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  1. prairie pond

    Good morning fellow prairie denizens.

    I saw this on another blog, and I could not resist posting it here. It’s a question for mittens.

    “If the fetus you save is gay, will you still fight for it’s rights?”

    Of course, it’s a rhetorical question. The answer will always be no.

  2. prairie pond

    Lately I’ve had the economy on my mind for a number of reasons.

    I was musing this morning about when this latest great depression became known to the public. I believe the PTB knew about it long before we did. I believe bushco knew about it in the 2006-2007 time frame, and saw the political handwriting on the wall in the 2006 election that brought democrats to power in congress. I think they knew they were screwed for the upcoming 2008 presidential race, so they hurriedly shoveled money to themselves and their crony capitalists while the gettin’ was good, and before anyone was really the wiser. All the better to hand off a bigger mess to the democrats.

    I also believe when the crisis became public knowledge, they shoveled more money to themselves and their crony captitalists in the form of bank bailouts and more deregulation of the financial industry and gave environmental criminals more deregulation. All the better to hand off an even bigger economic mess to the democrats.

    Also in the 2008-2009 time frame, obama and the rest of the powers that be warned that the U.S. could face a “lost decade” just like Japan’s, and that would cripple the U.S. economy and world power status for decades to come. All the pork in the stimulus bill, which did little to help the economy but probably kept it out of the abyss anyway, was just another way to shovel money to different crony capitlalists and then lobbyists who represent the economic PTB. Double S Double D from the democrats, who handled this crisis no better than the repukes.

    If we count the active beginning of this economic disaster as 2007-2008, does anyone but me realize we are almost five years into our own lost decade? And economic (not political) predictions are we’re still gonna be in this shit hole for at least another five years.

    So… any thought that we’ve averted an American lost decade should be banished. Hell, we’re alreay halfway into one lost decade and headed for what could be lost decadeS. Plural. And if congress and our preznit don’t ensure the remainder of the lost decades, SCOTUS will.

    I honestly don’t know how to fix this mess without political will. The president doesn’t have it. Congress doesn’t have it. State legislators not only don’t have it but they do have the will to make it worse.

    And just to make it extra depressing, the nuts on top of the sundae are the American voters, people by and large too stupid to balance a checkbook much less understand how a global economy works and what it’s going to take to right this ship.

    So there you have it. My morning mourning about the late, great American economy. RIP. I don’t know whether to drink more coffee or grab a Xanex. Maybe I’ll do both…

    • I remember all of us (we were talking at different blogs then, but we were all together) talking about the Great Recession long before it was acknowledged. I remember once it was impossible to ignore we talked again about how long it had been going on. During those discussions I learned a lot from ksfrmgrl and vaughn. If I could access the old Wichita Voice or Kansas Mediocrity blogs we’d find those conversations. Too bad they’re long gone.

      Voters are such a tiny part of the American population and it seems a majority of voters have a single ’cause,’ like gun rights or LGBT or women’s rights, abortion or… Sound bites work really well for people who only see a small picture and are already convinced anyway.

      Then there’s the candidates. If a great candidate comes along we don’t distinguish them from those that some group of monied people is selling.

  3. prairie pond

    And just to be clear, yes, the repukes have effectively tied the hands of obama and congress every time they took a BABY step to fix things. And they won landslides in 2010. If they take control of congress again in 2012, they’ll just do the same tired things harder and faster, all in an effort to resume shoveling money to their crony capitalists. They put political gain ahead of the well being of the country and they will continue to do so.

    But… anyone who thinks obama will be unfettered in his second term to FINALLY do the right things, the things he was elected to do under the banner of “hope and change,” well, I think anyone who believes that is dead wrong.

    I think obama is by nature a centrist, with compromise more important than effectiveness. I think he by nature far more conservative and beholding to wall street than most non-repukes are willing to believe. Anyone who think’s obama’s inner liberal, both social and economic, will emerge in a second term is just plain delusional. I think he will move even farther to the right in a second term because I sincerely believe that farther right is his nature. His natural inclination. He may stay where he is on social issues, but he will not move them forward or even a little left. He just doesnt care about those things enough to expend any effort. Especially in a second term when he will be looking out for his personal economic future after leaving office.

