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  1. prairie pond

    Morning everyone. R.D. it sure is good to see you were here yesterday. Now if 617 and Bad Biker would come back, it would also be gret.

    Fnord, I wonder what your son thinks of this idea?

    Being a former financial wonk, I think it’s interesting, but not good news for someone who has one of the “zero return on investment” diseases. I think your son’s company also works on that disease.

    Hell, I can’t even get the “right” diseases!

    • I’ll ask him!

      From an outside perspective (mine) it seems Harvard has an establishment that collaborates well, and includes recognizing the knee bone is connected to the thigh bone is connected to the… They share, and they have a bunch of success. Also, as you know from your grant writing days, applying for NIH funds doesn’t just require validity of your study but an expertise in applying. There are many renowned doctors and scientists at Harvard who now make it their goal to give someone else a leg up. So when one of those studies involving a disease that affects many is well funded they bring in other doctors and scientists who may be studying something different but with a connection (even slightly), and they work together. It really is a well-oiled machine. Our country’s oldest institution of higher learning with a reputation they must strive to keep makes it a place you can bet is cutting edge.

    • r.d. liebst

      Thanks Pond yeah I would like them to come back too. It is soo cool hanging out with the intellectuals. I am still dancing as fast as I can.

  2. prairie pond

    It does appear the wheels are coming off for the GOP, but even Paul Krugman warns Obama’s re-election is no slam dunk. And if they keep or make gains in the House or Senate, we could all be in big trouble. Not to mention their death grip on state legislatures and governorships.

    The Democratic party needs to step up their game and take advantage of any advantages they may have. But then… they’d have to have a game in the first place in order to step it up. Larry, Curly and Moe come to mind.

    • indypendent

      Cointenly…….Nuk, nuk, nuk…….

    • Yes, state and local levels are vitally important! We live in Kansas and I really think the republicans in this state are unable to think rationally. Republican dominated and when something goes differently than they wish, they blame democrats. If there are no democrats they say the republicans aren’t ‘conservative’ enough. I’ve decided they have as much grasp of the meaning of the word conservative as they do of the words Socialist, Marxist, Communist — zero. They’re scary words, and republicans do enjoy their fears.

      The U.S. House and Senate seem almost more important than the presidency. The party holding the presidency gets the blame even if the mischief is in the Congress, and especially if the Congress is controlled by the opposing party. Today a super majority is a requisite in the Senate for anything and everything. How long will a mere majority be adequate in the House?

    • azzippy

      It would be nice to see stronger medicine than the “Buffett rule.”

      Those who benefited greatly from gaming the system (even if they didn’t participate–much–in the same), need to pay more than Clinton-era taxes.

      Even from the standpoint of a genuine deficit hawk (unfortunately, even Paul Krugman has fallen into the trap of using that term for conservative Republicans who embrace huge deficits), the math doesn’t work.

      • Good to see you zippy! We all missed you!

      • azzippy

        Hi Fnord.– been way busy. WordPress wanted me to change email addresses or sign in for the blog I’d never done anything with.

        So I decided to sign in. And perhaps do something with the blog as well (yeah, that’s just what the world needs — another blog. . . ).

        I’ll drop by when I can!

  3. indypendent

    I watched this interview this morning. All I can say is, if Ted Nugent is the Republicans’ idea of a ‘hero’ – then that explains alot.

    BTW – The interviewer Jeff Glor said that afterwards, Ted Nugent called him and told him that he had a kidney stone 10 minutes after the outburst.

    Yeah, sure, Teddie. That might explain this particular outburst – but what about all the previous outburts – were they all kidney-stone related?

    I just find Ted Nugent to be a loudmouthed jerk – but, hey, I am only exercising my freedom of speech.. I would say the same thing if a Democrat or anyone else conducted themselves in the same manner.

    • indypendent

      One of the things Nugent said that really disgusted me was that he and the military are ‘blood brothers’. yeah, sure, Teddie. All the guys my age that had to go to Vietnam are proud to have a blood brother that did this crap (literally) to get out of going to the same hell hole.

      I must confess here – I get very angry when people like Ted Nugent get up and talk all this smack about what they would have done – when they clearly had the chance to do just that and then we learn the truth of what they really did.

      I have conflicted feelings about Vietnam. I had personal loss due to that damn war. But at the same time, I did not blame anyone for not wanting to go to that hell hole.

      But, for someone who went to such great lengths to avoid the draft and NOW comes out in public and tries to say he is a blood brother of the military guys. OH HELL NO…..

      But, I do have to consider the source – look at the company this Teddie is in – how many War Mongering, Obama-hating Republicans, loud-mouthed jerks also avoided the Vietnam draft?

      • People who would listen to Ted Nugent are as crazy as he is. Even if he ever came up with a good idea or something worth listening to, he must figure out how to communicate with some dignity for both himself and everyone else.

    • I’ve heard kidney stones are very painful. I believe in karma.

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  5. indypendent

    One last comment about Ted Nugent (promise)…… what does being a moderate have to do with him doing charity work for children?

    That one I just don’t get…….is it me or is Teddie just a bit off the ol’ rocker??