Friday, 4/20/12, Public Square

Reagan enacted a form of universal healthcare and we’ve been paying dearly ever since.


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  1. indypendent

    Reagan did alot of damage to our country – but yet has not been given full credit for all his mischief.

  2. When do you think Reagan became so ill he wasn’t making many decisions? I’ve always wondered. But you’re correct about the damage to our country that came from the years he was president.

    • indypendent

      According to Ron Reagan Jr – his father’s Alzheimers had already affected him before he left the White House.

      Of course, all Reagan-worshipping Republicans would loudly protest (and these folks sure do hate Ron Jr) – but I think Ron Jr is telling the truth.

      Of course, the story was that Nancy was big into horoscopes – and she would tell her husband not to go out if there was a bad sign or something.

      I wonder now if that was the cover up story to hide the fact that Reagan did suffer from early Alzheimers symptoms?

  3. If SCOTUS rules against ObamaCare I wonder what will happen? There are so many people already seeing benefits that would be impacted so negatively.

    • indypendent

      I think those people affected negatively will be on the stumps telling everyone within earshot.

      Republicans will not care (as usual for them) but independents might take note and listen.

      Especially those kids that can now be put on their parents’ health insurance until the age of 26 (is that correct age?)

      That benefits alone should help alot of families – I would think.

      • Adult dependent coverage to age 26
        Donut hole covered for seniors
        Tax credit for small businesses
        Lifetime limits eliminated
        Insurers must spend 85% of premiums on health care
        Accountability — penalties for readmissions
        Health-care exchanges

        Just a few of the provisions already in place and benefitting millions.

      • indypendent

        I see those readmissions alot in my line of work. It is so frustrating to sit there and see half of this nonsense crap going through.

        I’ve seen patients where they are in and out of the hospital 3-4 times in the course of 5-6 months.

        And it’s always fro the same diagnoiss – so it’s not soemthing new that was discovered.

        I suspect the payments for admissions is higher – adn the push to discharge faster is very apparent to all.

        the entire system is being gamed for maxium dollars – IMHO

        BTW – my oncologist and I were talking just the other day about health insurance companies and the numerous hoops doctors and patients have to go through just to get a ‘yes’ answer to whether it is covered or not – and then, it is just a ‘yes’ – that ‘yes’ is no guarantee they will actually pay the cost when it comes right down to it.

        But I digress…… my doctor told me then that he has noticed he gets paid more if he writes more patient notes….

        I never thought about that – but I do know of one doctor that I see alot of his patient notes comes through my desk and he writes a book……..of course, he is also the one who proudly boasts that if the patient refuses some treatment – he will talk one of the grown kids into doing the treatment. I’ve seen this doctor boast in his notes that he has done this in several cases but he believes in prolonging life as long as possible.

        Okay – that is fine if HE is the patient. But what about that patient’s right to refuse further treatment? Where is the dignity in letting people choose their own course of treatment?

        I’ve also seen quite a few of those patients where the grown kids were talked into doing something linger only for a 6 more months – enduring painful treaments – and I always wonder – what did the patient really think about all that crap?

        Was the patient happy with the way he/she was treated?

        Our current health system is gamed to make the most money possible – even if the patient does NOT agree with the choice made for them.

  4. indypendent

    In my discussion with that co-worker last weekend, he brought up Obamacare and how paying for all those uninsured people is not fair to those who work hard and pay taxes.

    My reply was – we are paying for those people in the current system and usually paying out higher costs because they are not getting preventive health care. When we see these uninured people, they are usually showing up at the Emergency Rooms and their health issues have become bigger, more acute and more costly.

    I did add – but, of course, if these churches around here who are so busy preaching their demonization speeches against Obama would want to take over and pay those health care costs of the uninsured – then that would be okay with me.

    The man looked past me like I had not said a single word.

    All I ever hear from Republicans is how much money THEY have to pay out and how it is not fair to them.

