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    • wicked

      Isn’t that the devil’s spawn Tiahrt behind Dubya in the first clip after Obama speaks?

      Yeah, yeah, it’s always different when the same people you considered wrong are now working wrongly for you.

  1. The headlines tell us Santorum will stay in the race!

    Great news! He’s such a great example of the republican party. So much of what he says is sooooo relevant to what the leaders of his party want to sweep under the carpet and muffle so it isn’t heard.

  2. I highly recommend you read this article in its entirety. Forewarned is forearmed. This is America when those conservative personal liberty guys rule.


    How the US uses sexual humiliation as a political tool to control the masses

    Believe me, you don’t want the state having the power to strip your clothes off. And yet, it’s exactly what is happening

    In a five-four ruling this week, the supreme court decided that anyone can be strip-searched upon arrest for any offense, however minor, at any time. This horror show ruling joins two recent horror show laws: the NDAA, which lets anyone be arrested forever at any time, and HR 347, the “trespass bill”, which gives you a 10-year sentence for protesting anywhere near someone with secret service protection. These criminalizations of being human follow, of course, the mini-uprising of the Occupy movement.

    The political use of forced nudity by anti-democratic regimes is long established. Forcing people to undress is the first step in breaking down their sense of individuality and dignity and reinforcing their powerlessness. Enslaved women were sold naked on the blocks in the American south, and adolescent male slaves served young white ladies at table in the south, while they themselves were naked: their invisible humiliation was a trope for their emasculation. Jewish prisoners herded into concentration camps were stripped of clothing and photographed naked, as iconic images of that Holocaust reiterated.

    One of the most terrifying moments for me when I visited Guantanamo prison in 2009 was seeing the way the architecture of the building positioned glass-fronted shower cubicles facing intentionally right into the central atrium – where young female guards stood watch over the forced nakedness of Muslim prisoners, who had no way to conceal themselves. Laws and rulings such as this are clearly designed to bring the conditions of Guantanamo, and abusive detention, home.

  3. “The (Supreme Court) ruling that anyone who’s arrested — even accidentally — can be strip-searched was decided five to four, with the votes for the searches coming from the Court’s five conservatives. You know, the ‘defending personal liberty’ guys. Which is weird because I’m not a constitutional scholar, but I’m willing to bet BIG GOVERNMENT feels its biggest when it’s inside your anus.” — Jon Stewart

  4. A Teen’s Brave Response to “I’m Christian, Unless You’re Gay”

    Someone needs to remind me why any human being is more worthy than another — why being Muslim, black, an immigrant, gay, an American, a woman, a Christian makes a difference.

    • prairie pond

      I just love kids today. They are so much braver and stronger than we were. They will no doubt be able to carry the movement for equality over the finish line. If, in fact, there is a finish line with any civil rights and equality movement. I sure as hell never thought we’d be fighting to keep our rights to reproductive choice, contraception, etc. Maybe there never is a finish line, and frankly, I blame religion for that. All religion. As long as religion provides cover, comfort and support for bigotry, there will never be a finish line for any movement.

      Voltaire “Man will never be free until the last politician is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.”

      • wicked

        Go, Voltaire!!

        I’ve gone back and read the original post that initiated the letter from the mom. Of course I’m now reading the comments…several thousand of them. If you don’t hear from me for a few days, you’ll know why. 😉

  5. Here’s two op-ed pieces about the decision SCOTUS will make with regard to The Affordable Care Act. One piece thinks it will be overturned, the other thinks it will be upheld. They are both well written and both offer justifications in the form of legal precedents for their opinions. I found them both compelling.

    Movement Liberals Cannot Credibly Demand Judicial Restraint

    Impeach the Supreme Court Justices If They Overturn Health-Care Law

    • prairie pond

      One of my friends and I had this discussion this week. With SCOTUS almost incurably corrupt (Bush v Gore, Citizens United, and now this) citizens really are well and truly screwed. If we are wronged, or wish to address our grievances to seek justice, we have NOWHERE to go. The courts, all of them, used to be where we could take our grievances and at least look for redress. Especially in the case of unjust or unconstitutional laws.

      But with the courts hopelessly mired in ideology, justice is the least of their concerns. Ideology uber alles. The tyranny of the majority is very real. Just ask any gay person and most thinking women. Racial and gender equality would not have been mandated in today’s courts. But too many people who benefited from those decisions really don’t care about helping anyone else. They are content to “pull up the ladder” behind them, especially when their bigotry gets aid and comfort from their religion AND the courts.

      Someday, and I probably won’t live to see it, this same snake will turn on those in the current majority. All these laws that are said to protect “religious freedom” will, mark my words, eventually be turned against religion and used to squash it when it no longer suits the political or economic needs of the ruling class. The once percent.