    We were sold a bill of goods on that “change thingy.” He serves the same economic masters the repukes do. Mark my words.

    • Doesn’t any person willing to go through the process of being elected to the presidency have to have an ego larger than life? I know President Obama will want his legacy to be one of greatness. If SCOTUS overturns Obamacare I think he’ll try hard for a signature achievement. Another thing I know is that our entire country will be better off under a President Obama than a President Mitten$. They may both serve the same economic masters but Obama hasn’t gained enough wealth to have sold his soul completely and still possesses some humanity. Mitten$s has no soul, no compassion, he worships at the altar of money completely.

      • I’m still convinced Obama has goals that include benefitting our entire population. This century began with a fraudulent election. The republicans are forced to take extraordinary steps in their goal of overthrowing our representative democracy.

      • indypendent

        Given the choice between Obama and Romney – I’ll take Obama every time.

        At least Obama and the Democrats don’t obsess about looking into my bedroom window and try to legislate every move.

  4. Speaking of SCOTUS (“And if congress and our preznit don’t ensure the remainder of the lost decades, SCOTUS will.”), I’ve been reading about Brett M. Kavanaugh. He sits on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, which some say is the second most important court in the country. He was appointed to that post by Bush2 in 2003, when he was 38 yrs. old.

    He was a protege of Kenneth Starr and a principal author of the Starr Report.

    Last year a three-judge panel of the D.C. Circuit voted two to one to uphold Obamacare. Kavanaugh was the dissenting vote. In his sixty-five page dissent he wrote:

    Under the Constitution the president may decline to enforce a statute that regulates private individuals when the President deems the statute unconstitutional, even if a court has held or would hold the statute constitutional.

    According to him even if SCOTUS upholds Obamacare a President Romney could refuse to enforce it if he deems the law unconstitutional. That kind of thinking plays well in the attempts to control our country, don’t you think?

    There’s a lot more about this snake in the grass judge. We must always consider the consequences of a republican president. Think about adding this Kavanaugh to SCOTUS, paired with a republican president. That pretty much ensures the Koch Brothers their goal.

  5. An article about a place in Kansas everyone should visit. It’s fun! 🙂

    Trip to Salt Museum in Hutch proves to be a lesson in tourism

    I won’t give too much of the tour away so that you can enjoy the experience first-hand whenever you next find yourself in Hutchinson, but I will share with you a sneak peek.

    First, there is an elevator ride that takes you 650 feet down, which in Hutchinson puts you below the Ogallala Aquifer.

    It takes about a minute and a half, and after the first few feet you are in complete darkness until you reach the final few feet.

    Think about that — 650 feet down. If a typical story of a house is 10 feet, then this is 65 stories under ground.

    continue —

    • wicked

      My 8th grade class visited the salt mines. I won’t say what year (that would require math), but it was early mid-sixties. I came home with a bunch of salt–in my hair, down my clothes, you name it– thanks to the little samples we were given. Damn 13-year-old boys. 🙂 Years later, when I worked for a short time in the X-ray dept. at the Clinic, I learned that thousands of X-rays were stored in the mines. There were times when a doctor needed a complete set of a patient’s X-rays, so we had to send a request to get the older ones from Hutch.

      I think I was more impressed with the Correctional Facility (previous called ‘the Hutch Reformatory’) than the Salt Mines. Could that be because we were yelled at by the inmates as we walked by the cells? Yeah, an early example of Scared Straight.

  6. Taxed by the boss

    Across the country more than 2,700 companies are collecting state income taxes from hundreds of thousands of workers – and are keeping the money with the states’ approval, says an eye-opening report published on Thursday.


  7. AP Reports on Christian Right Child Sex Abuse Scandal


    • indypendent

      But, but……all these men are such upstanding and moral people in our society – at least that’s the impression I get whenever these wolves in sheep clothing control the story.


      I just hope there is a Special Hell for any person who molests children – but a more Special Hot Hell for those who portrayed themselves as such religious and godly people while doing the molestation – and I am counting those folks who know the molestation was happening and chose to ignore it.

      How can anyone in the right mind still defend these groups???

  8. A sure way to forget your troubles is to wear tight shoes.