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  1. r.d. liebst

    The very concept of whether there is a question of should there be fair pay is ridiculous. There is no question that there is no reason someone should be paid more or less because of their gender.
    Wages are based on how much the work force demands for doing a given job not on whether they pee standing up or setting down! Sorry for the rudeness but that is the only differences that makes men or women stand out when doing a given job.

    Their education is something that counts and their experiences at the given job. When in the hospital for example. I had both male and female nurses and attendants, if I pushed the nurse call button and feeling a need for assistance. It did not matter where the nurse was a woman or a man to me. Now of course if the need was with showering, more often then not it was a male who came. But believe me when it was a matter of me crapping my bed or pants it was the need for assistance that mattered.

    • r.d. liebst

      LOL been watching MSNBC so a little too blunt and outraged to be quiet and polite. I am sure that never happens to anyone else huh?

      • prairie pond

        Heh, I live at the intersection of “a little too blunt” and “outraged.” Welcome to the neighborhood!

        I had a conversation this week with a woman who is still smarting over something that happened years ago when a man, with little experience, was paid more for the same job than she was, with all her decades of experience. The reason? He “had a family to support.”

        Did I mention she was a widow with two kids depending on her for their sole support? No wonder she later left to start her own busienss. It was the only way she’d ever escape corporate sexism and be paid appropriately for her work.

        It still happens. Every day. Do NOT vote repuke!

      • indypendent

        Too blunt – who me? LOL

  2. indypendent

    I had an interesting discussion with a co-worker yesterday.

    This man hates Obama – pure and simple – and when he asked me if I knew Obama was a Muslim – and that Al Queda has said they will take over America from the inside the next time – so this is why Obama is hated so much by Republicans.

    Did I miss the memo where AlQueda said this? IIRC – Bin Laden said he wanted to strike at the heart of America – which is why the target in 2001 was the World Trade Center and the Pentagon – But I’ve not heard where they had plans to put in their Muslim Mole in the White House.

    Anyway – I asked this guy if he was so worried about the Muslim in the White House plan – then was he as equally worried about the White Horse Prophecy of the Mormon Church – and I reminded him that Romney is a Mormon.

    He looked at me like I had two heads – he said Romney’s religion should not have any bearing on his being president.

    OH……..okay, but I guess the false idealogy that Obama is a Muslim (of which Obama has repeatedly stated he is a Christian) is okay to keep spewing?

    This guy also asked me if I thought America has gone down the tubes since Obama was in office and spent trillions of dollars.

    I replied – George W. Bush (the Republican) drove our economy into a very deep hole in his 8 years as president and we had the choice to spend our way out of that hole or we could have just given up at that point – but GWB must have wanted his buddies on Wall Street to get those bail outs – because it was GWB that started the TARP.

    This guy dismissed everything I had to say – and kept bringing up Herman Cain had the right idea…

    To which I replied ….. Herman Cain gave me the impression that Herman Cain was out to help Herman Cain sell more books and make more millions.

    That’s about the time this guy got his feathers ruffled even more and then asked me if I thought welfare should be abolished.

    To which I replied – you do know that we sell alot of medications to Medicaid patients and WELFARE is Medicaid.

    You do away with welfare – and away goes alot of our business. Is that really what you want to do?

    I then asked him – if people were making a living wage at their jobs – then perhaps we would not need so much welfare?

    BTW – Republicans promised on creating jobs – of which I have not seen them do anything on that plan. But these folks have sure been busy passing alot of women’s health issues – haven’t they? I asked him if Republicans thought women were carrying hidden jobs in their vagina. (he failed to see the humor)

    It’s time for Republicans to stay out of womens’ vaginas and start doing what they promised – create jobs – but not just jobs – living wage jobs.

    Suddenly, the man had to leave to go home to his wife. Hmmm, he never did reply to request for Republicans to create living wage jobs.

    As for the womens’ health issues – this guy just gave me a glazed look like he really could care less.

    Like I said – this was an interesting exchange of ideas with this man – but I also saw firsthand what alot of misinformation on right-wing talk radio can produce.

    • I’ve had those conversations. It’s difficult to keep from laughing when they begin all their conspiracies with “Obama wasn’t vetted, and if only ______had been known.” I’ve asked if they thought Hillary Clinton would have had the resources to dig up dirt on her opponent. No one answers. They continue like I never spoke. It’s like they’re possessed by their lies and hate.

      President Obama has been in office for over three years now. He is a very good man who performs his job very well. There is no one eligible to be president who has his experience. No learning curve for him come January 2013!

      • indypendent

        I have to laugh when Republicans try to say their candidates has good family values and morals. Now we all can probably rest assured that alot of people have tried to dig up dirt on Obama.

        If there was any hint of scandal in Obama’s family values part of his life – wouldn’t you think we’d have heard it by now?

        This was especially funny to watch Newt Gingrich attack Obama on moral character.

        Seriously Newt? Three times married – self-admitted adulterer – is saying Obama has no moral character?

        And Newt is not the only Republican with a less than saintly personal and marital history.

      • indypendent

        Speaking of good family values and morals – Herman Cain? My co-worker is lucky his wife paged him when she did – because I was just about ready to bring up Herman’s little problem……..

    • r.d. liebst

      It is one of my favor quotes and a fall back when ever I hear something like that. “How stupid can you get?”answer to question: ” How stupid do you want me to be? “

  3. Romney can’t even get his taxes filed by the deadline.

  4. It’s getting better all the time — now Cheney has spoken saying President Obama is an “unmitigated disaster!”

    I always feel good when Cheney speaks for the Republican Party! He is so inspiring! đŸ™‚

    • indypendent

      I saw this on Huffington Post the other day. After 8 years of unmitigated disaster to America done by his boss and the rest of their GOP Gang – this guy has the unmitigated gall to call Obama a disaster?

      I just chalked it up to this old far was living up to his name……….being a Dick

      PS – isn’t it nice to see ther esults of ouor tax dollars at work in seeing Cheney out spewing the same ol’ hatred but with that taxpayer-funded new heart?

      • indypendent

        far = fart

        I know, I should not begrudge a person getting a heart transplant – but damn it, this the guy that he and his Gang want to take access to health care away from other people.

        I guess it goes to show you – one can get a new heart but if the soul is black, the same old hate still has a home…