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  1. Mitt Romney’s Plan to Woo Female Voters: Pretend Women Are Very Stupid

    First of all, the argument that female voters care about jobs and not contraception assumes incorrectly that the two are separate issues. Romney has fallen into the Republican framework around the issue of contraception, assuming that it’s just about sexually overactive young women wanting to get it on without “consequences” and that it has no real dimensions outside of the sexual ones. This is a grave error. Yes, contraception is about sex, but as a policy issue, it’s primarily an economic concern that’s inseparable from other concerns around housing, jobs and health care.

    In the real world, concerns about employment and contraception are thoroughly intertwined for female voters. Women’s primary concerns when they elect to use contraception are typically economic. Women use contraception to time their pregnancies around economic considerations, waiting to complete education and to find secure employment before having babies, knowing that getting pregnant beforehand can seriously hurt future employment prospects. In addition, unintended pregnancy is hurting your pocketbook one way or another. Either you have to pony up for the abortion or have an extremely expensive baby. At its core, contraception is an economic issue.

    In general, female voters tend to be more sensitive to suggestions that politicians don’t care about the real world concerns of everyday people.

  2. Severe weather is forecast to slam portions of the central and southern Plains on Saturday. On this map, areas in light blue and purple are under the greatest risk for tornadoes, hail and high winds. This area includes the cities of Oklahoma City and Wichita, Kan.

    • DavidB

      This forecast has me more than a little nervous. My tornado protection options are less than ideal.

      • You’re always welcome here! Kitty too! It needs to warm up before I pay close attention. I’m not trained, but I’ve lived in tornado alley a very long time, and know that if this day stays as cool as it has started we’ll avoid dangerous tornadoes.

        The warnings and the extreme words they’re using have made me think about things I hadn’t before. Okay, there’s a basement in my house, but now I’m thinking what should we get under to protect from the wind-driven debris? I hadn’t even asked myself that question before. We gave the rec-room pool table to the kids long ago, so that’s out. There’s a sturdy table and two mattresses so maybe we put the sturdy table on top and drag a mattress under the table with us? There’s a nice tight closet in the center of the basement away from windows so we could take a mattress with us to the closet? There’s always under the stairwell.

        See! They’ve got me paying attention and I think that’s their goal so they’ve met with success.

  3. What basic disaster kits should include

    Authorities recommend that residents create a basic disaster kit for their homes.

    The kits should include the following:

    Water. Plan on having 1 gallon of drinking water per person per day. Individual needs vary, depending on age, physical condition and climate; children, nursing mothers and ill people need more.

    Food. Select foods that require no refrigeration, preparation or cooking, and little to no water. Avoid foods that will make you thirsty; choose salt-free crackers, whole-grain cereals and canned foods with high water content. Include foods for infants, the elderly and those with special dietary needs. Make sure to include a manual can opener, disposable plates and utensils.

    Maps of your local area (disasters can wipe out landmarks, making getting around difficult even for those who have been in the area a long time)

    First aid kit with instructions

    Medicines/prescription medications

    Toiletries, hygiene items and wet wipes

    Seasonal clothing (including shoes), blankets and pillows

    Flashlight and batteries

    Matches in a waterproof container

    Whistle to summon for help if needed

    Battery-powered or hand-crank radio

    Battery-powered clock

    List of emergency telephone numbers, including the utility company

    Cash and/or credit cards

    Extra keys


    Entertainment – games, books, cards, etc.

    Important family documents – keep them in a waterproof, portable container

    Tools such as a Swiss army knife, crowbar, hammer and nails, adjustable wrench, bungee cords

    Full tank of gas in each vehicle

    Pet care items – food and water for at least three days for each pet, proper identification, immunization records, a carrier or cage, muzzle and leash

    Any special needs items for children, the elderly or those with disabilities.

    Source: Kansas Department of Emergency Management

    Read more here:

    • Tornadoes leave their destruction in swaths and a mile or so away may not have been touched by the damage. So if my house in in the area of destruction and I live, I can go to that untouched area nearby to find most of these items. I think the key in tornadoes is shelter.

  4. Almost a full month late (where does time go?) I remember our blog birthday was March 21st. Happy belated birthday greetings! Triple P’s blog is three years old!

  5. I took a walk down memory lane and read email exchanges between Steven and I leading up to launching this blog. Some days I received 10 emails from Steven, many just one line. He needed to say something before he lost track… Here are a few examples:


    Yes. The problem is fixed. Thank you.

    I am waiting on a fund transfer from my checking account to my paypal account. I need the funds in paypal to pay wordpress for some upgrades I am wanting. It will likely be mid week next week before it is launch time. Talk to you later.



    When launch day comes, please invite the dog (writerdog), too. Thanks.


