada and Colorado are among several states that will consider an anti-abortion “personhood” amendment to give fertilized human eggs citizenship rights.

    With strong evidence that such measures pull more right-leaning “values voters” to the polls than liberals or moderates, that could be good news for Romney, and bad news for President Barack Obama.

    “That might be what Romney is looking for. He’s worried about getting evangelical support, but if he can use those issues on the ballot to gin up support from a demographic group that is skeptical of his political conservative credentials, then I think it might have an effect,” said Daniel Smith, an expert on direct democracy at the University of Florida.

    “They get people thinking about politics outside of the candidates’ races and it may get people who are not terribly partisan to come out to vote,” Smith said.


    There is strong evidence that certain kinds of ballot measures can boost candidates, particularly those who are conservative on social issues.


  2. r.d. liebst

    Perhaps it is just the nature of Politics, but most days it still reminds me of my favor line from Abbott and Costello. A: “How stupid can you get? C: How stupid do you want me to be?
    People seem to grab on to the most illogic ideas and hold them no matter how much it is proven wrong or absurd. And believe me after suffering from the effects of lack of oxygen to the brain, I know all too well how the wrong idea can stick in the mind.

    But I never encountered such nonsense in all my therapy or from any fellow travelers in such a journey as I witness on the politic shows or see in the Political extreme of the far Right or left.

    • indypendent

      In Romney’s case – the punch line needs to be – how stupid do you ‘expect’ me to be?

      Without the voters being willing to pushed into extremism, there would be no Romney or other Republicans using the low-brow strategy (aka Neanderthal stragegy).

      I see where Florida Republicans must be wanting that direct funding to churches….Hmmm, I wonder which mega church is pushing that particular referendum?

      • It’s one thing to flip flop, but it’s another thing to be a lying, deceitful jackass who tries to misrepresent his own record and trick the public into believing things about himself that are simply not true.

        Did you hear Mitten$ is now taking credit for the auto industry recovery? It takes some stupid people to back that liar.

  3. indypendent

    I have not heard from my Republican friend since I returned her ‘forwarded’ email containing lies about the Obamacare charging a sales tax on all home sales. I sent her the link to Snopes debunking that forwarded email.

    Isn’t it sad to think that after 15 years of friendship (of which we have both been very vocal about our political and religious beliefs) – it is something that is filled with half-lies that is going to make us part as friends?

    Why do people on the extreme right hold onto their debunked lies? Is it really just all about the hatred of Obama?

    What causes such hatred? I don’t understand that deep level of hatred.

    Because, as you know, committing oneself to that deep level of hatred takes energy, time and the willpower to keep that hate going.

    Also – there is a fine line between hate and love. Could it be that these extremists are so afraid that Obama is correct that they fight even harder to prove him wrong – only to be proven they are spreading lies?

    But, what makes the most furious about these folks is that these are the ones who also profess to be such good Christians.

    Oh, please, just give us all a frickin break…

    • I don’t have any answers, although I recognize all the hate, I hear all the lies, and I wonder the same as you. Nowadays I just keep my distance. I don’t want to be around it. My life is good. Sometimes I get the opportunity to help someone, sometimes without them knowing who helped. Those are the best times!

      • indypendent

        Helping people without them knowing who helped……that reminds me of my grandfather. I’ ve shared this before – but my grandfather was never a wealthy man. He was not even a church-going man. But my grandfather’s funeral was filled with people he had helped in some way or another.

        The people knew he was the one that helped them, but no one else knew just how MANY people my grandpa helped.

        Some people were given just a few bucks to buy gas, food or milk fo the their baby.

        Sometimes it was just a ride to work to be able to make some money to get their car fixed.

        But my grandfather never asked for money in return – that was the running theme in all these peoples’ stories about my grandpa – he NEVER wanted money in return. He would always tell them to help the next person in trouble and to not forget that someone helped them when they needed it.

        NOW that is the message of a spiritual person – not some religious/church-going man.

        Isn’t it a shame that we now have a country filled with self-professing Christians but yet all I ever hear from this group is how much money they make and they want to KEEP all of it – and they don’t want to pay any taxes and they don’t want the other guy to get anything.

        How sad is that???:

  4. It was a day, like other days, and then — music, the universal language. It literally brings tears to my eyes. Enjoy! I like the happy faces almost as much as the music. 🙂

  5. Maurice Sendak, Author of Splendid Nightmares, Dies at 83

    And he sailed off through night and day

    and in and out of weeks

    and almost over a year

    to where the wild things are.


  6. indypendent

    Just posting this for going hmmmmm………

    Notice the Top Ten list – two cities are in North Carolina and isn’t North CArolina the state where the amendment to ban gay marriage is on the ballot today?

    Hmmm, do yoiu think the ones watching porn are the gay peole or do you think these prn-watchers are also those folks who warm the seats of those church pews every Sunday?

    I was told a bit of wisdom a long time ago – if you want to find a true pervert – first look inside the churches – that pervert knows the perfect place to hide.


  7. indypendent

    More good economic news……I’m sure this will be the lead story on the Foxxies in the Hen House network – correct?