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Reagan tried to put Bork—then a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit—on the Supreme Court in 1987, but the Senate rejected him on a bipartisan basis as too extreme.



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  1. prairie pond

    Soooo…. Romney is getting advise from Bork, Kobach and Mitch Daniels of shrub’s administration? And Jebbie says he’d consider a V.P. offer, even though he later tried to walk that back?

    I guess it’s not hard to see what a Romney presidency would look like. Shrub redeux. Except bigger, harder and faster.

    Goddess help us all. And, I might add, Jesus WEPT!

  2. Although I have heard more times than I could count how who you ‘pal around with’ only matters if you’re not a republican, Romney asking this person to lead an advisory team sends up red flags.

    President Reagan nominated Bork for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court on July 1, 1987. A hotly contested United States Senate debate over Bork’s nomination ensued. Opposition was partly fueled by strong opposition by civil and women’s rights groups concerned with Bork’s opposition to the authority claimed by the federal government to impose standards of voting fairness upon the states (at his confirmation hearings for the position of Solicitor General, he supported the rights of Southern states to impose a poll tax),[14] and his stated desire to roll back civil rights decisions of the Warren and Burger courts. Bork is one of only three Supreme Court nominees, along with William Rehnquist and Samuel Alito, to ever be opposed by the American Civil Liberties Union. — wiki

    What light can you shed on Robert Bork and what his involvement with Reagan could bring about?

    • indypendent

      When I hear the name of Reagan – my first thought is how Reagan gave weapons to Iran.

      And now – 30 years later – what is the drumbeat from Romney and all his GOP Buddies? Go to war with Iran.

      Hey – it was their boy Ronnie Raygun that gave Iran the weapons – let all good little REpublicans go fight their much-desired Iran War – OVER in Iran.

      I’m sure the taxpayers would chip in for one-way tickets for all their collective butts to go over and pick any desert in Iran.