    On 3/19/09 Steven sent this email to eight people (Jay, Vaughn, Sandra, annie moose, Mary C., Chas, Brad, me):


    I’m sending this note to announce a new blog. It is on the platform – I’ve obtained some upgrades and the domain below: .

    I would like to sign all of you up as editors. All that I will need to do that are 1) a nickname you would like to use and 2) an email address.

    We are not hiding from the WE Blog folks, but I’d rather not have them around, so we have planned to not announce it over there. We are not doing a boycott of the WE Blog either. I am just pretty tired of the place.

    Today, I put up a post entitled “Populists and Deja Vu”. It comments on the resurgence of the term “populist” that has accompanied the public angst about the AIG and other bail outs. There is a “Public Square” category that I think may be most similar to the open thread category on the WE blog.

    As I mention above, I would like to add you all as “Editors” to the blog. This level gives you the most freedom, while sparing you the headaches of being an administrator. Editors can add categories, too.

    I am open to more suggestions on posters to add, also. I have upgraded so we can have an unlimited number of people posting on this blog.


    Steven E. Davis


    After we had sent oodles and gobs of emails getting our list and email addresses together, on 3/21/09 Steven sent me this email:

    I am at work and tied up this weekend. If you had time to send out the invites that would be great. Just say we’re starting a new blog, we are not announcing on the WE Blog, please choose a nic that would be different from the one over there. When we have your name and email address associated with the wordpress account, we’ll set you up as an Editor.




    Most people with smarts would have locked onto that part about Steven being ‘at work,’ and waited . Oh, but not me. 🙂 I had been waiting and I jumped right in, sending this email to all the email addys we had gathered. It turned out everyone stopped by, some left comments — and all first comments needed to be ‘approved.’ It was a busy Sunday!

    Here’s the email I sent out on Sunday, March 21, 2009:

    Steven Davis has been working on a new blog and finally has it to the point
    he is ready to invite some folks.

    Here is the addy:

    He named it “PrariePopulistsAndProgressives.”

    One precaution the three people (not many there!) who have visited and
    commented took was to make a new nic. If the worst of the worst at
    WEBlog start thinking a group of bloggers seem to have disappeared and
    go searching by old nics, we won’t be found as easily. I am fnord,
    Steven is Iggy and Tracy is sekanblogger. Stop by for a very long
    visit — like long enough to make it home!

    We aren’t saying anything at WEBlog, but it will be a public blog and
    the hope is there will be diverse opinions and stimulating
    conversation between adults who treat one another with the dignity all
    people deserve. I guess each blogger’s behavior will determine
    whether they are allowed to stay or will be banned. It will be

    All we really want is a place to stay in touch and feel comfortable,
    discuss the issues, or music or nonsense or whatever…

    Love ya!

    aka fnord

  6. Dozens of General Electric (NYSE: GE) shareholders and fellow concerned citizens descended on GE’s Boston headquarters April 12 for a choreographed protest of the corporate giant’s tax dodging practices.

    ‘General Electric Slide’ Lyrics

    We’re getting cheated — it’s pathetic!
    While they’re making billions — it’s pathetic!
    Oooh, it’s shocking! It’s pathetic!

    GE pays no taxes — it’s pathetic!
    Billions in refunds! It’s pathetic!
    You know that ain’t fair — ain’t fair anywhere!

    Let’s call them out
    Before GE bleeds us all dry
    Cause they will cheat you, cheat you, cheat you
    It’s the General Electric slide

    Help us call them out
    Before GE bleeds us all dry
    We’ve got to fight back, fight back, fight back
    Stop they’re dodging, we can’t let them slide.

    We’re all getting cheated — it’s pathetic! Boogie woogie woogie
    They’re making billions — it’s pathetic! Boogie woogie woogie
    But they pay no taxes — it’s pathetic! Boogie woogie woogie

    Immelt makes millions — it’s pathetic! Boogie woogie woogie
    While they’re screwing workers — it’s pathetic! Boogie woogie woogie
    You know that ain’t fair — ain’t fair anywhere! Boogie woogie woogie

    Help us call them out
    Before GE bleeds us all dry
    We’ve got to fight back, fight back, fight back
    Stop the General Electric slide

    We’re getting cheated — it’s pathetic!
    While they’re making billions — it’s pathetic!
    Oooh, it’s shocking! It’s pathetic!

    GE pays no taxes — it’s pathetic!
    Billions in refunds! It’s pathetic!
    You know that ain’t fair — ain’t fair anywhere!

    • wicked

      Cute! Makes me want to get up and do the slide with them. Unfortunately, I’m getting ready to shower after Sweatin’ to the Oldies. Now I know why they chose the word “sweatin'”. 😦

  7. indypendent

    Hope everyone is safe tonight? Bel Aire was in the line of fire at one time but then it ventured to the right at the last minute – but we are okay, my kids and grandkids are safe – so it’s a good night for us.

    Count your blessings……that’s my philosophy…