      But it will be too late. And even if I’m alive, I’ll no longer give a rat’s ass. Martin Niemoeller was right. When they come for you, there will be no one left to speak up.

      FU SCOTUS if you overturn the ACA.

      • I still cannot get past the irony that the Ryan / Republican Budget plan does away with Medicare and instead gives people government vouchers and tells them to buy private insurance. That seems a lot like telling people to buy private insurance in The Affordable Care Act.

      • prairie pond


  6. Another compelling op-ed piece regarding the health care case. Again, well written, good justifications given, informative.

    — snip —

    “The key issue in the case is whether Congress, in passing the law, exceeded its powers under the Commerce Clause of the Constitution, which allows the government to regulate interstate commerce. Consider, then, this question, posed to Verrilli by Justice Anthony M. Kennedy: “Assume for the moment that this”—the mandate—“is unprecedented, this is a step beyond what our cases have allowed, the affirmative duty to act to go into commerce. If that is so, do you not have a heavy burden of justification?” Every premise of that question was a misperception. The involvement of the federal government in the health-care market is not unprecedented; it dates back nearly fifty years, to the passage of Medicare and Medicaid. The forty million uninsured Americans whose chances for coverage are riding on the outcome of the case are already entered “into commerce,” because others are likely to pay their health-care costs.”

    Read more

  7. indypendent

    That self-professing Christian group – Focus On the Family has their next target all set up and ready to go….

    They are going after these Anti-Bullying laws because…….now get this…..they are against their religious freedom.

    Yeah, you read this correctly – I guess these self-professing Christians are trying to say that it is perfectly okay to bully and harass anyone just because they are LGBT – because, after all, we all remember how Jesus just loved to throw those stones at all those si

    But from reading this – I now understand that the new ‘buzz words’ for the GOP is – religious freedom or religious liberty.

    But, then again, don’t bullies always portray themselves as the victims? Bullies are nothing more than cowards trying to make themselves feel superior.

    • indypendent

      I keep saying this but no Republican seems to give a damn – it is against MY religion to have my tax dollars support these tax-free groups that nothing more than HATE groups.

      Last time I checked, Focus on the Family is a tax-free group – maybe that’s why that Tony Perkins is so well dressed and looks like he has never missed a meal.

    • prairie pond

      “But from reading this – I now understand that the new ‘buzz words’ for the GOP is – religious freedom or religious liberty.”

      Oh, and it’s a perfect dog whistle because who could be against religious liberty. Remember, in kkkarl rove’s world, up is down and black is white. The awol gwb is a war hero and John Kerry is a disgrace to the uniform.

      Don’t forget how this works. And remember, too, what I’ve said about the utter stupidity of the American public, never mind the voting public, who buy this load o’ crap every single time.

      There is no idea so stupid or heinous that Americans won’t vote to support it.

      • indypendent

        Do you think the younger generation are buying all the GOP nonsense? If what I am reading is correctly, alot of the younger generation seem to be going towards Ron Paul.

        Not to say Ron Paul is any better when it comes to actually governing – but Ron Paul does send out a message of getting government out of our personal lives.

        Which – these Creepy Conservative Religious Right Republicans seem especially obsessed with the personal sex lives of other people.

        There is something very creepy about that…….

      • I know for a fact the younger generation isn’t falling for these republican talking points! They absolutely know hate when they see it, and they absolutely do not see a human being as less worthy because ____ (fill in the blank). Hate, intolerance and denial that is said to be God’s will won’t call people to believe in Jesus. Love is God’s will.

        All this god talk that has nothing but fear and hate behind it only works on people who want badly to believe it. It doesn’t take much to see through it so you have to be pretty willing to have the wool pulled over your eyes to fall for it.

        People should not be discriminated against. Today’s kids will not support denying anyone rights. And they’re not buying into the church teachings that someone is superior / inferior because of the people they choose to love, or the people they’re taught to hate.

      • prairie pond

        I just hope these young people actually make it to the polls and vote. I know they did last time for Obama, but I hope lack of progress doesn’t discourage them in this election. I know all your collective kids vote, but the ones on the fringes who voted last time may not be so committed this time. I’m not questioning the beliefs of young voters, but I’d feel better if I knew their big turnout four years ago wasn’t a “one off.”

      • indypendent

        The voter turnout for Obama will largely depend on – IMHO – just how crazy the Republicans get in this 2012 election campaign.

        I still remember John McCain and Sarah Palin diving off the deep end in the Crazy Pool when anyone with a working brain realized that Obama was going to win -and win BIG.

        That’s when Sarah P started all that ‘Obama is not one of us’ crap which went hand in hand with the birther nonsense.

