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  1. indypendent

    Women have always been the ‘bad guy’ ever since Eve tempted Adam to eat that damn apple.

    My question is: didn’t Adam have a brain to use to refuse to eat the apple?

    Or was this first time example of how man used his ‘little brain’ and men have been using their ‘little brains’ ever since?

    • The little ones seem to engage more quickly and easily than the big ones. And then they tell jokes and laugh about ’emotional’ women… [eye roll]

  2. indypendent

    If there is a Just God…….this will be happening in USA very soon – I’m thinking right around September or October 2012?

    Notice the sentence about big money, media and power.

    Now think about Foxxies in the Hen House duirng the Bush years….and this might explalin why teh same Foxxies have been denigrating and demonzing President Obama since Day One.

    But yet these same Foxxies yesterday were lamenting the fact that Obama went on a comedy show (Jimmy Fallons’s show).

    Well – guess what – a Republican was the first to go on a comedy show – can you think of which president and what year?

    • indypendent

      I was searching for a link about which Republican president appeared on a comedy show – of which the current day Foxxies in the Hen House think is ‘nutso’ per Gretchen Carlson (she’s the platinum blonde on the couch with the too-tight dress, and crossed legs) Hmmm, I wonder why she is on Fox????

      But I found this link which is very interesting reading. I did not know that Romney’s father changed his position on the Vietnam War – that should be brought up to his son Mitt…..don’t you think?

    • prairie pond

      I think it was Nixon on Laugh In, no?

      “sock it to me”

      • indypendent

        BINGO…… Give the little lady a Kewpie Doll……

        Congrats…..Prairie Pond……

        BTW – Ronald Reagan appeared on the Dean Martin Comedy Roast Show and George W. Bush appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

        Seems to me – if the Foxxies think it is undignified and ‘nutso’ for presidents to appear on a comedy show – then get out the labels of NUTSO for Tricky Dick, Ronnie Raygun and Dubya Bush.

        But, why let facts ruin a good Foxxies in the Hen House Obama-hate-filled rant – huh?

      • prairie pond

        Thanks, Indy. I’m full of useless information. Don’t ask me anything that might be even remotely useful for anything other than Trivial Pursuit.

      • indypendent

        PP – I’ve been told I’m full of ‘it’ also – but I don’t think they meant useless info…..

    • I heard someone on the news say, “You hunt where the ducks are.” That was his comment about President Obama speaking at colleges, and appearing on Jimmy Fallon’s show. I thought it was great fun, and President Obama conducted himself admirably when he spoke to our youth. He is an inspiration and quite capable of understanding people of different ages, demographics… A person capable of leading ALL Americans.

  3. So Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker set the record for worst job losses in the country? When does that state get to vote this yahoo out? There were several nut cases voted in by those Teapublicans. Walker seems least adept at hiding his extreme agenda or pretending to be sane.

    • indypendent

      The only hope Scott Walker has is the backing of the Koch Brothers. And at some point, all that money is going to dry up when Walker becomes the loser in that election…

      IIRC – there are several Scott Walker co-horts that are facing an investigation or are charged already?

      I’ll try to find a link to that story..

      • prairie pond

        “The only hope Scott Walker has is the backing of the Koch Brothers”

        Well, that and funny vote counting. That always seems to come up in Wisconsin.

      • indypendent

        There isn’t a Diebold a Republican can resist…….is there?

      • prairie pond

        No, and they can’t resist a crooked county election official either. Who was the woman who kept election returns on her personal laptop and then changed the vote count in Wisconsin the day AFTER the election regarding a state court recall? I can’t remember her name.

      • indypendent

        Prairie Pond – I found this link about that Wisconsn questionable recall count… this the woman you were thinking of?

    • indypendent

      Remember when Scott Walker was always denigrating Illinois? Well, let’s see, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn was on The Ed Show last night and it seems Illinois is doing much better than Wisconsin under Scott Walker’s leadership.

      I kknow this is from December 6, 2011 – but I am trying to find a more recent article about Illinois.

      • indypendent

        One thing I remembered about Gov Quinn talking about was getting the high-speed rail system money and bringing in jobs – and the high-speed rail is planned to go from Chicago to St. Louis.