    WTF……I am paying out also – and anybody who has health insurance is paying out higher premiums.

    Who the Hell said that only Republicans are supposed to never pay for anything?

    Where the Hell is that written?

  5. indypendent

    Looks like some guys in the Secret Service still don’t get it – if they are posting on FB….

    When I heard this entire scandal broke out in the public because there was a dispute over the payment for the prostitute – my first thought was – that guy must be a Republican because they think they should never have to pay for anything.

    I know, I should not be making light about a serious situatiaon – and this entire faisco sounds like nothing but a bunch of drunk guys with way too much testosterone……

    IIRC – Hillary Clinton was in Colombia and went to a local bar and had drinks with other women – and yet we have not heard of any of them bringing any protitutes back to their hotel with them..

    Hmmmm…..interesting – huh?

    • indypendent

      Side note – in this article, Sarah Palin was described as being ‘checked out’ by the bragging Secret Service.

      Well, why not? Isn’t that the only thing we heard about Sarah Palin from Republican men when she was on the 2008 ticket as V.P. – how HOT she was?

      I am not condoning this Secret Service guy – but when your own male supporters are saying nothing else than how ‘hot’ a woman is – then don’t be surprised when other people look at that woman as nothing more than just a sexual object/shallow

      • Maybe if Palin had shown any depth, any intelligence, any above average capabilities she wouldn’t have been reduced to a sexual object. All I ever saw was a very attractive woman whose ambitions were greater than her abilities. And once she began inciting audiences to hate and violence she became abhorrent.

      • indypendent

        I guess I did not see her as attractive – not at any point in the campaign.

        But I don’t like hateful Fundy people – so I am biased……LOL

      • I agree — once she showed the ugliness inside her she wasn’t attractive.

  6. Boys will be boys. Boys in groups seem to be even more boyish. Boys in groups who are drinking… Their immaturity never ceases to amaze me.

    Whichever one of the SS agents refused to pay and raised a fuss long and loud enough the police and media became involved is just a purely stupid man. You pay to play.

    • indypendent

      Just imagine what the world must think of how the Secret Service acted in this case?

      And all for what – a little hanky-panky? (do they even call it hanky-panky anymore? LOL

      • The photos the military took are more damaging to America’s reputation in my opinion.

      • indypendent

        Are you talking about those photos with the body parts?

        I know – in what possible mindset would that be a GOOD thing?

        I swear – our foreign enemies do not have to bring us down – our own stupidity will do the bringing down for them

  7. An exhaustive new study by media watchdog Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting shows that the Sunday morning talk shows have been dominated over the last eight months by white, Republican men.

    Between June 2011 and February of this year, 70 percent of all one-on-one interviewees on the four biggest political talk shows — NBC’s Meet the Press, ABC’s This Week, CBS’s Face the Nation and Fox News Sunday — were Republicans. The numbers were even more lopsided in favor of men and white guests:

    • indypendent

      Where would the current GOP be without the wealthy white males?

      • And the left leaning media they complain about, yet seem to control. Then they imagine we fall for their lines of bullshit. When I hear a republican say something I start with the premise that the exact opposite is the truth. If I find out they spoke the truth I’m pleasantly surprised. It doesn’t happen very often.

      • indypendent

        I especially have to keep from biting my tongue when Republicans proudly boast that they are capitalists and deserve the riches of being successful.

        The definition of true capitalism has been lost on these Republicans.

        Just look at Bain Capital – did these men use the government special tax cuts or/or subsidies in any of those businesses they bought and sold like a chess game?

        A real capitalist uses their OWN money to start a business and if it succeeds – then they are successful capitalist.

        But it’s really not that hard to start a business on a govenrment-backed loan laden with special tax cuts and/or subsidies – now is it?

        Who is really on the hook if that govenrment loan, tax cuts and subsidies are lost in that busines endeavor – the taxpayers, that’s who