        BTW – I’ve been seeing alot of rumblings about the birthers starting their rampage again – and I say let them yell as loud as they can.

        Because I think the birther nonsense – above all the rest of the Obama-hating nonsense – is what really turns off the Independents and moderates in both parties.

  8. Federal Mandates Have Been Around for over 200 Years

    While everyone is arguing about whether Congress can compel everyone to buy a product (such as health insurance) from a private company, few people have noticed that the first time it did so was 220 years ago. On May 8, 1792, Congress passed the Second Militia Act, which ordered every able-bodied white male citizen from 18 to 45 to buy from a private company a musket or firelock and 24 rounds of ammunition for it. The full text of the act is given here. The United States had no standing army in 1792, so Congress was thinking that if the British came back, these armed men would form the militia to defend the country.

    Congress did not state in the law which section of the constitution authorized this mandate. It could have been either Art. 1, Sec. 1, which gives it the power to raise armies, or conceivably the second amendment, which talks about a well-regulated militia and the right to bear arms. Nevertheless, the Second Militia Act was clearly a mandate forcing citizens to buy specific products from private companies at their own expense. Congress could, of course, have raised taxes and then authorized the President to buy the weapons with federal funds, distributing them to the militiamen in time of war, but it opted for a mandate instead. In any event, the idea of Congress mandating that citizens buy a specific product from a private company has a precedent that has gone unchallenged for 200 years.

  9. Having nothing to do with anything we’re talking about — sharing because it cracked me up. 🙂

  10. indypendent

    After seeing the picture of these knitted uteruses – I have to wonder if these men even got the real message? After all, most of these Republican males do not believe in schools teaching science – so do they even know what any female parts looks like – except for the boobs – they all know and drool over the boobs.

  11. What’s the difference between a fetus, a corporation, and a woman?

    The first two are considered people by the GOP.

  12. The economy has added more than 4 million private-sector jobs since President Obama took office.

  13. indypendent

    Now this is how Christianity should be seen. I was happy to read this pastor has received so much positive feedback about this sign.

    Kudos to him and his church members for having the courage and faith to put this message on their sign.

    I suspect in a few places around this country, the sign would immediately be shot out by some bullets and/or a strange fire would be started.

    • Portland is a different kind of city, full of tree-hugging, socialist-type, accepting and tolerant liberals. A great place! 🙂

  14. indypendent

    Since this is the start of the Easter weekend – here are some recipes to use those chocolate Cadbury eggs:

  15. Speaking of recipes for sweet things. Have you heard of the 3-2-1 cake? You mix up two boxed cake mixes and one of them must be an angel food cake while the other is your choice of flavor.

    Let me just go get the recipe.

    My daughter keeps this on hand and her kids (who are teenagers and young adults) bake a little individual cake in the microwave any time they want.

    • indypendent

      thanks fnord …..this sounds perfect for my two little ones running around here. And at the prices of the store-bought boxes of those Hostess-type cakes – (not to mention all the processing and preservatives that goes into those things)

      I also like the fact it can be microwaved… that is awesome.

      I’ll have to give it a try and I’ll let you know how my two little grandkids like it…..

    • My daughter says the reason this works so well and makes such tasty individual cakes is because the angel food cake mix has lots of eggs and such already included. They’ve experimented and put a few chocolate chips, or small pieces of a candy bar or coconut or… in and she says it all works. In fact, recently she set up a cup cake bar at her work. She laid out all the ingredients plus a multitude of extras and made a sign with the simple instructions near the coffee area. She said everyone had a blast and enjoyed themselves and their treats. Who doesn’t like cake and a serving that can be made in a minute is even better!

      • indypendent

        It’s great that it is a microwave cake also – those have a tendency to come out like a Frisbee from 1980’s……

        That cake bar idea sounds awesome – especially on a cold dreary day like today – and with a fresh cup of hot tea or coffee. Yummmmmmmm…

    • wicked


      I passed it on to my daughter. She likes to cook a lot more than I do. And needs the practice.

      • prairie pond

        I have a friend in Ellsworth who makes this and she swears by it. She knows good food, too as her daughter is a professional chef.

  16. indypendent

    What would you do if you just won mega millions in the lottery? I would probably choose to remain anonymous also…

    • Me too, Indy. This wouldn’t be something I would talk about any more than who and what I donate is something I’m going to talk about.

