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  1. Anything that scares corporate america is a good thing in my opinion!

    The Corruption Law That Scares the Bejesus Out of Corporate America

    Up until this past weekend, there was a very good chance that the average New York Times business page reader had never heard of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. It’s the sort of law that the public ordinarily doesn’t have much reason to think about, even as it keeps corporate lawyers and c-suite executives tossing in their sleep. But thanks to the the paper’s damning investigation into Walmart’s cover-up of bribery at its Mexican subsidiary, this low-key statute is suddenly getting its turn in the spotlight.

    The statute, generally referred to as the FCPA, was passed in 1977 and bans individuals and companies from bribing foreign government officials to win business or influence their decision making. Those who run afoul of the law can face large fines or prison time. For decades after it was enacted, it was barely used. But in the last five years, it has evolved from an obscure vestige of the post-Watergate era into into one of the most talked about and feared laws in America’s board rooms.

    Just ask Walmart.

    • If everyone would read and study (in articles like the one above) what corporations are doing, if everyone would understand that corporations are discrediting the very capitalism they use to get people to support them, just maybe this would be THE issue we could all be against!

  2. indypendent

    I am still waiting for those moderate and even Right Wing Republicans to have the courage to stand up to the Far RightWingers and take their party back?

    II remember a time when Right Wing was considered extreme – but, as noted several times before, Ronald Reagan (a Right Winger) could not get through a GOP primary today.

    And I blame these damn mega churches for this nonsense. These are the folks that use their tax-free status to stir up hate and for what – to get power to govern according to THEIR religion?

    God help us all…

    • indypendent

      I’ve described Romney as a person with two completely different faces holding his magic mirror to see which side gets to speak that day.

      Of course, that mirror has to be pure gold……

    • wicked

      Aha! To hell with talking out of both sides of his mouth. Now it’s two mouths. Makes sense to me. 🙂

  3. indypendent

    Wow – another one of these stories. I listened to an NPR story about infertility treatments and IVF was discussed – as usual – but this time time it was centered around how the IVF is paid for in America.

    Since health insurance companies do not usually pay for IVF – the money comes directly from the couples. A participant on the panel was discussing how in other countries, IVF is covred by their health isnuarnce – so the practice is to not implant more than 2 eggs at each IVF treament. Thereby, there is no chance of multiple births like this one describd in this article (and the many others in Amreica)

    But, since American couples are paying for this IVF themselves – they want as many eggs as possible implanted to better their chance at getting pregnant – th ereby reducing the cost of treatments.

    So, since we have these FAR right Wingers who are so hellbent on the issue of having babies born into traditional families – then why not look into this issue of having health insurance cover these IVF treatments?

    No, instead, let’s ban abortion and access to birth control – that will certainly help our country and strengthen the families – big eye roll//

    I have mixed feelings about IVF. I’ve known people who used it and it IS expensive. I knew one couple that paid out $10,000 for one treatment and she did get pregnant, but then she miscarried. So, they gave up trying only for her to get pregnant – the good ol’ fashioned way.

    So, even though we have the medical technology to accomplish a certain goal – sometimes science just does not work and somewhere along the line ‘God’ took over – at least, that is my philosophy.

    Bottom line – why put women and these babies at such a high risk with multiple births if we do not have to? BTW – I have to wonder who is paying for all these babies once they are born?

    In America – such as that OctoMom – wasn’t she on welfare? last thing I heard about her was she blew through all that big money she got and she was losing her house and she is back on welfare.

    And what about the kids?????

    • I’m conflicted on this too. I don’t think parenting is about birthing. And, like you, I’ve seen how many times a couple gets pregnant the old fashioned way once they relax. I’ve never walked this mile in those shoes so I can’t tell you what I would do.

      • indypendent

        I am all for IVF but I want it done responsibly – no more of these multiple eggs implantation that result in these multiple births.

        And to be truthful, I had never even thought about the reason as to why so many eggs were implanted – but after listening to the NPR show, it made sense.

        That panelist said that in other countries where IVF is covered under health insurance, multiple births are very rare.

        Remember the time when twins or even triplets made news? Now, it seems if you don’t have more 8 – now I guess it will be 9 – nobody blinks an eye anymore?

        Count me as one of those in the camp that believes God did not intend a woman to have that many babies at one time. It is just natural….

      • indypendent

        BTW – I am also in the camp that believes God gave women a brain for a reason. God also gave me a mouth to use to voice my opinions – sometimes I get in trouble for that….LMAO

  4. indypendent

    Why is Saudi Arabia always connected to Bin Laden? Now his widows and children have been sent to their country of choice – Saudi Arabia?

    I’ve always wondered what role Saudi Arabia played in the 9/11 WTC and Pentagon attacks.

    And why the hell nobody in the Repoublican Party showed their outrage at their boy George W. Bush holidng hands and strolling through the gardn with the Saudi King after these attacks?

    Did GWB ever ask this Saudi King why his homeboys flew those planes and killed our Americans?

    More than that – has anyone in the Republican Party had the guts to ask GWB and GOP Gang as to whether the Saudis played any role in 9/11?

    There are answers to some serious questions about 9/11 that will never see the light of day – IMHO

  5. wicked

    Did I hear correctly that the Violence Against Women law was passed?

    • indypendent

      I heard the Senate passed theirs and now the House has concerns over the final bill and certain provisions may be gone…

      Hmm, I wonder what concerns those might be?

      • wicked

        Thanks, indy, that’s exactly what I’d heard, but I’ve slept since then and forgot about the House. Let’s face it, I need a keeper. 😉

  6. wicked

    Obviously the GOP will do anything to screw up the health care fund.

    White House Threatens Veto of GOP Student Loan Plan Because It Pulls From Health Care Fund

    • indypendent

      I got an email that carried a dire warning for all homeowners. According to this email, Obamacare has a provision that has a sales tax on every home sale. Yada, yada and more yada.

      LIke I do all the time when I get these emails, I checked it out on . And, like always, the dire warning of the email is not exactly the way things are in the real world.

      Have any of you received that particular email yet?

      • indypendent

        I sent this one back to my Republican friend with the link to the setting the record straight.

        I really do not like either party intentionally mis-informing people. If you have an argument with an issue, then be sure to get your facts straight.

        Otherwise – it just makes me angry to find out later that your argument is full of half-truths. One might even say – half-lies?

      • I feel the same way, Indy! It seems logical for people to hold differing opinions, to support or oppose someone based on those opinions. After all, we’re all unique individuals. Buuuutttt, and this is a biggie with me, when you base your opinion on exaggerations and lies and aren’t even curious enough to verify something before passing it along, you’ll never gain any respect from me.

  7. indypendent

    Vice President Joe Biden has hit the nail on the head for the greatest bumper sticker for 2012:
    Bin Laden is dead. GM is alive.

    That about sums it up – for most folks.

  8. indypendent

    I heard this father on the morning show today. To think that there are teachers in the classroom that actually bully a special needs child.

    something is terribly wrong in our society.