        It seems Scott Walker refused the high-speed rail money for Wisconsin – so Illinois got more money.

        And this is something Scott Walker should be considered a ‘hero’ for? Take a look at the video on The Ed Show’s page where Mitt Romney called Scott Walker a ‘hero’.

    • prairie pond

      And when Mittens was governator of MA, it dropped to 47th in job creation. But they like to forget about that.

      Watch out, Kansas. Following the ALEC playbook and governing by Americans for Prosperity will do the same thing. Watch our job creation numbers, small as they are, plummet during pastor sam’s reign of error.

      Laffer’s economics have never worked. From Reagan down, they’ve been an unmitigated disaster. So who does pastor sam turn to for economic and tax advice? You got it. Arthur Laffer.

      • indypendent

        My nickname for Gov Sam – is Sam the Sham……

      • indypendent

        But, but…..Gov Sam the Sham put in those special tax cuts for new people moving to certain Kansas locations.

        I always wondered who would move to a new state without a job to pay for the house you’re buying in that new state?

      • prairie pond

        Certainly no gay person, Indy. No gay person in their right mind would move TO ks.

  4. indypendent

    Rupert Murdoch admits there was a cover up. What took him so long to acknowledge what everybody else seemed to know?

  5. indypendent

    I found a link to the brewing scandal surrounding Scott Walker and his Gang.

    Can you imagine the 24/7 coverage of the Republicans’ outrage if this story was about Obama ans his people?

  6. indypendent

    Things like this is what makes me frustrated with the Catholic Church. If it is true this teacher’s supervisor has known for the last two years about this woman’s IVF treatments , then why NOW is she fired?

    Do you think it might be due to the recent Catholic Bishops getting their golden panties in a twist over birth control and they are trying to flex their politcal muscle?

    What really rankled my featheres was in this article when this woman’s pastor told IVF is a mortal sin.

    Oh, and I guess all those male Catholic priests molesting all those boys throughout how many damn years is NOT a mortal sin? And the Church hierarchy KNEW about the molestation and covered it up – for years.

    Religion is man-made. Faith is spiritual. Never confuse the two.

    • indypendent

      At least Leona Helmsley stated her beliefs outright about ony the little people pay taxes…

  7. indypendent

    I heard this on NPR this afternoon. This was so inspiring to me that I wanted to share it with you on this blog.

    This is what needs to happen here in America. For one moment in time – can’t we just all get along and put a spotlight on terror and hate with something as simple as singing a song?

    I wonder if this Breivik character even heard these people singing this song? I also wonder – did it even touch his heart or conscience – or once a man releases all that hatred in one fateful day when he killed so many people – simply to make a political statement?

    Then I think of people like Ted Nugent – who Republicans have not denounced for his remarks to Republicans they need to chop off the heads of all Democrats.

    Isn’t it sad and pathetic – to think we are NOT like these people in Norway that recognized hate and terror whenb they see it?

    • Thanks for sharing, Indy! That’s my kind of protest! Thousands are protesting against the anti-immigration views of Anders Behring Breivik, as they sang a peace song derided by the terrorist.

      Children of the Rainbow

      A sky full of stars.
      Blue sea as far as you can see.
      A land where flowers grow.
      Could you want more?
      Together we will live
      every sister and every brother.
      Small children of the rainbow
      and a flourishing world.

      Some believe there is no point.
      Others waste their time with talk.
      Some believe that we can live on
      plastic and synthetic foods.
      And some steal from the young,
      who are sent out to fight.
      Some steal from the many
      who will come after us.


      Say it to all the children!
      And tell every father and mother.
      We still have a chance
      to share our hope for this world.

      • indypendent

        Serious question – do you think Americans will ever come together and be united – as these Norway people united behind their desire for peace?

      • I don’t see how it can happen. I still have hope, but honestly thinking about ‘uniting’ with that screaming man in Dillons earlier this week seems a stretch.

        Would it take everyone being afraid of the same thing? I hate fear. I hope for understanding. I’ve always felt we’re afraid of what we don’t know and once we know we can come to that point of understanding. When I think of how I might ever speak with a person screaming about the nigger in the White House, I fail completely at any ideas. It doesn’t seem like asking ‘what freedoms have you lost?’ would be a good opener…