    • wicked

      I don’t buy lottery tickets or go to the casino. One of my daughters stated that she’d take me down to the new casino and give me some money to gamble, but she knows I’d stick it in my pocket and leave. LOL A bird in the hand is worth…

      Still, just for the sake of dreams, I’d remain anonymous if I won a huge lottery. I’d also take lump sum, considering my age. I’d give a portion to charity and at one time thought I’d invest much of it. Now I’m not so sure about that investing thing. 😉 I’d make my life a little more comfortable, as well as my kids’ lives, and then I’d do some traveling. Other than that, not a whole lot of big plans.

      • I don’t buy tickets either. Makes it easy to tell that I won’t be a winner. 🙂 Back when I was working there were a couple of times I put money in a pot that bought tickets that were going to make all the employees who got in winners. I wouldn’t even know what to say to get one.

        Now about the dreams … I’m good at those! 🙂

      • indypendent

        I don’t buy lottery tickets – except as a birthday gift for grown kids. That is something they would never buy for themselves and for $10, it’s cheap entertainment.

        My father won $500 once on his ticket he bought out in California back in 1986. It was losing ticket and had just handed it to me and told me that I could have it. As luck would have it, I was checking the second-chance drawing numbers and his ticket had the winning numbers for the $500 jackpot.

        I never saw my father run so fast as to grab that ticket out of my hands and said ‘just kidding’….

        No hard feelings though – it did help pay for my parents’ plane tickets to come out to visit us when we were living in Yuma, Arizona. We had taken the parents over to San Diego for the day so my father could carve his name on some big rock by the ocean beachfront.

        As for the casino – I will go to them just for entertainment. My husband and I have a set amount we are willing to spend and when that is gone – we walk around, get our free drinks and then go home.

        Believe me – that set amount is NOT more than a night out at the movies and dinner would cost us – so we see that as our form of entertainment.

        But I have won some $100 to $200 amounts before on the penny machines. So – bottom line – I am probably about breaking even with total money spent and total money won .

        But if the casino is filled with a bunch of old geezers wearing a Republican button or some sign of a Tea Party affiliation – I don’t like to be around that bunch for very long. These seem to be the the ones that sit down and plug in those $100 bills.

        Damn – I don’t even get to see $100 bills – my paychecks go straight to the bank by direct deposit and I don’t pay bills with cash – so the last I even saw a $100 bill was when my husband won $157 total money the casino and the cash-out machine gave us $100 bill in the mix of money.

      • prairie pond

        Heh, Wicked. I don’t gamble either. I always say that’s because I’ve farmed for a living, which means I’ve already done a lifetime worth of gambling.

        Fnord and Indy, do you have some farming in your backgrounds? 🙂

        I just work too damn hard for my money to throw it away. I’m notoriously unlucky, and don’t expect that trait to end anytime soon.

      • wicked

        True enough, PP. What with the market and dealing with Mother Nature, farming truly is a gamble. It never would’ve been my choice, and I can’t say my girls ever embraced farming. Besides, I’ve always said that life is enough of a gamble. Every morning I wake up I wonder what’s waiting for me.

  17. I just heard Romney on the news saying (with a sneer and a mocking laugh) how ridiculous it is to say he is against birth control.

    Remember, and be sure to remind all your friends and family, that he has both come out against contraceptives being included as preventative care and in favor of the ‘Personhood’ amendments being passed at the state level which could criminalize some methods of birth control.

    The only people who will fall for his laughing mocking lying words will be republican women who planned to vote for whoever has the little ‘R’ beside their name anyway. All other women can see and understand that what is ridiculous is his lie.

    You cannot be for Personhood amendments and for birth control!

    You cannot be for birth control and against contraceptives being included as preventative care for women!

    AND! Romney says he will “get rid of Planned Parenthood!”

  18. The rich start the wars, the middle class and poor die fighting them.

    • indypendent

      Now this is FUNNY…..

    • prairie pond

      Is that guy on the right trying to read her stuff over her shoulder? If he is, she should use that can on him!

      I love me some Hillary. I want to be just like her when I grow up!

  19. OK, now I’m calmer after hearing that lying sack of s**t Romney attempt to flip flop on his deeply held convictions about women and birth control.

    • indypendent

      Oh, but you’ll change your mind about Mittens when his lovely wife Ann gets on the campaign trail. I’ve heard Republican strategists say that Ann is his secret weapon to get the women on board with Mittens.

      As I said once before – what possible connection do I have with a woman who feels the need to have an elevator installed for her numerous cars?

      • indypendent

        Romney has got to be the dullest and most uncharming man that has run for president – but, then again, Republicans do tend to go with the next wealthy white male in line – don’t they?

      • I don’t need an interpreter. I can understand what Mitten$ says when I hear him say it. And, I’m certainly not going to buy excuses from his wife.

      • prairie pond

        She better do a more effective job than Nikki Haley. WTF? Women don’t care about contraception? In what alternate universe does Haley live?