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  1. Did you know that General Electric paid a negative 45.3% tax rate over three years?

    That’s right: Negative. 45. Point. Three. Percent.

  2. indypendent

    Read this article and then ask why does GE pay NEGATIVE taxes?

    And the sad part is – those on the Right side of the aisle (while also professing to be such Jesusu-Loving Followers) watn to given even MORE tax breaks to those like GE.

    Religious Right Republcianans are the worse to me – ecause they rant and rave about how their religion is so morally superior but yet these folks STILL push the agenda of unfair tax rates while 15% of the US population lived in poverty in 2010.

    Of course, I can hear it now – it’s all Obama’s fault…

    Yeah, right….those disastrous 8 years of George W. Bush had no effect – did they?

    • Late yesterday I posted an article that tells the GREAT NEWS that in our continuing efforts to roll back Bush/Cheney, we just hit Aug 2008. It’s news that makes everyone smile!

  3. indypendent

    Not every man is as clueless as these Republicans in Congress.

  4. indypendent

    When I read this I was torn between two thoughts – Romney is just an idiot or Romney has some whacked-out sense of humor?

    Who would say something obviously derogatory about some innocent cookies that were rovieded by the very people this candidate was sitting down with to talk about their issues?

    I think I’ll go with – he’s an idiot who thinks he is being cute and clever but comes off as just an arrogant idiot?

    Can you imagine if Romney is president? We thought we had a doofus in Baby Bush – damn, Romney would have half the world mad at us within the first week and then other half would change sides and join in just to see Romney get what was coming to him.

  5. Does anyone think while the secret service is being investigated they might ask why Gingrich is still being provided secret service protection? Will the protection continue at our expense until he says the words ‘my campaign is suspended’? Or will we spend and spend and spend until … ? You don’t suppose there’s a gazillionaire not getting a full tax cut due to this spending, do you?

  6. indypendent

    The Catholic Church male hiearchy seems intent on pissing even more people off with thier incessant whining and crying about being the victim.

    Wow -for being such holier-than-thou people – don’t you think these same males would have NOT covered the child molestation going in their own backyards for years and years and years?

    Oh – but wait – child molestation is not as sinful as women taking birth control – is that the deal?

  7. indypendent

    According to Ted Nugent – loyal and patriotic Republicans should go out and chop off the heads of all Democrats.

    Hmm, aren’ts these folks the same folks that demonize Muslims for beheading people?

    Oh, I know, IOKIYAR – espeicially all those holier-than-thou types – armed to the 10th degree with guns.

    • Etch-A-Sketch Mitten$ has about as good a chance of getting my vote as President Obama has of getting Ted Nugent’s vote.

    • Did you also read the reason some people call him Ped Nugent is because he has admitted to sex with underage girls? Not the most upstanding citizen, but the Romneys are happy to have his endorsement. The Romneys are pretty desperate, and the people republican politicians associate with doesn’t matter to their constituency.

      • indypendent

        IOKIYAR covers alot of shit going through the GOP Family Values/Morally Superior sewer – doesn’t it?

      • indypendent

        Did you see where Mitt Romney is giving the commencent speech at Liberty University (Jerry Falwell’s university).

        wow – to think that a bunch of Evangelical Christians are letting a member of the Mormon Church (which alot of Evangelicals think is a cult) speak to their saintly folks?

        wow – things must have have gotten desperate in the GOP circus.

      • indypendent

        If I didn’t care about our country’s future so much, I would like to see Mitt Romney get the presidency and then that White Horse Prophecy come into being.

        Wouldn’t the Evangelical Christians be pissed …….